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Monday, June 26

My eyes

I watched a lot of tv this weekend.

I finished the last four eps of The West Wing and yes, like a dork, I cried. I can't even blame it on PMS. I'm just a dork.

Hey, at least I admit it.

I'm also into two new shows on BBC America. Hex, which was billed as the British version of Buffy......except its not, and Waterloo Road. Hex scares the crap out of me, which is something Buffy never did.

And I watched two movies:

An Unfinished Life. I'm an unabashed Damian Lewis fan, so that means I search, like a stalker, for movies that he's in that I haven't seen. I don't know how this one got by me, but I found it on the shelf at work and did a happy dance. (It was cute, you should have been there!) He was an asshole in this movie, but it was a great movie. The only problem I had was one scene -- just one-- with Jennifer Lopez. I'm a J-Lo fan too, so this isn't hatred. Its just.....there was one scene where she really just piled it on. HIGH DRAMA. It sucked me right out of my comfortable suspension of disbelief into eye-rolling and shaking my head. She was doing so well up until that point, holding her own with Robert Redford (which, I imagine, is damn near impossible). After that, she was good again. It was just that one scene.....not enough to put me off the whole movie, but enough that I remembered it two days later.

The Family Stone. I'm so far behind in my movie watching that I'm watching Christmas movies in June. I have nothing to say about this movie except it was fantastic. Everyone in it was incredible, and anything else I said really wouldn't do it justice.


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