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Tuesday, April 11

We're supposed to be working on a sample contract right now in LARC, and, technically, I am working on it. The problem is that its horrible. That really is the point, mind you. Take shitty contract language and make it reasonable. Its just that today, my mind is blank. I never really grasped how differently the brain works when you're reading something like shitty contract language and something like, oh I don't know, Shakespeare. Shitty contract language is more like Dickens.

I probably should be paying attention.

In other news, there was an interesting discussion/forum on immigration before class today. There were people for, and people against, and people who had direct experience. For the most part, everyone voiced their opinions in a respective manner. The "speakers" were all on the side of legalizing undocumented immigrants, so I was glad that those who had a different point of view, or concerns about that, were able to speak their opinions as well. There were two gentlemen there for whom this issue had a very immediate and direct impact, and I know I felt humbled to be discussing the issue when I, very literally, have no experience in it whatsover.

It was also interesting how some people could be completely rude, whispering to their neighbors when other people were speaking, and then trying to countermand their points. Or making comments on someone else's point when they don't have a full grasp of the facts. Its just a highly volatile issue, and the difference between me and others is that I would never presume to give an offhand comment about anything (in a public forum at least) that impacts people in such a huge way. It comes off as smarmy and disrespectful. There is a place for that, and its not in a room with a man whose 16 & 17 year old sons were taken from their homes and being held in Marion County lockup for no other reason except being here without papers. No matter what side of the issue you're on, surely there should be some empathy for that what this man was going through.

But, that's just me. I could be wrong.

I was glad I went. I was torn between that and sitting in my car listening to the Cubs taking a whoopin. I'm sure this was the more responsible option.


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