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Friday, June 30

This is very cool

I've seen something like this before, but since someone just sent me this link, it goes on the blog.

An experiment on how what we see on magazine covers isn't the real deal. It supposed to be saying something about marketing and body image and things like that. I just think its sad.
Stolen from Brian's blog...

You Communicate With Your Ears

You love conversations, both as a listener and a talker.
What people say is important to you, and you're often most affected by words, not actions.
You love to hear complements from others. And when you're upset, you often talk to yourself.
Music is very important to you. It's difficult to find you without your iPod.

And a few discs

Yesterday's CD: Who knew that Nat King Cole had a brother?! He's good, although I don't think I like this CD quite as much as I liked the one Pandora told me about.

Today's CD: You know.....this isn't a bad CD. It isn't a great CD, but it isn't bad. AMG calls it "Imitation Swing" and that is pretty accurate. But, it sounds like an authentic imitation, at least. I don't know. Its a short CD, I got through the entire thing on the way to work, but it isn't bad. Definitely something you'd want to check out from the library instead of plunking down hard earned cash for. Not Bublé's best, for sure.

Has anyone seen Totally Blonde? I haven't yet.

more reviews

The Few and the Proud: Marine Corps Drill Instructors in their own words. I skimmed this book. Some of the stories were really interesting, and some weren't. If you have just a passing interest, you'll probably end up skimming as well. If you're into the whole Corps thing, its probably right up your alley.

Twelve Sharp I read this while sitting on my couch last night. And watching tv. Its mindless, paging turning fun. That's what summer reading is all about, right? I don't know why I keep reading this series. I don't really like the main character. I'm not at all amused by Grandma Mazur (who everyone else seems to adore) and I yawn at Stephanie's "adventures" with Lula.

So, why do I still read? Oh yeah. Ranger. Morelli is alright too. But, it says something that a mere 10 days after its release, there are already 110 reviews on Amazon. Plum crack is what it is.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

I can't believe law schools send false or 'misleading' information into US News to boost their ranking.

You gotta be kidding me!


Go Sox!

Its that time of year again. The Cross town Showdown. Sox at Cubs. Hopefully, it'll go as well as (if not better) than last time. Three days where I don't have to pretend I like the Cubs! YAY!!!

I'm shocked!

Shocked that someone President Bush nominated to head an important (although completely incompetent) agency in our federal government is now pushing towards a plea deal for some crime.

What crime? Who the hell cares. (bribery,or, excuse me, 'accepting improper gifts, for those of you who do care)

What the fuck else does this administration/party/president have to do?

Well, how about suggesting that members of the media that don't agree with you should go to the gas chamber? That's always good. This party isn't nazi-esque at all.

Thursday, June 29

Wish I could take credit

for coming up with the idea (and term) Hottie Literati. But, I can't. I got it from one of my new favorite blogs, Galleycat. They had this list and then they added a second thanks to readers who sent in suggestions.

And you would like to add? That's what the comments are for!

Worst? Worst Ever? EVER?!

I missed this story, from the Internet ether, that appeared a few weeks ago. The 32 Worst Song Lyrics Ever.

You'll laugh out loud.

But, I was kind of distressed about how many songs I didn't know......

The New Book Reviews

Are going to be short, and to the point:

She Just Rocks. Really, I can't think of anything else to say.

More World Cup Pics

You know, there is something very....stretchy about soccer players. This just looks like an accident waiting to happen, no?

Ghana is gone-a, even though Brazil hasn't looked fabulous in this tournament. They've looked just as all right as everyone else.

Now that the US has been unceremoniously eliminated, I'm throwing my lot in with the side I know the best. That would be England. After that, France. The France-Brazil match on Saturday should be great. I was going to work a bit on Saturday, but with England-Portugal at 11, followed by Brazil-France at probably ain't gonna happen. Life is like that, sometimes, eh?

But, speaking of the French.... more great pics.

Who says Barthez can't jump?

Tuesday, June 27

Librarians tell feds to kiss their ass-- news at 11


Peter Gammons

Even people who aren't baseball fans have heard of the name. Hope he recovers from this. It sounds scary.

