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Tuesday, February 15

In Observance

Yesterday in Civ Pro, we had a group of high school students observing the class. They were so cute! I did feel bad for them, though. They came for the second hour and it was ANYTHING but exciting. Prof. Cooper did what he could to liven things up for the (yawn) discussion on....crap, what did we discuss? I have notes. I do. Oh yes. Discovery and Expert witnesses. Just don't think it was very exciting for them.

On another "I'm gonna fail law school" note, I accidentally watched West Wing last week. Truly, it was an accident. But there was Leo....I think I might be hooked again. And, I've decided I really don't like Toby. (I know, KP, you heart him.) I just....don't. I thought he was interesting in the beginning of the show, now he just wears on my nerves. They ALL wore (except Leo) on my nerves, which is why I stopped watching. But, it was interesting last week.... even sans the hot Jimmy Smits.


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