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Wednesday, September 13

I love her.....I love her not

This is my ongoing relationship with Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Series. The first 9....... fantastic. Well, the first 6 or 7, fantastic. The next 2 or 3...... very, very good. Then, it happened. Yes, she went stark raving mad. No, that's not what happened. She got divorced, got re-married, whatever. Decided that her main character (who I've never especially liked) was the hottest woman on planet earth and everyone had to sleep with her. At once. Right now. Plot? What do you need that for?

So, when Danse Macabre came in, I did check it out. And it sat on my coffee table for two months. Then I returned it. Unread. I just had no interest in what hastily thrown together threesome she'd concocted and watch the further destruction of two of my favorite characters ever in fiction.

But, like all drug addicts, I couldn't stay away. I downloaded the book from our website, and listening seems to really be helping. I really like the woman who is reading it, and I'm enjoying it more than I imagined that I would. I still can only listen in small doses before I want to stab her through the eyes with red hot pokers for what she's doing to these characters....... but I keep listening..........


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