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Tuesday, October 24

Oh yeah

Philly is furious because they are paying more than us in natural gas heating costs.

Poor bastards.

Quick hits

Yeah, I'm enjoying the World Series. Thanks for asking.

I don't really like people younger than me. No offense. There are a few exceptions, of course, but as a general rule..... (I'm not talking about kids, or even teens. Mostly those silly 20 somethings.)

My hair looks good again today.

Little Children (on the sidebar because I still haven't finished it) is going to be a movie. I'm actually looking forward to seeing it. You know, I like the book. But, honestly, I've read a few books since then. Its sitting on my bedroom floor, and I haven't had the desire to pick it up and finish it. So, how much do I really like it? Not enough, apparently.

Wanda Sykes cracks me up, but I wasn't really digging her latest HBO comedy special. Parts of it were funny, but more parts weren't. I guess she's allowed to have a bad day every now and then.

Three people have walked past me while I am typing this and they all have on grey skirts of varying lengths. Is grey the new black?

I had to listen to Cubs Fan go on about the virtues of 80 degree weather last night. Call me crazy, but I like the seasons. Phoenix is a place I might like to visit (soon) but I don't think I'd like to live there.

You know, some people really don't like email. I notice this when I email and they say "Call me." I'm sure its not just because they are jonseing to hear my voice. Some people really would just rather talk on the phone than carry on an email conversation. Not that there is anything wrong with that, necessarily, just an observation.

What's up with you?

Monday, October 23

Hey You

I love my hair today.

That's all.

Sunday, October 22

When you turn off the shower, but you still hear water.....

Yep, that's when you know you've got problems.

The beautiful, adorable, cute as a button 3 year old that lives above me decided to experiment with flushing the toilet bowl cleanser (that turns the water blue) down the toilet. Hilarity ensues. Oh yeah, unless you live under said budding scientist. Then water ensues. Luckily, her mama was smart enough to shut off the water before mainteance could get there. Unluckily, I still had water dripping all over everywhere. I was not a happy camper. Of course, it could have been worse. It was only in one kitchen cupboard......and in my bathroom light fixture. I'll probably get a new bathroom light out of the deal. The cupboard held plates and bowls, all easily washed in the dishwasher. The water on the floor was mopped up. And the cupboard has nothing wrong (so far) that Comet and a sponge can't fix. It probably wouldn't hurt for it to have a good cleaning anyway, right?

Of course, that was all about 4 hours ago. I had to go to work. I hope things are similarly calm when I get home.

Pray for me. (And if things are worse when I get there, pray for that midget..... :o) )

Friday, October 20

Are you ready for some Baseball?

So, its the Cards and the Tigers. This is what I think:

  1. This is going to be one of the lowest rated World Series ever. Outside of Midwest, no one is going to give a shit. Seriously. I hate to say that because (as you surely know by now) I love baseball. Truly. But, there just isn't anything here for people to care about. We saw the same thing last year with the Sox and Astros.
  2. Speaking of the Tigers: they've had a long rest. Usually, this is a good thing. However, the team was SO hot going into the World Series, I think the rest might have cooled them off a bit. We'll see tomorrow night in game 1. A break in the momentum can be a very bad thing.
  3. There is a big gap between AL and NL. I know you NL people don't want to hear it, but its true. For whatever reason (the Yankees post season collapse notwithstanding) the AL is the stronger league. It has been for a few years now. Measuring how the Cards and the Mets played the NLCS, neither one of them looked to be any match for Detroit. They just looked like weaker teams. Yes, I know, Albert Pujols (is hot.) I know. Maybe things will turn around for the Cardinals, but if they play the way the did in the NLCS, and the Tigers play the way they did in the ALCS, this is going to be over in 4. I hope that isn't the case, but it seems plausible.
"Hugs and Kisses don't make babies."

Indeed, Steven, they do not.

Wednesday, October 18

Fall Break

Is half over. I'm still loving it.

I checked out the first season of Grey's Anatomy. I like it, even though its sooooo very predictable and formulaic. Maybe that's why I like it. There is no thinking involved. You sit there, you watch, and that's it. Compare that to The Wire where you actually have to think. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, the thinking, but I love it. And I like not thinking sometimes too.

