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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Thursday, January 31

We the People

So, I subscribed to the "We the People" podcast awhile ago. It is speeches/programs that are given at the Constitution Center in Philly. Fun times, right? While they all try and have some relevance to the Constitution, they are pretty pop culture-y as well. And, I hadn't been keeping up with said podcasts so I caught up yesterday on a couple of interesting ones.

"Law and Order" and the Constitution on TV which, really, didn't have much to do with the Constitution, per se, on TV. But, it did have great insight into the show and into the whole genre of cop show on tv. Very good.

Stacy Cordery on Alice Roosevelt Longworth The ONLY reason why this even picqued my interest was because Stacy was a history prof of mine in undergrad. Any interest I have in history now is because she was such an excellent professor. Truly. So, when I saw her name, I knew I was going to listen to it, even though I definitely do not share her love of all things Roosevelt. But, strangely enough, the damn thing was interesting! I'm not interested enough to read the book but I was glad to know a little more.

Lots of interesting topics on the page. Check one out.

He doesn't sound THAT bad......

Diamond Dave's isolated audio track from Running With the Devil.

Friday, January 25

Today's other CD

I was reading this book the other day, and had to break out some Sting.

For some reason, this hasn't made it to my Ipod yet. I actually forgot that I still had the CD. Imagine my surprise when I found it this morning. Yay me.

Today's CD

I can't believe this CD is 5 years old already. He needs to hurry up with that next one. I have loved this CD since the day I got it. For me, that is a pretty rare thing. Also pretty rare, I never get tired of it. Some CDs just hit you like that, I guess.

I've listened to it three times at work today. Yes, I'm serious. Why do you people always ask me that?

Thursday, January 24

I have no idea

Why Lake Titicaca (from Animaniacs) has been in my head all morning.

Wednesday, January 23


My New Year's non-resolution was to cut back on fast food. I didn't think I could give it up completely, but, since December 31, I haven't had any. None. Which is probably why, while I'm sitting here watching the property tax town hall meeting, I got the most fierce craving for KFC.

For the most part, I haven't been tempted too much. Okay, that is a lie. For the first two weeks or so, it was crazy. I wanted to zip through every drive thru in my path! But, I didn't.

Defining "fast food" was the most interesting task. I finally went with the drive thru definition. It was the most simple way to define. That means there is potential for cheating, of course. I went to Qdoba a few weeks ago. Doesn't have a drive thru. But, on the other hand, no Pizza Hut. So, I guess it all comes out even at the end of the day.

I still want KFC, though.

Tuesday, January 22

Today's CD

I had no idea what to make of this when I saw it. But, I'm a sucker for Brian Setzer, so I had to check it out.

I loved it! I don't even know how to describe it. Click the image and go to the amazon page to read for yourself.


Seriously? Heath Ledger is dead? That is beyond belief to me right now. It shouldn't be, I know. I KNOW! Still. It is. Sad.

Seriously? I'm not watching the Superbowl this year. I know. Crazy. But, you know what? I don't care. Manning vs. Brady? Yeah, don't care. Let the Northeast care. It is all for them this year. I'll catch the commercials on You Tube and skip the Fox News fest before during and after the game.

Seriously? I have one professor (who I adore) who needs to be giving me my grade already. I know. Once I get it, I'll probably wish it was still a mystery. But, right now, I want that grade.

Seriously? I'm voting for John Edwards in November. Nope, doesn't matter that he probably won't be on the ballot. I'm voting for him anyway. (yeah, I say that now. Ask me again in October.)

Tuesday, January 15

Who isn't bedded for diamonds?

I'm guessing this is more like Oiled up for Onyx. Or, Hosed down for Hot Fire Opals. Glistening for Gemstones?

I'm not saying what was purchased.....

But I"m sure they're holding it in their other hands.

I usually don't snark covers....

The ladies over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books do it so much better than I can. But, as this one says, it's a Special Treat!

Thursday, January 10

Great fun

They do this in the winter and again in the summer. I love it. I love to see what each restaurant is offering, and then, of course, I love going out to eat. I suggest checking it out.


You bet. March 6th.

Sunday, January 6

Not Today's CD

From a few days ago.

I'm a J-Lo fan.....just not of her singing so much. She isn't bad, I guess, but I wouldn't say she's good either. She's somewhere in the middle. But, I really like that "Do It Well" song, so I checked the CD out from the library. It wasn't bad. There are more songs on here that I like than songs that I don't like. I guess that would have to be a positive review!

As long as she's not trying to be a balladeer....(balladress? balladeerarina?) she's a-ok. Those dance songs were made for voices like hers.

Wednesday, January 2

Yes, it's a sickness

HBO has been running the Star Wars movies (at least the first 3) at various times over the past couple of weeks.

More often than not, I've watched at least bits and pieces of them.

Yes, nearly every time they're on. Not EVERY time, but.....nearly every time.

Empire Strikes Back is on right now.

Oh shut up. I already KNOW it's a sickness.

BTW: Happy New Year!