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Wednesday, September 29

Why do I feel like I'm way behind here. I just posted yesterday! Anyway, just to catch up:

Civ Pro. Tutoring session was good. I'm sure they'll ALL good, but I'm also sure the Tuesday one is best. And not just because I'm in it.

If one person does not stop raising her hand in every single freaking class its going to fall off. And she's going to go blind.

Its not smart to leave your assignment until the last minute. Its even worse to bitch about it, and then sneer at people who got it done early. Your own fucking fault, not mine. (and I'm procrastinator extraordinary so if even I got it done before you....)

Tuesday, September 28

I'd just like to take a moment to point out a little corner of blogspace inhabited by Neurosis. He's taking a week-long (and maybe longer?) hiatus from blogging about law school, and right now the topic is his previous life in the military. I have always liked his blog (as evidenced by being on my list) but now its even more interesting. So, for all of you who haven't taken a jaunt over to his spot, I highly recommend doing so. You might learn something. You might be entertained. I'm usually both.

Smack Down your Vote!

I just hope all these people who are registering actually show up to vote on November 2nd!

Monday, September 27


Class hasn't started yet.

At least once a day

I read something DUMB that makes me laugh. Here it is for today.

Monday always comes so fast!

I need some kind of weekend wormhole. So I can jump in whenever I want, and it takes me back to Saturday morning.

Anyway, Greetings all. The weekend went by fast, but I did get some things done, and now just law school things. Things like vacuuming. That's something that had gone by the wayside, but I'm glad I had time for it this weekend.

PPC, who was going to Orlando for her second tri, got hurricaned out. That sucks. But, at least she made it back home before Jeanne was unleashed. Although, knowing her, she would have thought riding out the hurricane was cool.

The Illini lost against Brian's #%@$ boilermakers on Saturday. I'm glad I didn't suggest a little wager! But, the game was a lot closer than I had thought it would be after Illinois turned over the ball during the first possession. (first play even, I think.) I had a bad feeling about that, but it turned out to be not so bad. We'll get 'em next time.

Liverpool won 3-0 over Norwich on Saturday which was kind of like taking candy from a baby. It doesn't look like they will be on this weekend either, and that's starting to bum me out. C'mon, FSW, at least put on a mid-week rerun or something! Here's hoping.

Raiders beat the Bucs last night. The score was a lot closer than the game. I have my issues with Kerry Collins, but he did good things for us last night. When Gannon took that hit, I think I stopped breathing. Well, no, not when he took the hit. When he didn't get up, that's when I stopped breathing. But, unlike last year, we have a backup that can actually be effective. I'm not a big Norv Turner fan, though. Never have been.

Bears. Well, they hung in there with Minnesota. I was expecting a blowout, so this was obviously better than I expected. They've have a rough opening stretch here, with Philly next week. Maybe after the bye week, things will even out. They are a MUCH better team than they were last year....I think....

Friday, September 24

The problem with working in a library

is that I get distracted by books! I found this old school baby name book while I was sorting a cart this afternoon. Of course, I have to look up my name. But, this book was a lot more informative than the typcial name book.

At the top of the page there was this general statement:

All names that begin with the letter R have the Strong Point of selfless service -- structured communication gifts-- "brotherly love" comprehsensiveness.

Then, going down to my actual name, here is the entry:

Robin (Old German: Robert/English) -- F & M

Major Talent: Ability to incorporate practical work, determination, and structured discipline into career. Competitive, strong and articulate in authority. Has imagination, charm, and conscientiousness. Combines individuality, kindness, and concentrated labor. Landscaper, book-keeper, and piano player are possible career opportunities.
Personality Ingredients: Inwardly protective, responsible, and instructional. Wants family/home/community respectability, emotional harmony, and luxury/beauty in personal environments. Appears aloof, perceptive, and aristocratic. Strives to be discreet, cultured, and perfect. Aims to feel confident, and is best when educated/expert/specialized. Must be known to be understood.
Personality extreme: Too adventurous, or too cautious.

Wow! The book is You are your First Name by Ellin Dodge. I don't think it was off about too many things. Even though I was really supposed to be Robyn....

"I'm sorry. I don't have a car. Can you look up a phone number for me in Tampa, Florida?"

Now, it took me a minute to figure out why having a car would have ANYTHING to do with looking up a phone number in Tampa. But, I'm guessing he meant that because he didn't have a car, he couldn't get down here to look it up himself. I'm hoping that's what he meant. If that isn't what he meant then I have absolutely no idea what he was talking about.
Today's sleazy sun story is actually....well, I'll let you decide if its wrong or right. Step right up for "A Bloke's Guide to How Women Work" (and what to do when they go wrong.)