Ahh, tv comes in so many flavors! Never fear, there is still outlining going on during this fall break. It isn't all fun and games.

And the Series starts on Saturday. And so much baseball & football news going on. Steve Lyons getting axed. I don't think it was just about some barely heard comment he made to Lou Pinella. From what I understand (and yeah, I'll admit it was from listening to Keith Olbermann) this is far from a one time incident. Miami Hurricanes losing their mind. (I suppose this one really isn't news.) And, this guy, was on Dan Patrick's radio show Monday morning just before he got fired. Chris Simms, bless his heart, thinks he's coming back by Thanksgiving. (They took out your spleen, Chris!! Stay down!) Oh yeah, and my two favorite football teams are at polar opposites this year. The Bears could go far if they stop believing their own press. The Black and Silver need help.

But, I don't have time to talk about any of that......

Yesterday's CD

And, probably, today....tomorrow......until I get tired of it. I wish I had liked the book better, but ...I didn't. That's how it goes sometimes. Storm Front is the first book in the Dresden files series. I believe the books are being made into some sort of series or mini-series for the Sci-fi channel as well.

Really, the only reason why I was even curious was James Marsters. And, yes, it is strange hearing him without the British accent. He does a good job, though. His voice is wonderful. I'm still not crazy about the story, but I'm still listening.

Tuesday, October 17

Frakes on a Plane

what a way to start a tuesday!

Saturday, October 14

Today's CD

I do better with full cast audio than with regular audio books. I've been listening to the Arkangel Shakespeare lately, but decided to take a break for this (speaking of geekdom one post below....) Love it. I didn't know what to expect, but I should have known that I would love it. Its been 29 years now (since the film opened) and I'm still not tired of it. This originally broadcast on NPR back in 1981. It holds up very well.

There are some differences. It isn't the movie word for word. That makes it interesting. They haven't changed anything significant, its just different. Its for radio, not for the big screen. Yet, there are definitely some things where if you haven't seen the movie, you'd wonder what the hell is going on. The Cantina scene immediately comes to mind (since I just finished listening to it).

If I actually had to buy all the crap I can check out for free from the library........

I don't have cinemax

But this was almost enough to make me sign up for a month or so. All six Star Wars movies in a row?! Is that like geek paradise or what?! And is it just coincidence it happens on my birthday? I don't think so.

But not for me

HBO Latino makes their own tv. Who knew, right? I figured they just showed regular HBO things, but in Spanish. And, I'm sure, they do that as well. But, they also have this show called Epitafios, which is now on DVD. I don't know how I came across it, but the library owns it. I checked it out, and watched the first episode last night.

Great show......but not for me. Its about cops and serial killers, shot in Argentina.....very noir-ish, all good things. Right up my alley, right? Well......believe it or not, its a tad bit too graphic for me. Yes, yes, its true. I think I'm becoming a wus in my dotage.

In the first episode, there was a headless body, a bodyless head, four charred teens, and a cop mauled to death by two dogs. I want to see what happens, but not enough to see the escalating violence. And the violence has to escalate because they're chasing a serial killer. Nope, not for me. But, if that sort of thing doesn't bother you (and you're not all anti-subtitles) I do suggest you check it out. It was a great way for me to practice my Spanish!

Yesterday's CD

Before me -- Gladys Knight. Love this CD. I'm never sure what I'll get when someone decides to remake the standards. Will it be like Rod Stewart or will it be good? This one is good. Even a song a don't particularly like, God Bless the Child, is done well. The only two songs on this CD that made me a little uneasy were "This Bitter Earth" and "Someone to Watch Over Me." The first one is just one of those songs where you hear it done by someone (Mikki Howard, in my case) and no one else ever sounds quite as good. Purely personal preference, and Gladys' version is pretty good too. The second song is just done soooo much that it almost grates on my nerves no matter who is doing it. Not her fault. The rest of the CD more than makes up for it.

Tuesday, October 10

From the front lines

I nearly laughed myself sick when I read this email. This is especially for you, KP.

