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Saturday, December 22

hmmmmm 2: the return of hmmmmmm

A few months ago, I signed up with this job bank thing for the State of Illinois. I guess it was more like six months ago now. Damn, where did the time go?!

Anyway, you fill out this profile with the basics: education, experience, etc. It matches your profile with jobs posted on the system and sends them to your email. Or, the company emails you. I've gotten a few hits, but nothing much. In fact, I have to log in every six weeks or so, or it'll delete my profile.

Today, I got this hit:

Job Order ID: 359259
Job Title: Physician, Opthalmologist
Hours per Week: 36-40
Duration of Work: On-Going
Shifts Available: Days
Type of Work: Full Time
Salary Range: $195,030 – $245,000

Benefits: Dental, Dependent Care, Life, Long Term Disability,
Medical, Paid Vacation, Pension, Profit Sharing

Employer: VA Medical Center

Wow. Um..... I can't imagine what they possibly saw in my profile that made them think I was qualified for this. I'm pretty sure nothing in there mentioned medical school, eyes, or anything else similar to this. Crazy nutso. But funny.


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