Love the Ramsay -- International Hotness v.2

So I'm all into Hell's Kitchen. The show is a scream! No, seriously. You have to wonder just where the hell these people come from. Some of the stuff they do is has to be a set up. Nobody could possibly be that stupid. You're going to try and cook without the oven on? Seriously?

So, I'm not really buying that the people are THAT stupid. Its all a set up for Gordon Ramsay to yell. And damn, is he entertaining when he does that.

BUT, over on BBC America, there is Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares. Same man, amped down a few notches, and even more entertaining. "Nightmares" is probably a bit of an overstatement. The restaurants usually aren't that bad.

And its not coincidence the link between his hotness and the fact that he's an ex-footballer.....

Love the Bublé -- International Hotness v.1

Michael Bublé was in the Motherland over the weekend. Had I but known! I would have sooo been there.

Houston, We're a Go.

YOUR Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library now has downloadable audiobooks. Because its a "soft" launch, there has been absolutely no media attention for this and won't be until late summer. But, its up and running so have a go.....provided you have a library card.

Monday, June 26

My eyes

I watched a lot of tv this weekend.

I finished the last four eps of The West Wing and yes, like a dork, I cried. I can't even blame it on PMS. I'm just a dork.

Hey, at least I admit it.

I'm also into two new shows on BBC America. Hex, which was billed as the British version of Buffy......except its not, and Waterloo Road. Hex scares the crap out of me, which is something Buffy never did.

And I watched two movies:

An Unfinished Life. I'm an unabashed Damian Lewis fan, so that means I search, like a stalker, for movies that he's in that I haven't seen. I don't know how this one got by me, but I found it on the shelf at work and did a happy dance. (It was cute, you should have been there!) He was an asshole in this movie, but it was a great movie. The only problem I had was one scene -- just one-- with Jennifer Lopez. I'm a J-Lo fan too, so this isn't hatred. Its just.....there was one scene where she really just piled it on. HIGH DRAMA. It sucked me right out of my comfortable suspension of disbelief into eye-rolling and shaking my head. She was doing so well up until that point, holding her own with Robert Redford (which, I imagine, is damn near impossible). After that, she was good again. It was just that one scene.....not enough to put me off the whole movie, but enough that I remembered it two days later.

The Family Stone. I'm so far behind in my movie watching that I'm watching Christmas movies in June. I have nothing to say about this movie except it was fantastic. Everyone in it was incredible, and anything else I said really wouldn't do it justice.

Oh. My. God

Box Lunch: the layperson's guide to cunnilingus

Seriously. I kind of knew, by the title, what I was in for. But, I don't think I really knew.

So, it was very interesting. Interesting in a giggling naughty schoolgirl kind of way and also in an informative kind of way. I can think of an entire list of people I would like to buy the book for, and then set up appointments to try it out. But, I'm like that sometimes. This really ain't your grandma's sex manual. Its full of.....well.... fun. And cheeky comments. And you'll laugh out loud, I swear you will. You'll probably learn something too, but you'll have fun doing it. And then you'll do it better. Yes, even you. The overall lesbian theme might turn some people off. People are like that sometimes. Well, while she tries to shore up her lesbian street cred by repeated references, that isn't her sole audience. Whether people will assume that it is and not pick it up is another question.

And, just to prove to you that I can find a baseball reference anywhere, I humbly submit this from pg. 93

"Lick her till the bottom of the ninth, then bring in the magic arm. Now, that's throwing her a curve."

Oh yeah, there are illustrations. And one of our copies has gone out 19 times.


Good Morning boys and girls.

I know its only been a weekend, but it seems like longer, doesn't it? I couldn't motivate myself to turn on my computer all weekend. No, that isn't true. I did turn my laptop on for a few minutes on Saturday night-Sunday morning, but I couldn't do anything other than point and click. I didn't even bother reading my email. Brain cells were not working at that time of night.

I'm not sure they're working now, just so you know.

My big triumph of the weekend was that I remembered to buy paper towels at the store on Sunday. I have been forgetting for about the past month. Yay me!

My final wasn't particularly draining and I feel like I did okay on it. Mostly, I'm just glad its over and I don't have to go to class for the rest of the summer. But, I have to be very very careful not to confuse this with being done. I'm not done. I still have my advanced research class which runs through June. And while I don't have to physically meet on campus, there are still assignments, with due dates, that need to be done correctly and on time. Now I'll just have more time to do them.

