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Saturday, September 9

There is an old saying......

You can't cheat an honest man. Now, that may or may not be strictly true, but it does make a certain amount of sense in the broadest terms. Its when people are trying to get something for nothing (or on the cheap) that you can take advantage of them.

Did the dude know his "diploma" was from a diploma mill? Maybe, maybe not.

Did the due know that most places require you to do some level of academic work for a degree? Probably. I don't think I believe, just yet, that we are so technologically advanced that everyone believes you can just log on and get your degree without work.

but....but....he says he DID work! Maybe he did.

But, wouldn't you think, if you wrote a master's thesis there would be some evidence of it? Somewhere? I've written one. It took a lot of time. I may not have a hard copy of it, but I certainly have it on a disc. Hell, I may have a hard copy of it. I just, recently, threw out copies of undergrad papers. Undergrad! Now, I'm not saying that everyone is a packrat like me, but to have nothing?! Not a single, solitary paper? I agree, its fishy.

Do I think it was malicious? I don't. I think he thought it was good enough and then thought nothing more of it. But come on! Is that the type of attitude you want overseeing anything let alone something as big as the juvenile detention center.


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