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Saturday, October 14

Today's CD

I do better with full cast audio than with regular audio books. I've been listening to the Arkangel Shakespeare lately, but decided to take a break for this (speaking of geekdom one post below....) Love it. I didn't know what to expect, but I should have known that I would love it. Its been 29 years now (since the film opened) and I'm still not tired of it. This originally broadcast on NPR back in 1981. It holds up very well.

There are some differences. It isn't the movie word for word. That makes it interesting. They haven't changed anything significant, its just different. Its for radio, not for the big screen. Yet, there are definitely some things where if you haven't seen the movie, you'd wonder what the hell is going on. The Cantina scene immediately comes to mind (since I just finished listening to it).

If I actually had to buy all the crap I can check out for free from the library........


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