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Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Tuesday, July 31

This is my girl!



Sunday, July 29

Have yourself a chuckle

Happy Sunday! Have some day old cartoons, no extra cost!


I'm not crazy about the Trib's new look. It looks too......lowest common denominator. Big words, big boxes, less content. We'll see how that works out for them.

In the meantime, my favorite tv blog still had interesting things to say.

The Cisco Kid was a friend of mine

Great song.

So, why did I never know about Some Guys up at 62nd & Allisonville? Having worked at Glendale for nearly a year, it seems like I should have known about the place. It was delicious. I think I need to explore more territory.

Did anyone see the Bill Maher special? I'm assuming it was on HBO. I saw it on YouTube. Delicious.

Oh yeah, I'm making my first trip to the Indiana State Fair this year. Any suggestions?

What's up with ya'll?

Thursday, July 26

Speaking of shopping

I'm heading up to Clay Terrace this weekend. Has anyone eaten at Mitchell's Fish Market? Reviews? Good? Bad? Hopefully not ugly.......

Where have you been?

For some reason, I thought Spiegel had gone out of business.

I think they supplied at least 35-40% of my high school wardrobe. ....including a pair of boots that I have to this day.

Like I needed another place to shop.


This book was supposed to be more interesting. I can't speak about the accuracy of it, but I can speak about the boring-ness of it. I usually love books like this, but this one seemed to lack the narrative that made others interesting. No, it isn't just a book of facts. Yes, there is some narrative in it. But the little quips and stories in the book aren't funny or engaging. They're dry. Maybe it isn't a book that you're supposed to just pick up and read. Maybe it is meant to be something you read a chapter in and then do something else. I had it along when I was pretty stationary for a period of time, and I read the whole thing.
Okay, I read a lot of it, and I skimmed the rest because I was bored. Fine. The point is that I didn't find it engaging.
If you're looking for something similar, I highly highly highly recomment What Einstein Told his Cook: kitchen Science Explained and What Einstein told his cook 2: the sequel : further adventures in kitchen science. They both have what this book was lacking.

Wednesday, July 25

Quote of the Day

From SFF Audio review of World War Z:

"The first thing you’ll notice about the audio version of World War Z are the cast members listed on the cover. Alan Alda, John Tuturro, Henry Rollins and, wait for it, Mark Hamill all contribute their voices to the project. Not quite A-listers, maybe, but definitely in the B or B+ range. Give it a little more time and Hamill might start being known first as a solid voice actor and secondly as that guy from the Star Wars that didn’t suck."

Tuesday, July 24


Someone was getting a little too excited with the exclamation points in the the past post titles.......

Good Luck!

Good luck to everyone out there sitting for the bar exam the next couple of days. You've studied. You'll do great!

Monday, July 23

Cracking me up!

Don't get me wrong, I love the Potter books. But.....this is hilarious!

Courtesy of the Ladies at Smart Bitches who love Trashy Novels.

Sunday, July 22


I know people (including myself soon) who need jobs!

/but not really.

max blumenthal: generation chickenhawk

Thursday, July 19

I'm so sad

You know, I used to faithfully watch the show Wiseguy. Ken Wahl? Pretty hot for an alleged HS dropout.

HDNet shows it every morning at 7am. So, I'm watching an ep right now......and I'm so sad. Was all TV this bad back then, or is it just this show? It seems to be an ep with pretty decent guest stars too. Patti D'arbanville, Glen Frey (ha!) Paul Winfield...... I mean, it isn't bad. This isn't one about the mob, its a departure. Why the hell are they departing from the mob?

Anyway, I'm so very disappointed.

Wednesday, July 18

Book Cover of the Day

Offered without comment.


Juan Epstein was always my favorite sweathog!

Monday, July 16


I missed my 1500th commemorative post! Oh well, it isn't like I've had a lot to talk about lately anyway.

What have I been doing? Um......Yeah.....well......

I was in Illinois over the weekend. That's interesting, right? Our yearly (yes, yearly) family reunion. As usual, I dreaded going. And, as usual, I had the best time ever. So, why did I dread going? I have no effing idea. Life is funny like that, right?

What else? I've watched 6 seasons of Stargate. Have I mentioned how much I love Stargate? I'm going to Vancouver in April. Yes, to a Stargate con.

I told you I was a geek. Don't pretend you're surprised now.

Anyway, now I'm checking out Season 4 of CSI Miami. I was always a David Caruso fan, but maybe watching too much of it in a row is a bad idea. I don't know if its the writing, or the David, but the schtick is getting to be a little grating. I still love the show, though. CSI NY is my new favorite. Funny thing is, I was never really into the original CSI. I've seen it, of course, but it was never must see tv.

I have to tell you, this is the first summer where I haven't had any classes. The whole thing has been a little bit disconcerting. I'm used to being busy. And, of course, the first few weeks after surgery I was perfectly happy to come home after work and sleep. Now, though, I'm bored. Bored. Bored. Sitting and watching DVDs isn't all its cracked up to be.

Of course, you'll be listening to me complain in a little over a month.

Monday, July 9

This seems unreal

Dan Patrick will be leaving ESPN, it was announced today by Patrick and ESPN Exec VP/Production Norby Williamson. Patrick’s final radio broadcast will be on Friday, August 17. During the week of Patrick’s final show, ESPN Radio will look back at memorable moments from the show and will also feature special guest appearances and interviews. In a statement, Patrick said he is not sure what opportunity he will pursue next (THE DAILY).

Patrick said on his radio show today, "They did try to talk me out of it a couple of times. ... [But] if there was any animosity, I would not be doing any radio shows beyond today" (ESPN Radio, 7/9).

Monday, July 2

star wars gangsta rap -

this made me cry. And not just because I'm a geek.....although that is normally reason enough.

Star Trek Karaoke

I shouldn't find these so funny, should I?

Star Trek Coffee House

not quite as hilarious, but still pretty good.

Sunday, July 1

Star Trek Cribs - The Director's Cut