Some Crazy Bitca

Almost hit me on the way to work this morning. I mean, just driving like complete and utter....well, you know. I don't know what's wrong with people. She at least had the decency to look sheepish and ashamed when I blasted my horn at her. I almost had a moment of road rage. But, then, De la Soul came on the radio, and I honestly believe that was done on purpose! Someone is looking out for me, obviously.

Wednesday, September 22

23 Days to Midnight Madness

Someday, when I'm really in the mood to bore all of you, I'm going to have to lay out my sports philosophy. Someday. When I'm not quite so depressed about Liverpool losing 2-1 to Manchester United. I taped the game on Monday and, when I got home, they were doing a replay so I watched the end. Depressing. They were playing in a complete downpour and we had a chance to win it, on a penalty, at the end. Wide. Damn.

Anyway, Midnight Madness. The official beginning of the College basketball season. I haven't talked much about college basketball on this blog because it hasn't come to college basketball season yet. But, as its the ONLY kind of basketball that I like, it will probably get a mention or two in the future. No, I don't like the NBA. I used to like the NBA. Now, I only watch the Finals, if I watch at all.

All of this is to welcome my new blogroll addition. Yoni's College Basketball blog is fabulous. I liked it immediately when I saw it, but I really decided to add it when I saw this post. That is damn funny! I hadn't seen that anywhere else and decided this was the blog for me. So, all you College basketball fans head on over and check it out. Its great.

Lots to see!

Its Wednesday now, and its been an interesting week so far at Ye Olde Law School. Monday afternoon, the Court of Appeals did an oral argument. It was enlightening to see the process in action. It was really enlightening to see how someone's freedom (or whatever they happen to be fighting for) can turn on the meaning of one word. Or the inclusion or exclusion of another word. Fascinating.

Tuesday, I went to a panel discussion with attorney's in the Government/Public Interest sector. Fascinating again. There was someone there from the AG's office, the Public Defender's office, the Prosecutor's office, and from the Indiana Workforce Development office. Now, this last one was particularly interesting because we get a lot of unemployed people in the library who need to use the IWFD website to file for their unemployment insurance. I would have liked to talk to her at great length to find out more about her office, so we could help the people who come in here. But, I had class at six. The program was over at 5:57. Not much time there. I've been in school almost a month, and its amazing all of the great opportunities they offer. I imagine its because we're here in the capitol city. Neurosis, I imagine its much the same in Columbus?

At any rate, its been an interesting week so far.

Monday, September 20

There will be no one to stop us this time

Star Wars movies came in the mail today. 1 day early. I wasn't going to watch, truly I wasn't. Vikings and Eagles are on.....but I had to watch at least just to hear that sound. Awesome. And then one of my favorite scenes (first appearance of Darth Vader) happens in the first five minutes or so, so I had to watch until then. And then I had to watch until R2 and C 3PO landed on Tatooine. And then I shut it off. It took some doing, but it got done. Of course, I'll have to start it all over when I get back to it.....

It sounds incredible, though, just like I had hoped it would.

Someone must have forgotten to tell everyone

that being a lawyer does not instantly make you rich. I can't tell you how many times people have said to me "Well, but you're gonna be rich in four years." Not really. Not at all. Unless being a lawyer means
  1. I can buy more lottery tickets
  2. They hand you a really large check with your diploma
  3. They hand you a really rich husband with your diploma

Other than that, I don't think instantaneous riches come with the paper.

Sunday, September 19

Welcome Back, TV season

Even though I gave up on NYPD Blue a long time ago, I may have to check back in for part of this last season. Oh yeah, and also maybe for this hottie who is suitable to grace my page. Henry Simmons is Detective Baldwin Jones on the show.

Surviving Law School 101

The Indianapolis Bar Association presents "What you need to know to survive law school -- Surviving your first semester."

This was a great program. Not too much information, but just enough. This was held yesterday afternoon at the IBA center and the topic was outlining. I HATE outlining. I always have. But, it is kind of an intuitive skill in this context. You have these topics, its natural to put them in outline format to try and keep them straight. So, typical geek, I've already started my outline. And this isn't because I'm just so much more conscientious than everyone else. Its because if I don't do my outline while the topic is fresh in my head, who knows what types of things I'll write in the outline. And an outline with shitty information isn't very helpful, now is it? Nope. Its not.

Anyway, lunch was catered by Jimmy Johns (bonus!) and the speaker was engaging and interesting and funny. There were probably about 15 people there, and about 7 or 8 were from the evening program. We're scared, people! We need all the extra help we can get! They are doing another one of these sessions on Exams at the end of October. Yay!

