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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Friday, September 19

I'm sure it's sexist but........

This is really what I think when I think of Sarah Palin. But, considering what happened in the 1968 election, it probably wouldn't be the best strategy in 2008

Thursday, September 18

Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton Discuss Women's Issues

30 minutes of the best tv you won't see on tv.

Monday, September 15

You wanna know how to get Capone?

They pull a gavel, you pull a gun. THAT's the Chicago way!


Go watch some commercials

"Hang out the banner, beat the drum.
We'll take Ike to Washington!"

If you're curious about campaign commercials of years past (or years current) this is the website for you.


Sunday, September 14

I'm shocked again!

Okay, dammit, I'm not.

I can't get ANYTHING past you peeps!

Something to think about

Wednesday, September 10

Obama Blasts McCain on Lipstickgate: Enough of the lies and distractions!

Monday, September 8

I'm shocked!

Sunday, September 7

While we're on the subject of money.......

What on EARTH would I do with 10 grand in shredded currency? Seriously. And why does it cost $45?

Shipping? Handling?

So, seriously

How many "gifts wrapped with money" would a person need to save their foreclosed on house?

It's a good thing that only Democrats are elitist or this would be fucking ridiculous.

Tell Everyone!

I'm a huge Harlan Coben fan, so I've been waiting for this movie since it was made in 2006.

I'm not sure why it was only done in French. No, really, I have no idea why. It seems like the perfect movie for a big box office studio, or an Indie film. Oh well.

It was fantastic in any language! I highly recommend it.

Middle of the calle.

El Torito Grill

It wasn't bad. It wasn't great. Part of it was my fault, I ordered a pretty pedestrian cheese enchiladas. Usually, whenever I visit a new Mexican restaurant, I order tacos. That is my baseline. I thought I would try cheese enchiladas for a baseline, and I found them to be lacking. They weren't bad, but they weren't exceptional. They were......okay. They could have been hotter. They could have used better cheese. But, they were certainly edible. I've had been cheese enchiladas, though, from lots of places. I wouldn't order it again.

On the up side, though, were the tortillas. I am pretty damn picky about my tortillas. Why? Because, growing up, I had the best tortillas in the world. Hot off the stove in Grandma Bustos' kitchen. Or, in Josie's kitchen (grandma Bustos' daughter in law and my childhood best friends's mom). Fantastic. A little butter and it was perfect. El Torito serves tortillas (with butter, salsa or another sauce I couldn't place....) instead of chips and salsa. Those tortillas were almost as good as the ones I remember. Almost. It is the closest I have ever come to homemade tortillas in a mexican restaurant. I'm still thinking about them the next day, so that says something!

I would go there again, definitely. They have a brunch on Sundays which might need to be checked out.

A+ for Star Wars imagery!

Saturday, September 6


Biden: The silence is Deafening

Friday, September 5

Barack Obama on Community Organizing


Thursday, September 4

Are you kidding me?!

No, you're probably not. This is my favorite quote:

"We have to make a better case to the Hispanic voter that the Republican Party has something to offer other than a deportation slip," Davis said.

But you don't, Mr. Davis. You don't.