Except the one that is due tomorrow. See what I mean about remembering that I'm not done?

Friday, June 23

Has it really bee 20 years?

Since a kid from Maryland got the chance of a lifetime and pissed it (and his life) away the first time he snorted cocaine?

I think Magic Johnson summed it up best:

Magic Johnson: Three-time NBA MVP, 12-time all-star "I can't believe it's been 20 years. I thought he was going to not just be an all-star but make an incredible impact on basketball. But to leave us early and not have a chance to even put on that Boston Celtics uniform, buy his mother that house, brag to his friends that he scored on Magic and Dr. J and Michael Jordan. He didn't get a chance to do any of it. You work your whole young life to be drafted and fulfill that dream of making in the NBA . . . and all because you experimented with drugs. . . . I think it shocked the whole sports community. And unfortunately, I don't know that we've learned. That would be the saddest part, that we didn't learn and kids in our communities are still dying, still ruining their lives by selling it. Most of our black men in jail are there because of [drugs]. It's just on, and on." (from Washington Post)

Thursday, June 22

Happy Fixtures Day

Its Fixtures Day and the EPL has posted its schedule. Right now, I have a (very) tentative trip to the UK planned for Spring Break 2007. As luck would have it (or not) there are NO MATCHES scheduled for 3/10/2007. There is a full schedule on 3/17 but I have no idea if I will be around that late in the game. I suppose, this far ahead, I can plan it any way I want.

Since I love an underdog, I always pick a newly promoted team to root for in addition to Liverpool. This year's team is Sheffield United and, wouldn't you know it, these two meet up first match of the season.

I probably should be more concerned about my exam tomorrow......

Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 21

Darn the luck!

Even though its considered a big honor to be called upon to help take your country to glory in the World Cup, I can see why league clubs cringe to hear their stars are going off for International play. Injuries happen.....and its a bitch.

Yesterday, I think I heard Newcastle's collective gasp all the way on this side of the Atlantic, when Michael Owen crawled off the pitch inside the first few minutes of the England-Sweden match. When they replayed the injury (as American tv LOVES to do) you could see that it was just. not. good. You hope for the best, of course, but.....well, it looked ugly.

Today, the results are in. ACL. Ouch. Ouch of Michael Owen, of course, but also ouch for Newcastle United. After breaking his foot midway through last season, this is likely to set him back again for league play. Sure, its a financial loss, but Newcastle needed something to be excited about for the upcoming season. They finished mid-table in May, but Owen was getting healthy. Things were looking up. Things are not looking quite so good right about now.

Here's hoping for a full and speedy recovery.

F-ing Ridiculous

I expected better of Georgia, although I don't really know why.

Check this out

Tuesday, June 20

Just so ya know

posting will be light to non-existent the rest of this week. Have a good one!

Monday, June 19

Its a start

I'm a bad picture taker, but I have fun! Check out the rest of my uploads over at my new flickr page!


So I'm listening to this audiobook. Michael Connelly's The Black Echo. I'm not usually squeamish, but listening to an autopsy is kinda gross. I guess I just gloss over those parts when I'm reading them in books. I can't remember it ever bothering me before. But actually hearing it.....its not something that I need to be doing before lunch.

Hug it out, bitches

I haven't forgotten

Brian tagged me for a movie meme and I haven't forgotten. I'm workin' on it! I promise.

Color. Me. Sleep. Deprived.

And I don't really have a good excuse! For some reason, was up until 2am. 2. Knowing I had to work in the morning, knowing I had homework to finish before Tuesday.......and not doing it. Knowing all of that, I was still up until 2. Well, let me rephrase that. I went to bed at 2. This is what I remember:

Turn on tv
basketball in overtime. quick, hit the tivo
Simon & Simon, ahhhh relief.

Somewhere between relief and 2am I think I fell asleep.

And if I was asleep for those two hours, why am I tired now? Its all a big mystery. I was so tired today, though, I forgot to bring my lunch to work. That sucks.

I probably would have stayed home today but I have a meeting that should be rather fun. Fun meetings don't happen very often so I try not to miss the opportunities when they come around.