There were some people in my class who were very discouraging about joining the IBA. As usual, I didn't listen and I haven't regretted it. Its been nothing but a good decision so far.

Offer to the left, Pass to the RIght, blah blah blah

There was an etiquette luncheon this past week that was both helpful and ridiculous. This was supposed to be brushing up on "business" luncheon etiquette. And, while some of the tips were helpful, there were some tips that were just a little bit more formal than business formal.

The three layer chocolate cake with mousse between the layers was excellent though! Can't go wrong with that.

In honor of what I'm doing at work today.

Which British Literary Period are you?


1066-1500--The time of Arthur and his knights, and Chaucer. Friendship and loyalty are important to you.

Personality Test Results

Click Here to Take This Quiz
Brought to you by quizzes and personality tests.

Colts vs. Cults

There is a woman here who is looking for information on cults. Everytime I hear her say 'cults' I hear 'colts.' Coincidence? I think not!

She's Alive!!!

Hi there! I do plan on posting the past few days activies later today (when I'm at work, no less) but I just wanted to put a quick note up for those of you who hace called me. I haven't forgotten about you! I know I've been bad about returning phone calls lately. (to sw, mg and jc especially) but I promise to do better. I do. Of course, I could be calling you right now instead of putting this up on my blog. But how many of you are really awake this early on a Sunday morning? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

And then there are those who wonder why I don't call them anymore and don't bother calling me. If you don't make an effort, than neither will I. Don't expect to hear from me because I'm going to spend what little time I have calling back the before who actually made an effort.

Good, now that we got that taken care of, I have to get back to defenses for intentional torts. Oh, and I suppose I should take a shower or something before work. And then I need to catch the NFL pre-game shows.....

Thursday, September 16

I give up

Wednesday, September 15

So I'm walking down the street.....

I'm on my way to the parking lot which is about two (or three) blocks from work. Many of you who know me, know that I am often oblivious (So if you see me, and you THINK I should have seen you and that I'm just ignoring you, yell my name. I probably don't see you.) Anyway, so I'm oblivious. I get to my car, get in, and am pulling out of the lot when I see this guy flagging me down. Running. Now, downtown, I would normally drive away very fast. But, he's kinda cute and he is wearing some sort of uniform so I figure he works downtown and maybe I have a flat or something. So, I pull over, he comes to my window.

Cute guy: Hi. I was trying to flag you down from the bus. I was on the Driver's Coach. I drive for IndyGo.

Me: Hi. I didn't see you. (I really didn't! I saw the bus....I paid no attention to who was on it.)

CG: I've seen you a couple of times and I'm always trying to get your attention.

Me: Ummmm, Why?

CG: I just wanted to talk to you. My name's Harold by the way.

Me: I'm Robin. (Yes, I gave him my real name. Don't yell at me!)

CG: Nice to meet you, Robin.

We're still in the middle of Ohio street by the way.

CG: So, is there any chance we could get to know each other better?

Me: I work at the library, you could come in sometime.

CG: Let me give you my number.

Blah blah blah, he gives me his number. He probably notices me staring at the gold in his mouth. I HATE, loathe and detest men with gold in their mouth.

CG: you're probably wondering about the gold teeth. don't worry, they come out. I have pretty white teeth underneath.

Ah, so you have gold in their as an option?! Still, he was pretty cute..... if not a bit strange that he's flagging me down in the middle of the street!

CG: Yeah, I saw you walking the other day. You were with some white lady, you must have been at lunch.

Is this a little stalker-esque behavior? Should I be concerned? PPC and I took her new black cherry convertible miata out for a spin the other day, which must have been the day he saw us.

So, our paths parted at this point. I didn't say I'd call, I didn't say I wouldn't call. But, for someone who is complaining about her lack of male company, perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to wrtie him off.

Tuesday, September 14

I don't know if I would go quite this far....

Gotta love Indiana native Kurt Vonnegut for praising librarians. I love anyone who praises librarians. Almost anyone.

My liberal credibility took a hit because I hadn't seen this web zine before. That, and my love for guns. But hey, I just got an email from the Kerry-Edwards campaign titled "Fire Back" so I guess guns are good again! Plus, Talk Left agrees with me. That must mean I'm still golden. :o)

Monday, September 13

I wondered what all the ruckus was about!

I usually take New Jersey to Michigan to get to school in the afternoons. As I was walking to the parking lot today, there was a friendly officer directing traffic at New Jersey and Ohio. Nope, can't go this way. This is why. Seems like a good idea to block traffic to me. My question is, why would they go into O'Malia's to try and get away? Well, I guess its as good a place as any.

