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Saturday, November 18

Double Oh (my God!) Seven

Color me smitten with the new Bond. The movie and the man.

First, I absolutely loved the movie. Loved it. In fact, I'm tempted to go and see it again tomorrow. It was that good. Yes, it really was. It reminded me a lot of the Brit tv that I have taken to recently. Now, I'm a Bond novice, definitely. I think I've seen all the Brosnan bonds. I absolutely HATED the last one. Loved Goldeneye. I've seen Timothy Dalton. I've seen bits and pieces of Connery......but I'm no afficianado by any stretch. This was, far and away, the best Bond I've ever seen. It was, was it sexy. It was actiony, Ahem.

Speaking of sexy, I wasn't sure what I thought of Daniel Craig until I started seeing promos for the movie. Before that, I guess I was just unimpressed. He still isn't someone I'd label "hot" in the traditional way. I mean, most women would agree that Brad Pitt is hot. (most men would agree that Brad Pitt is hot.) Daniel Craig isn't that kind of hot. He takes a second look. And a third. And then, without even realizing it, you're drooling! :o) Maybe that was just me.

Go see Casino Royale. The worst part of the movie was the god awful opening sequence. It was just........awful. After that, brilliance.


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