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Tuesday, November 30

Drunk Drunk Drunk

Some lovely man came into the library today, 9 am, completely drunk. I guess its good to get an early start on the day. I have a stuffed up nose and even I could smell the liquor. That's pretty damned drunk.

I have no idea

When I got sick! One day I was fine, the next? Not so fine. I HATE being sick. Especially now. Now is a very ungood time to be sick. Ungood. I guess that's the same as bad. Now is a very bad time to be sick.

But, that's how these things work, eh?

Saturday, November 27


So, I have two pairs of all white Nikes. I can't really tell the two pairs apart. I just realized the other day that they really aren't the same. And, to add insult to injury, I was wearing one shoe from each pair. The bottoms are different. And, now that I look that them, there are subtle differences. But, when I'm in a hurry and I'm putting on the shoes....not so different. And that's my moronic tale for the day. (unless I happen to get my practice exam back from Prof. Cooper today. That will probably raise my capacity for the moronic to an entirely new level.)


Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great, and that all you long distance (or short distance) travellers made it home safe and sound.

Wednesday, November 24

Please Remind Me

When I have kids, if I still live in Pike township, I shouldn't let them ride the bus to school. School buses running yellow lights is bad. Especially when they turn red and then bus is in the middle of the intersection. Shame on that bus driver.

Tuesday, November 23

I admit it

I was reading this during class last night. I started it during the break, and couldn't stop. Its addictive.

Kevin Sites Blog

Let the Games Begin!

It didn't even take a week! Strike while the iron is hot, I guess. First thing, start of business, Monday morning. Is this where the President and Vice President cue up the band on 'Tort Reform?" Or does that only apply when people sue their big business friends?

Sunday, November 21

Something I meant to link to

A few days ago. A great post over on Visible Hand's blog about the visit Michigan Law had from Justice Scalia. VH also hasn't been posting much about soccer. Law school must be catching up with both of us.


Colts 34-Bears 3

My dad said he was going to the movies this afternoon. I hope he left home before this massacre started.

Why I respect John McCain

There are some very fundamental things I disagree with him on, but there is one fundamental thing on which we agree: personal responsibility. Or, in this case, party responsibility. McCain was on Meet The Press this morning, and he said something you just don't hear coming from the R party very much. When asked about the budget that just passed, and talking about all the little pet projects that add up to so is part of the transcript:

MR. RUSSERT: Senator, Republicans control the Senate.


MR. RUSSERT: Republicans control the House.

SEN. McCAIN: Yes, sir.

MR. RUSSERT: Republicans control the White House.

SEN. McCAIN: Yes, sir.

MR. RUSSERT: It's a Republican problem.

SEN. McCAIN: It certainly is, and we're going to have to fix it.

Aside from being my mantra for the next four years, it was so good to hear someone with an R behind his (or her) name take responsibility for their actions and the actions of their party. He also spoke out against the rule changing the House side did to allow Tom (convict without) DeLay to keep his leadership position.

Playoffs? Playoffs?!

People outside of Indianapolis won't get the subject heading. It was a reference to Jim Mora, former Colts coach. A news conference that will live in infamy. And we just kept seeing it over.....and over......and over..... you get the picture, I'm sure.

Anyway, today is a perfect example of why you should always check the football schedule before agreeing to work on a Sunday. Colts vs. Bears. Soldier Field. Come on! What was I thinking?! Surely, there should be some kind of "football day" that I could take or something. And, to add insult to injury, they have to be playing at 1! I know the Bears sometimes, 3:00pm games! Why couldn't this be one of them? But no. Its not. I'm relegated to Gamecast from NFL.Com So, kiddies, let this be a lesson to you. Always match the game schedule with the work schedule.

Speaking of relegation: I haven't posted much about Liverpool lately, but it isn't because I love them less. I'm sure you're all so very happy to know that. (read=don't care.) They've been winning without me posting about them, and everyone knows that sports fans (and players) are highly superstitious. I didn't want to jinx them. But, seeing as how they lost yesterday (2-0) to a suprising Middlesbrough side that has quietly lept up to 4th place in the table, I suppose I'd better get back to talking about them. I don't think they're really in any danger of being relegated. The bottom of the table is pretty full right now.

The weekend flew by as expected. That's another bad thing about working both weekend days. And what was the good thing about working both weekend days?

Hey Baby

If I'm wearing a nametag, with my name on it, 'Hey Baby' is not the appropriate way to get my attention.

Especially if you're leering when you say it.

Just a little helpful hint.