Question of the Day

"Do you have newspapers that are old? I mean, real old, like back in the salem witchcraft days?"

Moving books makes your arms hurt

But, on the bright side, here is a dvd review of the Star Wars trilogy. I'm a big fan of

Sunday, September 12


The gunners have arrived. Just in case anyone was wondering. I suppose it was inevitable, really.

Geekdom Pt. 2.

"Every time I look in the mirror I have to pay George a couple of bucks." Carrie Fisher on the merchandising rights to Star Wars.

If you get a chance to see this on A & E, I highly recommend it. Just watching the damn thing gave me goose bumps. Just one more piece of evidence that I really am a Star Wars geek. But, not as much of a geek as this person. Who in the hell pays that much for a couple of DVDs?!

&@^@% Steelers

I hope every post I do after a football game doesn't start off like that. Oh yeah, I should probably add &^!@% Lions too, for good measure. I am, kind of out of habit more than anything else, a Bears fan. But, its hard to begrudge Detroit their win. I just wish it could have been against someone else.

This is going to be a very busy week, I think. On the up side, Civ Pro on Thursday has been pre-empted, so I have a little more time to get some things done on Thursday night. On the other hand, I have to go to the dentist, I have a LARC paper due, and we're having a "Fiction Emergency" this week at work. Lots of heavy lifting, shifting and things that are just not fun.

This weekend has been great, though. A friend of mine just bought a black cherry mazda miata convertible. Whoa. Gorgeous. I watched football on Saturday. I watched football on Sunday. I went to a BLSA picnic. And now, its time to settle in and do some reading. And writing.

Friday, September 10

"Ghost Detainees"

&#$@ Patriots

But, you know, I wasn't too far off on my stats calling! I said 250 yds. rushing, and Colts got 202. I was a little farther off on the passing yds. I called 323 and they only racked up 244. So, not bad.

In other football news (and there will ALWAYS be other football news) the Tennessee Titans and Miami Dolphins will be playing their game on Saturday instead of Sunday in an attempt to outrun Ivan. Florida is just getting hammered. And not in the fun, too much vodka kind of way. Anyway, the game will be shown live in the Miami & Tenn. areas, and tape delayed on Sunday on Direct TV's NFL Sunday ticket. Now, I used to have Sunday ticket (but I work too many Sundays to make it worthwhile anymore.) and I can tell you that nothing would PISS ME OFF MORE than paying all that money for a taped delayed game! The game is being played on Saturday, but the game on live! These people have paid good money to see these games and its ridiculous that Direct Tv is making them wait to see it.

I had french toast for breakfast and now I'm all fired up.

Today's Sleazy Sun Story isn't sleazy (again!) and I'm starting to get a little disappointed with the Sun. I'm going to have to go elsewhere for my sleazy news if they don't straighten up! Anwyay, its about the Beckham clan, naturally. Those two boys are awfully cute.....but then I can see why.

Premiership soccer is back this weekend, and Liverpool isn't playing on Fox Sports World or on PPV. So, that means I'll get to keep my 20 bucks, and I'll get a chance to catch some college football while I'm doing the laundry, cleaning house and all that other good stuff I was supposed to be doing over Labor Day. Oh yeah, and working on my Torts outline. Oh yeah, and doing my Civ Pro. reading. I was actually a little ahead for Thursday, and I think I'd like to keep it that way. Its a nice feeling.

Thursday, September 9

Hmmmmmm Baked Goods

My bad habit of walking around without cash caught up with me today when I saw Brian selling yummy looking baked goods in the foyer this evening. The thing is, I actually tried to get money before coming over to school today. I went to the gas station and they didn't have a cash machine! I figured, oh well. I guess I'll just get cash tomorrow. Who knew I'd be missing out on baked goods! I was bummed.

Today is opening day for the NFL. I'm actually kind of glad that I'm going to be missing out on all of the pre-game BS and I'll stroll into the house right around kickoff. Honestly, whoever decided that football and mtv mixed needs a kick in the ass.

Anyone clicking along my links will see that I'm a Raiders fan. And, as a Raiders fan, I DETEST the Patriots. So, Go Colts! I'm forecasting 323 yards through the air for Peyton and 250 yards rushing, but I haven't decided how to split that up yet.

Sleazy Sun Story of the day is about tattoos! But, I don't think any are in sleazy places, so you'll have to wait til tomorrow for sleazy. Sorry.

Hey, Do you Know a Hero?

