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Wednesday, September 6

Bad Sister..........No Biscuit

So, today is my sister's birthday. She's vacationing in the motherland (my motherland, not hers) with my dad. When last I spoke to them, they were on their way out to dinner.

I was reading Employment Law in the car, but don't cry for ME argentina.....


So, its her birthday and I had to deliver the bad news to her that there would be no SugarClooney awards for her and its all my fault. Why, you ask? Because someone (that would be me) waited around to call about tickets and now all the ones for the discounted price are gone. Discounted price being $350 instead of $500 per person.

Now, one of you will probably be wondering: why don't you just pay the extra for her ticket as a birthday present? Well, there is a big mental difference between paying $700 and paying $1000. Logically, it isn't that much, I'll grant you. Well, it is that much, but if you're willing to spend $700, spending $1000 shouldn't be that much of a bigger deal.

But it is. Not to mention that I do enjoying eating on occasion, and wouldn't be doing as much of it if I dropped a grand on an awards show. And I did put the question to her if she would like to buy her own $500 ticket and she said no without even a bit of a hesitation. Yes, to $350 (although she did have to think about that for a few days) and absolutely not to $500. My mental block is genetic, apparently.

So, no Clooney for us this year. Bummer, but the money I'm saving on hotel, airfare, conference registration, Clooney about $1700. Do you KNOW what I can do with $1700?!


In other news: doesn't it seem kind of ridiculous to drag out all the laptop & accessories for a one hour class? I think about this every Wednesday, but do it anyway every week.


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