Thursday, November 18


I'm not a big country music fan. In fact, I am not a country music fan at all. At least that's what I keep telling myself. And, for the most part, its true. Although I did get a little addicted to Nashville Star.....and Nashville is one of my favorite cities......I can stop anytime I want! Anyway, country music, not so good.

But, I was flipping channels tonight (the first time my living room tv has been on since Monday Night....) and CMT had one The Greatest: 20 Sexiest Men. Some were very sexy (Tim McGraw, Mark Wills, Clay Walker, Keith Urban) and some were not so sexy (Dierks Bentley, George Strait, Trace Adkins) and the rest were just all right. I was surprised to see Scott Reeves has joined the world of country music. Soap opera fans know Scott Reeves from his long stint on Young and the Restless as Ryan McNeil. And, he's married to Days of our Lives diva Melissa Brennan Reeves (Jennifer Horton Deveraux.) One hottie who was not on the show was Christian Kane who has a country-esque group called, appropriately, Kane. Chris is also an actor, and Angel fans will recognize him as Lindsey McDonald

I learned a lot about country music in that hour. Or country music men....same thing.

Not dead, not white

I usually like my poets dead, white and male. That's just how I am. But, every now and then, I like to switch it up a little bit. This is one of my favorite poems.

Homage to My Hips

these hips are big hips.
they need space to move around in.
they don't fit into little petty places.
these hips are free hips.
they don't like to be held back.
these hips have never been enslaved,
they go where they want to got
they do what they want to do.
these hips are mighty hips.
these hips are magic hips.
i have known them to put a spell on a man
and spin him like a top!

Lucille Clifton

Wednesday, November 17

Good Times

No, its not about JJ. Its about Thanksgiving. Both the Colts and the Bears play on Thanksgiving! Excellent. And then, as icing, the Pacers play as well. Its going to be a good day.

All but admitting that your party is a pack of crooks

The Wash Post has an article about how the GOP is pushing a rule change (subscription needed, of course.) so that an indicted member can keep his leadership post. Now come on. There isn't 1 other (R) in the House of Representatives who can take over the key leadership position? They get rid of Trent Lott for making racist comments (which while stupid isn't illegal) but they pull out all the stops to make sure that DeLay can stay on? Ridiculous! But, funny. I guess the moral majority doesn't care so much about grand jury indictments. Rock on.
I skipped out on my Civ Pro tutoring session yesterday to check out Carl Brizzi, who is the Marion County Prosecutor here in Marion County. I don't know what I was expecting to hear from him, but I have to admit that I was impressed. He wasn't at all like I had expected him to be. He seemed to be speaking kind of off the cuff, and was very informal and entertaining. He seems to have a passion for his job, and the focus of that jobs seems to be a nice balance between helping victims and putting the "bad guys" in jail.

I didn't realize this until some yokel made the obligatory "criminals don't have any constitutional rights as far as I'm concerned" comment when Brizzi talked about the difficulties in balancing those rights with the rights of law abiding citizens. Such an ignorant comment, and if our Prosecutor agrees with those comments, he certainly didn't show it.

What really impressed me, though, was when someone asked a question about whether crack dealers and meth dealers receive the same sentences he took the question head on and acknowledged the race issue behind it. A lot of people would have either been offended by the question, or defensive, and he was neither. (and they do get the same sentences, by the way.) I was just really glad that I had put aside my initial ideas about him to go and see what he was all about. You only get one chance to make a first impression, right? It was a good first impression.

Tuesday, November 16

I look forward to the day

When the words "First black" are no longer relevant. First black president? Check. First black VP? Check. First black KKK leader? Check. Actually, Chappelle's show has taken care of this one. First half black/half hispanic woman chief justice? Check.


Monday, November 15

I Hate Criminals

There was someone in my class on Friday who was going on and on about how she hates criminals and how, even if you've been arrested, you're a criminal and she hates criminals. There were some other people in my class who had reasonable opinions about "fair justice system" and "innocent until proven guilty" but she just wasn't trying to hear it. She hates criminals.
To be honest, she didn't sound stupid, she sounded young.* Very very young. It just makes me feel really, REALLY old. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that there are people who think like that. And before Mr. Virus gets all bent outta shape about liberals being "for the criminals" let me just say that I do not like criminals either. There. Criminals bad. And wouldn't it be nice to get the actual criminals off the street instead of leaving them out there and locking away the most convenient person?

This is why everyone should be allowed to carry guns. Someone commits an offense against you then you can shoot them. If you shoot the wrong person, there is instant and irreversible (a la God and lightning bolts) retribution. I bet everyone would be a lot more careful.....