Wednesday, September 8


I'm back! I tell ya, this was not the relaxing weekend that I'd hoped it would be. Just as a quick recap:

I drove home to see my dad who was in all kinds of pain from neck arthritis. See, I'd never heard of anyone having arthritis in their neck! Apparently, he hadn't either. He'd thought it was just a stiff neck that was INCREDIBLY painful. After going to the emergency room, they did a CAT scan, and found nothing was wrong there. Arthritis. So, he's feeling much better, Thank God.

On the way back, my water pump decided it was a fine time to stop working. Antifreeze escaping all over I-74. Overheating. Bad news. Luckily for me, I was just between Brownsburg and Crawfordsville. I was coming from Illinois, so this is a very good thing. The cost to fix this mess was NOT a very good thing. It cost me around 100 to tow my car, and a little over 700 to fix it. (belts, pumps, thermostats, oh my!)

But, its fixed. It purrs like a kitten now. I made it to class tonight, but missed my library tour at 5. Of course, it would have been my 3rd tour of the library since May. I don't believe it has changed that much since then....

Alls well that ends well, and I have to go read some torts now. I hope everyone else had a more relaxing (and fun) weekend than I did.

Blogger Issues

So, I tried to post last night. It didn't go. I tried that same post again this morning. Nope. No can do.

UPDATE:I emailed blogger (thinking, as usual, that this problem was all about me) and got a very nice response back. It wasn't all about me (of course) and blogger was just having problems.

Friday, September 3

If this isn't the meaning of 'Poetic Justice'

then I don't konw what is!

Thursday, September 2

A suggestion for Purchase

I don't think I'm going to buy it, but I'd love to read it!

Wild, Chaotic, Peak of my Erotic. There's a Riot Goin' On

People Manic, Dancin' in a Panic. They call it Pandemonium!

I definitely want to go see Morris Day and the Time tonight. And, for Free no less! FREE! Right across the street from the law school, and at 8:00, so virtually right after class! All the planets are aligned.....but I've been up since 5 this morning. 4:30 actually. I don't know if I'll last that long. I may be much too tired for Morris tonight. It would be a shame, though. Free.....

Flip Flop?

After Zell Miller's stirring speech last night, I'm glad to see that he still has great love and respect for John Kerry on his web site. I'm thinking I would have taken it off my site.

Does this make him a flip flopper?

Almost Friday

Ever since Kelly pointed me in the direction of the Russ Parr morning show, back in July, I have been flipping between that and TJMS on the way to work. (And 88.7 when neither of them can hold my interest.) This week, they have been doing all kinds of political talkincluding convention coverage, and also featuring black republicans to talk their side of the issues and why they are supporting Bush. Today, someone was talking about how being a black R can push you to the foreground in the party very quickly. When I heard him say that, my first thought was: Well, isn't that just Affirmative Action? This person is getting farther, quicker, because of his skin color. And if its a female black R? Just a thought.

TJMS was talking about Hurricane Frances. The whole crew is in Florida because this was the weekend of their big Family Reunion, which has been cancelled. They were saying that some families had already arrived, however, so I hope they all stay safe! Florida has really been in the crosshairs over the past month or so. I hope things settle down for them after this. Back in January, someone in Florida must have been doing a little too much bragging to their snowbound cousin in North Dakota.

And today's Sleazy Sun Story is actually clean! Well, almost clean. It's about cleaning......

Wednesday, September 1

Oh yeah

And this big news. Which leads me to say.....huh? I can't wait to hear my dad's take on this. When I call, I bet the first words out of his mouth will be "I told you so."

He does like to say that.

World Cup Qualifying Means....

No Premier league action this weekend. And, since I have to work on Saturday and would have been up in the wee small hours anyway, this news is kind of a bummer.

BUT, on Saturday, the U.S. Men's team will be in action against El Salvador. Then, four days later, they'll go against Panama. I'm sure they'll be fine. I probably won't get to see much of either game, but that's what gamecast is for!

Its a Fiesta!

Went to El Sol for lunch today. This isn't really anything out of the ordinary, but today it was a fiesta! Its the 25th anniversary of El Sol and they were doing it up right. We were there at noon, and they had a little prayer service for continued success of the restaurant, and they were giving out t-shirts and hats....its was great! And the food, of course, was awesome. I tell ya, I could go there again right now. I never get tired of El Sol.

Going back to work was a drag.

Happy September 1st

Its the day all new law students have been waiting for. Finally, finally, the day has arrived......

For Westlaw passwords! The pagentry, the glory, the....homework. Oh well. The thrill of expectation was fun while it lasted.

Today's Sleazy Sun Story of the day will make me complain less about old men hitting on me. Maybe I should embrace it like this young lady did. She might be on to something.