But damn. I'm tired.

Sunday, June 18


Its Father's Day.

I spent the weekend in Illinois doing stuff with......well, my father. We were in Chi-burbia visiting my sister, and some friends of my Dad. My sister lives on the far northwest suburbs, and my dad's friends all live South. So, I spent a good deal of this weekend in a car.

Cars are convenient little buggers, but they can be annoying as FUCK when you're sitting in one all day. I'm just saying. was one of those annoying days.

But, once I got there I didn't have to drive anymore so that means I got time to work on my Riding Shotgun book. I've been to Chicago a million times but I've never taken pictures there. Its amazing what you see when you're looking for something to snap. I had fun with my camera. I annoyed everyone else, but I had fun. Please, lets focus on the important.......

Sunday (today) went to the House of Blues gospel brunch. A ton of people, really good food. I'm not sure it really balanced out.....I would have preferred less people.....but it was nice. Dad had a good time, and its his day, so I suppose that's the important thing.

How much baseball did I watch this weekend? None. I was interested in the Sox (of course) and in the Cubs-Tigers series, but it just didn't happen.

How much soccer did I watch this weekend? I saw the Japan-Croatia match. I even made my dad and sister suffer through the first half. They were only too happy for half time, though, so they could make their escape. Or, I made my escape into another room, and they changed the channel. It was best for all parties concerned. I was really bummed about missing the USA-Italy match.....until I remembered that I Tivo'd the damn thing. Yippee.

I really did miss my Sox, though. And I kept missing them on the radio. I had game times all screwed up, I think. And my sister absolutely refuses to listen to baseball on the radio......unless its post-season.....and I cry. Other than that, I can forget it. She has to sympathy for sports addicts. Its sad, really, the lack of sympathy. I know she was taught better than that. I can make no excuses for her. She's just a bad apple. :o)

And please.....let's not talk about the drive home tonight. In the pouring rain. Pouring. But, I'm home and thankful so I suppose I should just get over it.

And there is some bullshit on ABC tonight. Jesus, when are these damn NBA finals over?! This is why we need the ability to program our own channels. Other than that, life is good.

Hope all the dads had a good Father's Day.

Friday, June 16

I had the best book idea this morning!

A photography book of things seen while riding around in a car. Different persepctives and vantage points from different vehicles. A little something I'd call "Riding Shotgun"

Okay, it sounded better in my head than it does on paper. I ALWAYS see great stuff while I'm driving and very rarely can I actually take a picture of it! I do have one from yesterday, though, that I was like "huh?" I'll have to post it.

This morning, I saw a great bumper sticker: 333 --- I'm a Devil doing a half assed job.


Wednesday, June 14

Love Charleston

And its not just because its on the water......although that is definitely part of it. Its just a great city. And, apparently, its also very polite. The motherland is also on the list representing Illinois' polite cities. Yay!

Whee! I finally got a digital camera. This was taken outside my window at work yesterday (notice the glare....) I was just sitting there, working away, and I noticed a fire truck! It was sans lights and sirens, but still interesting. I have no idea what was happening across the street.

I have a flickr page, but there aren't enough pictures one there to make it interesting yet. I'll get back to you on that.

I don't even know where to start with

the atrocities of this video.

The clothes.

The song.


I don't even know. Its all so horrid. I had to share.

I loved the song in 1987, though.

completely out of context!

I don't know how this came to be, but the photo cracks me up.

Tuesday, June 13

My desk looks like crap

Seriously. There are catalogs all over the place. But, there is also this gem. It came in the magic box of advance copies. Its hilarious! My favorite so far is:

IZOD vs. Lacoste

The dilemma: you want to look preppy. But how?

People you can impress: everyone at the country club, polo players, Republicans.

The Quick Trick: Get a Lacoste shirt and you'll have the best of both worlds.

There, there is a little two page explanation of the differences. "As it turns out, Lacoste is a subbrand of IZOD. As Aristotle would put it: All Lacostes are IZODs, but not all IZODs are Lacostes...." Hilarious.

My other favorite is:

Idiot vs. Moron

The Dilemma: You want to assail someone's intelligence, but you don't know quite which word to use, which calls into question your own intellect.