I had to share this with all of you because we all got such a laugh out of this here at Franklin Road. Tonight a teenager came in and said she needed a book by Scarlett Johansson called The Hawthornian. When I looked at her with puzzlement (my thinking, what kind of book would this actress have written?), she said in a very disgusted voice, my English teacher told us to get it. He said it’s a big book that everybody would have. When I asked if it was Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, she said with relief, yes, that’s it. What a hoot!

no va

So I get in my car this morning and nothing happens. Well, that's not exactly true. The lights come on, the dash lights up, the engine is still sleeping. No clicking noise. No engine noise. Nothing.



So, I call roadside service, and then hang out for an hour before they come and tow it away. But wait.....the tow guy gets in, and starts it right up!

Oh HELL no!

But, not knowing what the hell was going on (and because it was very very free) we towed it in anyway. I think the tow truck guy just wanted to give me a ride to the Saturn dealership. :o) He was very nice.

Anyway, so I hang around there for about two hours to find out something was wrong with the ignition switch. Something to do with faulty codes, cold air, and gel. I kid you not. Anyway, it seems to work fine now......and I'm definitely glad it happened Tuesday before work and not Tuesday after class.

ooooh, sparkly!

My dad reminded me this morning that its exactly one month til my birthday.

Real or not? You be the judge

I prefer to think that it is. I realize that some of you are more cynical than me. At any rate, here is the link its from and you're all free to make up your own m inds. Real or not, its brilliant.

HomeContact UsEarly Bird - Marine Corps NewsLinksJoining the Marine Corps
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Email from Iraq
Written by Administrator
Thursday, 14 September 2006
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Editors Note: This email was forwarded from a Marine in Iraq who choose to remain anonymous. Semper Fi, XXXXX

All: I haven't written very much from Iraq. There's really not much to write about. More exactly, there's not much I can write about because practically everything I do, read or hear is classified military information or is depressing to the point that I'd rather just forget about it, never mind write about it. The gaps in between all of that are filled with the pure tedium of daily life in an armed camp. So it's a bit of a struggle to think of anything to put into a letter that's worth reading. Worse, this place just consumes you. I work 18-20-hour days, every day. The quest to draw a clear picture of what the insurgents are up to never ends. Problems and frictions crop up faster than solutions. Every challenge demands a response. It's like this every day. Before I know it, I can't see straight, because it's 0400 and I've been at work for twenty hours straight, somehow missing dinner again in the process. And once again I haven't written to anyone. It starts all over again four hours later. It's not really like Ground Hog Day, it's more like a level from Dante's Inferno.

Rather than attempting to sum up the last seven months, I figured I'd just hit the record setting highlights of 2006 in Iraq. These are among the events and experiences I'll remember best.

Worst Case of Déjà Vu - I thought I was familiar with the feeling of déjà vu until I arrived back here in Fallujah in February. The moment I stepped off of the helicopter, just as dawn broke, and saw the camp just as I had left it ten months before - that was déjà vu. Kind of unnerving. It was as if I had never left. Same work area, same busted desk, same chair, same computer, same room, same creaky rack, same . . . everything. Same everything for the next year. It was like entering a parallel universe. Home wasn't 10,000 miles away, it was a different lifetime.

Most Surreal Moment - Watching Marines arrive at my detention facility and unload a truck load of flex-cuffed midgets. 26 to be exact. I had put the word out earlier in the day to the Marines in Fallujah that we were looking for Bad Guy X, who was described as a midget. Little did I know that Fallujah was home to a small community of midgets, who banded together for support since they were considered as social outcasts. The Marines were anxious to get back to the midget colony to bring in the rest of the midget suspects, but I called off the search, figuring Bad Guy X was long gone on his short legs after seeing his companions rounded up by the giant infidels.

Most Profound Man in Iraq - an unidentified farmer in a fairly remote area who, after being asked by Reconnaissance Marines (searching for Syrians) if he had seen any foreign fighters in the area replied "Yes, you."

Worst City in al-Anbar Province - Ramadi, hands down. The provincial capital of 400,000 people. Killed over 1,000 insurgents in there since we arrived in February. Every day is a nasty gun battle. They blast us with giant bombs in the road, snipers, mortars and small arms. We blast them with tanks, attack helicopters, artillery, our snipers (much better than theirs), and every weapon that an infantryman can carry. Every day. Incredibly, I rarely see Ramadi in the news. We have as many attacks out here in the west as Baghdad. Yet, Baghdad has 7 million people, we have just 1.2 million. Per capita, al-Anbar province is the most violent place in Iraq by several orders of magnitude. I suppose it was no accident that the Marines were assigned this area in 2003.

