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Monday, November 20

We can't even talk about

how happy I am to have my laptop back. No, seriously, we can't discuss it.

We also can't discuss how I went to see Casino Royale again on Sunday. The show before noon is only 4 bucks at Glendale! Who knew? I hadn't been to the theater there in quite awhile.

I came home and read for class so I didn't feel like quite so much of a slacker. Bears won. Raiders lost. You know, same old same week in and week out.

I had really not good cheese enchiladas on Saturday. The tacos were all right, the enchiladas.....not so much. They were tiny, for one thing, and they just weren't good. I think I'm going on a mission to find the best mexican food in town now that El Sol seems to have disappeared from their Washington St. location. The downtown one is okay, but it isn't the same.

Favorite mexican restaurants in the area? The floor is now open for suggestions.


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