People you can impress: Well, idiots and morons both, for starters. But also psychologists. And you really, really need to impress psychologists, because -- as you'll see -- you don't want them to think you're an idiot.

The Quick trick: These days, the words are completely synonymous. But back in the dark days of psychology (which is to say until about 30 years ago), there was a difference, and here's the quick trick psychologists used: Ask a question. if your subject answers, they're a moron at worst. If they don't answer, you might have an idiot on your hands.

And, lastly, for your weekend:

Cordial vs. Liqueur vs. Schnapps

The Dilemma: After several glasses, you don't much care what the difference is, but we're here to tell you anyway!

People you can impress: gourmets, gourmands, bartenders, dates, and your more refined alcoholics.

The Quick trick: liqueurs are for nuts (hazelnuts, almonds), cordials are for fruit (lemon, orange, etc.) And schnapps -- well, just remember they're not schweetened.

And since I still have your attention (or not) here is the rest of the article because its actually very interesting!

The explanation:
If you're looking for a basic rule of thumb, try this: Cordials are liquors made from fruit or fruit juice, while liqueurs are alcoholic drinks made from seeds, herbs, or nuts. So, triple sec, sloe gin, Grand Marnier, Cointreau, Curaco, brandy, kir, framboise and Chambord would all be cordials. On the other hand, Jagermeister, Pernod, Kahlua, Amaretto, Frangelico, Strega, and Chartreuse are liqueurs. (and for those of you looking for a good time across the pond, beware! In England, the world cordial usually refers to a sweetened drink that is not alcoholic -- Rose's Lime Cordial being a prime example.)

But back to the happy juice. Cordials and liqueurs aside, you've got some drinks that fall into a weird gray area, being made from things that are neither fruits nor nuts nor herbs. Advocast is a creamy, liqueur made of eggs (i.e,n it is both a drink and a hangover cure). And Drambuie is a scotch whisky-based liqueur made with honey, herbs, and spices. Other whiskey-based liqueurs include Bailey's Irish Cream and Southern Comfort (which is cordial-like because it contains fruit, although there's nothing cordial about what it does to your gut).

To further confuse matters, there's a whole category of liqueurs called anisees, which are made with anise, which tastes like licorice. Absinthe is the most famous anisee. Banned in America because of the hallucinatory wormwood in it, absinthe's traditional nickname is the Green Fairy, which should tell you a bit about its effect on the drinker.

But what about that other syrupy headache inducer, schnapps? Most Americans would think there's no real difference, but Germans would take considerable umbrage at that. True German schnapps are clear, distilled from fruits, and are not sweetened. The American versions however, marketed by companies like DeKuyper, are heavily sweetened and unfairly give true schnapps a bad reputation.

Its a great book. You should check it out when its released next month. Until then, they have a web site.

More World Cup Pics

Fox Sports photographers have got to be the best photographers in the world. They manage to snap the greatest pictures!

Anyway, of the 41 that I flipped through, these were the most amusing to me. I'm easily amused, though, so feel free to be bored or disagree in the comments.

Netherlands crazies. I have no idea WTF this is supposed to be. But its hilarious. Spaghetti monster meets Lion-O? I have no idea. I mean, really. Face painting is good. Crazy ass foam things (with flags) are good, but together?

More Netherlands crazy people. I'm getting the whole punk rock vibe here, but face painting is sooooo last season! Its summer, boys. Take off those shirts and paint that chest!


The protests at the Mexico-Iran match

Don't ask me. I have no idea.

Are those horns?! I'm sure its a cultural thing I know nothing about.

And last, but not least, my favorite. I like to call this one "Witness Protection"

la la la la

nothing to see here.

Team USA crashed and burned yesterday.

la la la la

even without Milan Baros on the Czech side.

la la la la la

too much pressure.....this is as far as I could watch. The first goal. When you know the ending already, the rest is just painful.

What a great shot, though, huh? (on the pitch and with the camera!)

la la la la la

Saturday won't be any easier.....

la la la la

Monday, June 12

Good Morning!

Well, the good news is I'm working out at Glendale today and that means I get start about an hour and a half later than I would normally. Yippee!!! That means, at seven forty, I'm still at home. Instead of at work. This is GREAT!

