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Tuesday, June 27

Love the Ramsay -- International Hotness v.2

So I'm all into Hell's Kitchen. The show is a scream! No, seriously. You have to wonder just where the hell these people come from. Some of the stuff they do is has to be a set up. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. You're going to try and cook without the oven on? Seriously?

So, I'm not really buying that the people are THAT stupid. Its all a set up for Gordon Ramsay to yell. And damn, is he entertaining when he does that.

BUT, over on BBC America, there is Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Same man, amped down a few notches, and even more entertaining. "Nightmares" is probably a bit of an overstatement. The restaurants usually aren't that bad.

And its not coincidence the link between his hotness and the fact that he's an ex-footballer.....


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