*okay, and maybe she sounded a little stupid too.

Sunday, November 14

That is such bullshit

All you watching the Green Bay/Vikings game know what I'm talking about.

Friday, November 12

Out of Service

I can't bear to write about inservice day. It was boring, although we did get to Rick's Cafe Boatyard for lunch. I love that place.

Anyway, over lunch I got the offer of a lifetime. Okay, not really, but it was still an intriguing offer. The library has a staff association. Its pretty much useless (sorry!) but it does have a scholarship committee. Now, people usually get scholarships for help towards getting their library science degree, but if you already have that its possible, if you take classes that would directly impact your work, you could get a partial scholarship.

So, if I were to take over the law reference and collection, I could get up to 6 credit hours per year paid for by the staff association. Its not a lot, but its more than what they pay for now. None. So, easy, right? I just switch collection areas and I'm home free.

Not so fast. Did I mention that the collection I do now is Fiction and 800-829 which is all the American and British literature. Yeah, not so willing to give that up for annotated U.S. codes, and Indiana Codes, and the CFR. It would be an interesting collection to be sure, but I don't think the benefits outweigh the loss there. The person who oversees the law collection right now has been trying to get rid of it. She keeps hoping I'll change my mind.

Thursday, November 11

As seen at an Inservice Day Workshop

More about inservice day later. (or never.) But, for the first part of the morning, we had some woman lecture us about enneagrams. Now, it is an interesting subject, but not when someone is droning on and on about it in a room of 450 people.

My score was actually a tie. I was a three way tie between a 1, 7 & 8. If I pay money and take the full 40 minute test, then I can find out what I *really* am. Or, I can go with these free results.

free enneagram test

Wednesday, November 10

Love these pics.

Photoshop been very very good to me!

I have no idea who did these, they just magically appeared in my email.

The purple is my favorite.

What would you collect if you had the money?

I collect things now, but if I had the money I would collect books illustrated by Gustave Dore.



My dad called me at 5:40 this morning for my birthday. He lives in Illinois so they are an hour behind us. That would make it, yes, 4:40! He wanted to be first. Isn't that sweet? Rest assured, I will not be making the same effort on his birthday in a few months! He'd probably kill me if I called him at the same time he called me, although he was sounding incredibly chipper and peppy this morning.

Update: Lunch at Buca di Beppo. I hadn't been there since they opened for lunch. Just as good as I remember.

Update#2: I got an invitation to go salsa dancing tonight, and I think I should have gone. I'm sure going out would make me less tired than I am now, and I'm sure I would have had a good time. And since when do I turn down invitations to dance? Well, since law school, apparently. I thought I was supposed to be learning here!

All in all, the birthday was nice. One lovely classmate (whom I absolutely adore) brought cupcakes in. Another lovely co-worker (whom I absolutely adore) made me a cake. Ass. Bigger. Bad news! The cake was shared among many co-workers. The cupcakes were shared among many classmates, and all was right with the world. I came home to a mailbox full of birthday cards. So, even though I didn't go salsa dancing, it was still a pretty nice day.

*Technically not until 10:55 pm C.S.T.

Monday, November 8

Ghosting Comments

I had no idea that comments on Haloscan just disappeared after awhile. Going back through the archives, comments that I know longer exist. I really don't want to go back to using blogger comments. I guess if there is something in the comments that I want to remember I'll have to memoralize it in some more permanent fashion.

More Hate from the Left

Damn. We are a MEAN bunch!

Hardhat Tour

Bright and early this morning, I went on a tour of our old library building. Yes, many know of the behemoth we are building, but we are also re-doing the original building to its fine old glory. While things move slowly on the outside (for many reasons) the inside is coming right along. Work still progresses, folks. They have done a lot of work. As one of the site managers was explaining everything they had done (everything from powerwashing the outside of the building, adding new windows to new chandeliers and whole new offices made) I was in awe. It was the same building, and in some ways it looked the same. The main reading room looks the same, although we did get new shelves. Some of the new carpet is down in the new offices and its ok. Some of the new carpeting is down in the conferences rooms and it is NOT OK. Some of the new carpeting is down in the Foundation offices and it is GORGEOUS. This is also the carpet that is going into the two former departments that are going to house all of the Fiction/Mysteries/Science Fiction and Westerns. Its going to be beautiful. Someday.

Plus, I had to wear a hardhat and it didn't mess up my hair.

Sunday, November 7

What to Watch?

Sunday is my tv day. Its also sweeps week. That means that everything is on tonight. These are the things, with the help of recording technology, that I'm going to watch tonight.