The bad news is I have to stay later. There is always bad news, isn't there? Let us agree not to think on bad news until later in the day, shall we? Thanks. Appreciate your help there.

World Cup action over the weekend was great! Was I the only one cheering Trinidad & Tobago? Good for them! Are they the Cinderella story of the Cup? Its probably way too early to tell yet, but it was such a great match. They run into the English side next, and I have to say I wasn't too terribly impressed with them in their opening match. Its like the USA (basketball) dream team. Too many superstars, all playing their "own" game. It wasn't cohesive at all. Good team to look at, definitely, but their game wasn't so hot.

Speaking of good teams to look at --- Mexico vs. Iran. WOW. Hotness all over that field. I'm just sayin'.

Team USA is up toda and, my Tivo will be working overtime, recording in English and in German. (not for me, its for a friend!)

I'm sure Glendale doesn't get ESPN2.......

Have a great day, kids!

Sunday, June 11

I missed the party

Of course, seeing as I'm here all the time. (all the time. Did I say all the time?) But, my cousin was home from Iraq on 15 day leave.

Friday, June 9

Well now

The real Rudy Huxtable (and not Paris from American Idol) is standing up.

Googling my lunch

And I see there is a site that reviews it! Hilarious.

I love these Indian/Thai/Chinese bowls from Trader Joes.

Spinach Tandoori

Thai Style Massaman Chicken

Joy to the World (Cup)!

Its time. The entire World is focused on Germany for the 2006 World Cup! In just one hour, Germany and Costa Rica will kick things off.

Wednesday, June 7

Petersen harned Von Maur

Never understood what the name meant, but I still call it Petersen's and its been Von Maur now for 16 years!

At any rate, whatever you call it, I have a gift card that I got for Christmas.

its still in my purse.

I can't rouse enough excitement to go to Castleton even when free shit is at the end of the rainbow. I'll get there. I do LOVE that store.

I smell

Like a medicine cabinet. Seriously. I have icy/hot on my shoulder/neck and it smells. Personally, I like it. Its like vicks vapor rub. Was my mom the only one who used that?

I'm not sure everyone else here appreciates it, though.

WebMD, in all their wisdom, says that a neck sprain can be expected to irritate for 4-6 weeks.

If its not better by next week, I'm off to Doc. Therkildsen.

It does feel better, though. Its not as bad as it was over the weekend, that's for sure.

How are you?

Rumor has it

there is a box lunch in transit to me as we speak.


From the SBD morning buzz.....

In the third inning of Roger Clemens’ start last night for the Lexington Legends, his son, 3B Koby Clemens, walked to the mound. Clemens expected him “to deliver a scouting report” on an opposing hitter, but Koby said, “Get one more [strikeout] here … and everybody in the stadium gets free windshield wiper fluid." Clemens then struck out the last two hitters he faced. Leaving the field, Koby said, "I should have told you that in the first inning" (Louisville COURIER-JOURNAL, 6/7).

Tuesday, June 6

Its so sad

How happy I am watching re-runs of Simon and Simon.

LOVE that show. And now, its on every day on the Sleuth channel. A channel I didn't even know existed until Sunday afternoon. I just happened to be flipping through the on-screen guide and saw it. Lo and Behold, Simon and Simon every damn day!

Of course I tivo it! Are you crazy?!

To be Continued

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen,

Let's start this post out right. I won't be finishing it this time. See, there you go. Now, when it breaks off without the good stuff, you don't be disappointed.

I have links I want to add, but they're on a thumb drive. In my car. So, looks like that'll just have to wait until later. Most of them will be author links, so if you're not interested you're not missing out on anything. Its all good.

Speaking of author links, I've started another blog, but its not really going all that well yet. Its an all books blog. Seems to make sense, right? Its not exactly for work, but if I can get it the way I want it, I may start using it for work.

I have mentioned my perfectionist tendencies, right? Its really disgusting. But, its selective perfectionism. I'm certainly not a perfectionist where it counts (oh, let's say in school.....)

