Obiter Dictum

Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Friday, February 29

March is the month for LOVE!

Or, at least, sex.

I'm going to a convention in April. A convention that is all about romance. So, I'll be spending March reading up on romance books.

All kinds of romance books.

and I do mean ALL kinds........

stay tuned for crazy book covers and reviews.

Friday, February 22

Makes me Sad

Wednesday, February 6


I'm going to Chicago tomorrow. Or, at least, I think I'm going to Chicago tomorrow.

I'm flying. Yes, I'm flying to Chicago. I know it isn't that bar. But, guess what? It's even MORE not that far when you fly.

Did that make sense? 3 hours turns into 45 minutes. Sign me up.

Anyway, all the flights today have been grounded due to snow. Flying to Chicago in February may not be the smartest thing ever attempted. Weather is luck of the draw.

Still. I'm sure it'll be fine. But the idea that it won't be fine is irritating.

Tuesday, February 5

Today's CD......replacement

Sigh. It isn't even close to what I wanted to hear this morning. But, there is something comforting in CDs you can sing by heart, no?

Even when you haven't listened to it for years. Kenny always has my back.

Today's CD.....Interrupted!

So, I get into the car today and check out NPR. Nope, nothing interesting, so I open Today's CD case.....and its empty! The despair! I was so looking forward to hearing this today. Sigh. Now I have to remember what I did with the damn thing.
I never take CDs out of the cases.......okay, I do. But I don't remember doing it with THIS one!

Monday, February 4

Schoolhouse Rock- How a Bill Becomes a Law

my admin prof keeps referencing this, so I had to go to the You Tube. And now you all have to watch it too!

Sunday, February 3

Yes We Can

For all my Obama buddies out there. This really is cool.

Saturday, February 2

oooh. Mountain.

I just got around to downloading some of my Alaska pics.

Friday, February 1

Adele Givens - That Shit Ain't Funny

no Ma'am. It ain't.


Okay, this is the most hilarious thing I've seen this week. I thought the Hitler as a Cowboys fan thing was funny. (I did.) But, this is hilarious.

Her former past

Isn't that redundant? Her former past? As opposed to her present past? I've seen this in three book blurbs today and it just seems.....silly. And even sillier that everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon to use.

I am disturbed by this book cover

I'm just sayin.

The Hate!

Why is everyone dumping on Russell Banks' The Reserve? Out of 11, major newspaper reviews, 7 of them are bad. I guess there isn't an option of "It was good.....but not for me."

I'm sure it isn't as bad as all that. Just seems like a big pile on poor Russ.