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Monday, May 29

Happy Memorial Day

Tis a lovely day, too. Doesn't look like its going to rain (but it might.) Its 10:50 am and already 84 degrees.

I'm doing homework, but its only because I procrastinated so I'm not even mad. I had two, gorgeous, carefree days to do whatever I wanted. Last night I got a start on this assignment so I'll get part of the day off today. Who can quibble with that?

I also ended up watching 2 eps of Band of Brothers last night. It was being run on (wait for it....) The History Channel. They showed episodes 4, 5 & 6, but I can't watch the episode Bastogne (6). It probably even isn't as bad as I remember, but, for some reason, that episode really bothered me the first time around. On the other hand, #5 -- Crossroads, is probably one of my favorite eps. I almost stayed awake to watch the re-run at 2ish. But, I didn't. If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it highly enough. No, seriously.

Much better than shitty John Wayne movies.

And Obiter Dictum is two today. I know many people, people who probably don't even read this rag, never thought I would stay with it this long. Ha. I probably wouldn't have stuck with it if it wasn't for all the great people who keep the conversations going in the comments. (which sometimes carries over to email.....which sometimes carries over to lunch.....etc.) You guys make blogging fun. Thanks for that.


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