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Wednesday, July 26

Get Your Motown On

So, Saturday.....we went to Motown. That was cool. Tons of pictures, of course, but you'll have to click on the flickr page to see those (as well as the rest from Friday.) So I wanted to highlight:

The Olde Asse candy machine.

The (cheat) sheet music. This cracked me up! You can't write the notes in!

And this great picture of Diana Ross. Although, I must say, I've never thought of her as particularly attractive......that's just me.

Motown was great.

After that, we headed across the border and went shopping. I had the luck of the shopping gods with me. Its just too bad I didn't have more money. There was this store in the mall called Laura. It was like a smaller version of Von Maur (you know how I love VM) Anyway, I got a skirt that was regularly priced $125 for $24.99. (!!!) and then, I got the lovely jacket to match, originally $240, I bought it for $59.99. I was in HEAVEN. Ladies, you know what I'm talkin' about. They had SUCH a good sale. And very chic, very well made things too. It was great. We also went down their tourist trap touristy street with lots of shops and places to eat with a great park/view of the water/walking trail. It was nice. I took lots of snaps there so head over to the flickr page to see those. I went to a record store and bought......records. They didn't have much in the way of Jazz that I wanted, but I did max out on 80s rock. (geek). I went in a few used bookstores. And I saw a great tattoo/piercing parlor. I keep saying if my sister wasn't with me I would have gone in there and gotten something just because I loved the sign in the window.

If you know my sister, though, you know there will be no tattooing or piercing on her watch (no matter HOW old I think I am....) so we passed that right by.

After all that bargain shopping and walking and looking and picture snapping, (and Motown touring) I was exhausted when we got back to Ann Arbor and I was asleep before 10:30. Loser.


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