Anyway, I read an interesting blog post on one of these author blogs about how being an author has kind of morphed into being an all around entertainer via author talks and signings. I hadn't thought of it this way, but they kind of have a point. Authors are, sometimes, very solitary or even shy, people and they are increasingly expected to put on a show for the readers who flock to their booktalks. Just because they spin a good yarn (I HATE that expression!) doesn't mean they are capable of entertaining dozens of people for an hour or so with just a microphone and their incredible wit. Some are natural extroverts. Some have learned to become a performer, but its interesting how even writers now have an expectation to entertain beyond their chosen medium. And what happens when you read your favorite writer, go to their book signing and find them incredibly boring? Does that change your opinion of their writing? I don't know. Its an interesting discussion.

The other side, of course, is are they obligated to do this? We always yawn and snipe when other entertainers (musicians, actors, etc.) whine about how hard it is to do their public appearance crap. This didn't come off as whining and maybe that is the difference. I don't know. I'm asking.

In other news, class is starting. Professional Responsibility. Probably something about blogging in class.....not professional. not responsible.

Saturday, June 3

Crashing the boards

Is that the hockey term I'm thinking of?

That just goes to show you how un-hockey-savvy I am. I'm at work (ugh) and looking through a sports books catalog when I realized that while I've bought heavily in football and baseball and soccer (or what I like, in other words) I've done much less in Hockey. Basketball is okay, but Hockey could use some work.


I should be in it. Its almost two (2!) in the morning, but I'm still up. Why?

Funny you should ask. I have no idea. Its not You Tube's fault this time (although I probably would have gone to bed two hours ago if I hadn't gone over to that wicked place.) But that doesn't explain why I'm still awake.


But, since I's a post:

I'm reading Fever Pitch right now and I have the movie checked out. (stop me if you've heard this one before.....) I haven't seen it yet, and I haven't finished the book, but I'm trying to figure out how they could turn that book into that movie. I know Nick Hornby worked on it with them, but still. Its like.....I don't know. I also have the original movie on hold (with Colin Firth) and I'm thinking that is going to be a lot more faithful to the book than a movie about a guy's love for the Boston Red Sox. I know, I know, that isn't the overall theme of the movie. I know that. just seems strange to me that they found that a compatible translation of the book. I don't know. Maybe I should finish reading (and watching) before I trash it. I'm just skeptical, that's all. LOVE the book so far, though.

Evolution of Eric Schrody

I've really been having much too much fun with this you tube thing. No, seriously. But, its so interesting to see some of these things again. And its totally interesting to compare and contrast some of these things!

For instance: Eric Schrody.

Exhibit 1: The pre-Marky Mark era (before there was a Marky Mark) Not a bad song, I suppose. I had this cassette. (yeah, I said it. Its true. So what.) I wish I could find it now because I'm sure it would crack me up. I bet he's embarrassed by these things now.

Exhibit 2: the undergrad frat party anthem. I can't believe they still play this song in clubs (and probably still at frat parties for all I know.)

Exhibit 3: And now for something completely different. Still one of my favorite songs. "I knew this kid named Max, he used to get fat stacks, out on the corner with drugs...."

Exhibit 4: The brilliant collaboration with Santana. I can't even tell you how many times I've listened to this song. Just tonight. Its the voice. I love the voice.

Exhibit 5: From the last album. Quite a big difference from Exhibit 1, no?

And then, back to the beginning. Love "Graves to Dig"

Today's long lost video

makes me giggle. as if all the rest of them don't......

And speaking of an earlier blog post.....lip synching at its finest!

Thursday, June 1

No secret

that I am not a Jennifer Aniston fan. I'm sorry. I'm not. I find her......grating. On my nerves. Her face. Her voice. Her everything. Grates. On. My. F-ing. Nerves.


But, I hate to hear her sound like a bitter hag. A tasteful "no comment." Or "That's nice." Or even a bitchy "Good for them" would have been sufficient. Anything else and.....well.....bitter hag.

I do feel for her, because you know a bunch of asshole reporters can't wait to ask her the question. And I know she's tired of being asked about him and her, and them. The babies. Whatever.

But......that piece of interview? That was just ugly.


So my neck/shoulder thing.....I just realized that I had been wearing my bookbag on my shoulder for the summer, giving my rolling bag a rest.

I've seen tons of people do that, but its really not smart. My bag holds two books, and my laptop. No wonder it hurt. I likely strained something.

back to the rolling bag.