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Thursday, July 29

Its too depressing

To post any Raiders training camp news.    Charles Woodson is likely to be a camp holdout over contract talks, sigh.   Rod Woodson fails his physical and is released.     Yeah, not too hopeful at this juncture.  

The White Sox are now 3.5 games in back of the Twinkies.   I'm telling you, this isn't such a hot sports week for me.   Liverpool plays again on Saturday.  I hope they fare better!

Yesterday, I left work early so I could get this straightened out for the fam visit that starts today.  Dad, Aunt, Uncle and Nephew.   Should be fun, I'll get that behemoth tv moved out of my living room, but I had work to do.  I listened to the D convention on C-Span radio, instead of watching it, so that I would continue to do work.   I'm bummed that I missed out on Harold Ford, Jr.'s speech.   He has no idea that I'm his future wife.   Wait, I suppose I shouldn't say things like that.  Its kinda creepy.  (but its still true!)   I also missed Chuck "Senior Senator from NY" Schumer.   Of the rest that I heard...

  1. Patrick Leahy tried to be funny about his run in with Cheney.    Not funny.   It always hurt to see a joke bomb.
  2. RFK Jr. sounded like he needed a lozenge.  I wonder if he's just been screaming his little head off at the convention.
  3. Dianne Feinstein?   Blah
  4. Michael Coleman (mayor of Columbus, OH) was fantastic!  
  5. Eimy Santiago (graduate of some YWCA program) sounded nervous at first, but ended well.  
  6. Ashley Bell (president of college democrats)  yawn.
  7. Wyclef Jean.....I didn't like how he changed the words of his song.
  8. Jesse Jackson......yawn. 
  9. Brian McKnight did a HORRIBLE rendition of The Star Spangled Banner.  I love Brian, hated his national anthem. 
  10. Lt. Colonel Steve Brozak's speech was too long.   He lost me.
  11. Rev. Al was incredible.  
  12. I don't know where I was for Mellencamp, I missed him.   My Hoosier cred just dropped five points.
  13. Jennifer Granholm was ok, but I was underwhelmed after all the hype.
  14. Cate Edwards was good.
  15. Elizabeth Edwards was better.
  16. John Edwards was better still. 

I thought it was a good night.  


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