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Thursday, November 16


This is unfortunate. Another take here

On the one hand, you have to champion free speech. On the other hand, they're in middle school for crying out loud! This is what you want to teach a group of middle schoolers? On the other hand (how many hands do I have?!) it's funny to read about almost Orwellian political correctness in the same article that someone is trying to argue for pulling a play. I was for political correctness before I was against it?

Clearly (without having seen or read a bit of this play) I'm of the uninformed opinion that this is inappropriate for a middle school viewing. But, how many of them have seen The Sopranos? The Godfather? If they haven't seen it, how many of them know the basic premise? Growing up Gotti? Of course they're not experienced enough to "get it" in terms of this is not a lifestyle to be glamorized, etc. And, in all fairness, the Italian American community has been pretty vigilant in defending their reputation against shows like The Sopranos. But, I guess, you'd better be more vigilant.

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