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Monday, June 26

Oh. My. God

Box Lunch: the layperson's guide to cunnilingus

Seriously. I kind of knew, by the title, what I was in for. But, I don't think I really knew.

So, it was very interesting. Interesting in a giggling naughty schoolgirl kind of way and also in an informative kind of way. I can think of an entire list of people I would like to buy the book for, and then set up appointments to try it out. But, I'm like that sometimes. This really ain't your grandma's sex manual. Its full of.....well.... fun. And cheeky comments. And you'll laugh out loud, I swear you will. You'll probably learn something too, but you'll have fun doing it. And then you'll do it better. Yes, even you. The overall lesbian theme might turn some people off. People are like that sometimes. Well, while she tries to shore up her lesbian street cred by repeated references, that isn't her sole audience. Whether people will assume that it is and not pick it up is another question.

And, just to prove to you that I can find a baseball reference anywhere, I humbly submit this from pg. 93

"Lick her till the bottom of the ninth, then bring in the magic arm. Now, that's throwing her a curve."

Oh yeah, there are illustrations. And one of our copies has gone out 19 times.


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