The Dallas Reunion. Oh yeah, baby. I'm all over Dallas.

The Wire

Desperate Housewives

Masterpiece Theater: Henry VIII Sean Bean is in this. I'm a huge fan of Masterpiece Theater since the Forsyte Saga. I hope this one doesn't disappoint. But, you know, with Sean Bean it can't be all bad.

Saturday, November 6

A Lovely Day

When I woke up this morning, I was pissed off. I don't know why. Its that "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" thing. The first thing I thought of was a blog post I was going to do. "What radical Supreme Court ruling (besides Roe v. Wade) would you most like to undo?" I had two at the top of my list. Loving v. Virginia, and Brown v. Board. Overturn both of 'em. Damn activist judges. We won't have anymore of that BS now that The Great One is in office for another 4.

But, then I went outside and it was a gorgeous day. I grumbled the entire way down to the law school for the 1L career kick off. It was gonna be packed. I wasn't gonna find a place to park. I didn't wanna be there all day. I had shit to do. I had to clean my house....blah blah blah. But you know what? I walk in, I see all my friends are there. I couldn't help but smile. We go into the program, and its fun! I mean, you know, as fun as sitting around can be. We laugh, we chat, we learn some important stuff. It was a good time. I think my mood had more to do with the recent crappy weather and its amazing what a little sunshine will do for that. Then, I get home, hop online and go over to Neurosis' blog, and start laughing. I don't know where he finds them, but he always has the best editorial cartoons up. Things like that just remind me to stop feeling sorry for myself. Life isn't nearly as bad as all that. But man, waking up with me this morning, the mood I was in, might have been grounds for divorce!

Anyway, so if anyone has any SC rulings they'd like to overturn, drop them in the comments field. We'll all get a laugh out of it. I've named my two.

Friday, November 5


Its selection day for 2nd Semester. All those choices.....whatever will I take?! I think I have it narrowed down and I'll talk Civ Pro II, Torts II, LARC II and, just like the little wild child that I am, I'm throwing in Constitutional Law for dessert.

Hmmm, that looks suspiciously like all the courses I'm required to take. What is this mockery of justice? Its just a pretense of choice! I didn't land on Inlow Rock, Inlow Rock landed on me!

There are just some people who should not mix morning and chocolate. I fear I am one of those people. It was hot chocolate, but I'm still way too hyped this morning. Its Friday.

Thursday, November 4

May 19, 2005

AOL has the trailer up for Revenge of the Sith. I.....was a little underwhelmed. I mean, it was great. The music, the faces, the voices....I got chills when it started. But, I wasn't awe like I was when I saw the previews for Phantom Menace. There could be a couple of things going on there. 1. It had been such a long time since we'd had any Star Wars movies at that point that any preview was exciting. 2. I actually SAW Phantom Menance. Maybe now I'm hedging my bets, not getting my hopes up, and it will really blow me away in the theater. Also, there is a difference between watching something on my screen and seeing it on the big screen. Which is why I'm going to see The Incredibles this weekend.

Anyway, trailer up. Trailer great. Trailer not awe inspiring.


I knew something like this was bound to happen!

Best newspaper story of the day

False Sense of Security

More BS

Does anyone really think that Bush wants (or cares about, or needs) the support from the ABB crowd or the Kerry/Democratic faithful? (and no, they aren't the same people.)

In thinking about this, I've decided that I'm glad we're a divided nation. I don't believe it will ever come together as long as the hate wingers are out there spinning their filth. And if coming together means embracing that, then I'm just fine over here, thank you very much.

edit: It also seems like Marion County voted for Kerry. I can't tell you much better I feel about that.

Wednesday, November 3

I didn't change, everyone around me did!

I go online at 8 to listen to one of my favorite radio shows, Unfiltered, and its not on. Then I remembered that the rest of the world changed time on Sunday. Now its on from 9-12 instead of 8-11.


I'm much more concerned about 4 more years of John Ashcroft than 4 more years of Bush. Not that 4 more years of Bush will be a good thing...... I'm just saying. I don't believe Ohio is going to pull it out for Kerry. Neurosis, obviously, didn't register his kids and his pets to vote like I wanted him to! It just makes it ever so apparent that I'm in the wrong part of the country. On the bright side, in four more years Bush will be gone and so will I. From Indiana.

Another bright side, Obama got 70% of the vote in Illinois. Once again, Illinois does the right thing.

Monday, November 1

Sad News of the Day

The library has ordered the first season of ALF on dvd. Alf. You know, sometimes I just think we're pissing away the taxpayers money.