Bravest Guy in al-Anbar Province - Any Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician (EOD Tech). How'd you like a job that required you to defuse bombs in a hole in the middle of the road that very likely are booby-trapped or connected by wire to a bad guy who's just waiting for you to get close to the bomb before he clicks the detonator? Every day. Sanitation workers in New York City get paid more than these guys. Talk about courage and commitment.

Second Bravest Guy in al-Anbar Province - It's a 20,000 way tie among all the Marines and Soldiers who venture out on the highways and through the towns of al-Anbar every day, not knowing if it will be their last - and for a couple of them, it will be.

Best Piece of U.S. Gear - new, bullet-proof flak jackets. O.K., they weigh 40 lbs and aren't exactly comfortable in 120 degree heat, but they've saved countless lives out here.

Best Piece of Bad Guy Gear - Armor Piercing ammunition that goes right through the new flak jackets and the Marines inside them.

Worst E-Mail Message - "The Walking Blood Bank is Activated. We need blood type A+ stat." I always head down to the surgical unit as soon as I get these messages, but I never give blood - there's always about 80 Marines in line, night or day.

Biggest Surprise - Iraqi Police. All local guys. I never figured that we'd get a police force established in the cities in al-Anbar. I estimated that insurgents would kill the first few, scaring off the rest. Well, insurgents did kill the first few, but the cops kept on coming. The insurgents continue to target the police, killing them in their homes and on the streets, but the cops won't give up. Absolutely incredible tenacity. The insurgents know that the police are far better at finding them than we are. - and they are finding them. Now, if we could just get them out of the habit of beating prisoners to a pulp .. . .

Greatest Vindication - Stocking up on outrageous quantities of Diet Coke from the chow hall in spite of the derision from my men on such hoarding, then having a 122mm rocket blast apart the giant shipping container that held all of the soda for the chow hall. Yep, you can't buy experience.

Biggest Mystery - How some people can gain weight out here. I'm down to 165 lbs. Who has time to eat?

Second Biggest Mystery - if there's no atheists in foxholes, then why aren't there more people at Mass every Sunday?

Favorite Iraqi TV Show - Oprah. I have no idea. They all have satellite TV.

Coolest Insurgent Act - Stealing almost $7 million from the main bank in Ramadi in broad daylight, then, upon exiting, waving to the Marines in the combat outpost right next to the bank, who had no clue of what was going on. The Marines waved back. Too cool.

Most Memorable Scene - In the middle of the night, on a dusty airfield, watching the better part of a battalion of Marines packed up and ready to go home after six months in al-Anbar, the relief etched in their young faces even in the moonlight. Then watching these same Marines exchange glances with a similar number of grunts loaded down with gear file past - their replacements. Nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said.

Highest Unit Re-enlistment Rate - Any outfit that has been in Iraq recently. All the danger, all the hardship, all the time away from home, all the horror, all the frustrations with the fight here - all are outweighed by the desire for young men to be part of a 'Band of Brothers' who will die for one another. They found what they were looking for when they enlisted out of high school. Man for man, they now have more combat experience than any Marines in the history of our Corps.

Most Surprising Thing I Don't Miss - Beer. Perhaps being half-stunned by lack of sleep makes up for it.

Worst Smell - Porta-johns in 120 degree heat - and that's 120 degrees outside of the porta-john.

Highest Temperature - I don't know exactly, but it was in the porta-johns. Needed to re-hydrate after each trip to the loo.

Biggest Hassle - High-ranking visitors. More disruptive to work than a rocket attack. VIPs demand briefs and "battlefield" tours (we take them to quiet sections of Fallujah, which is plenty scary for them). Our briefs and commentary seem to have no affect on their preconceived notions of what's going on in Iraq. Their trips allow them to say that they've been to Fallujah, which gives them an unfortunate degree of credibility in perpetuating their fantasies about the insurgency here.

Biggest Outrage - Practically anything said by talking heads on TV about the war in Iraq, not that I get to watch much TV. Their thoughts are consistently both grossly simplistic and politically slanted. Biggest offender - Bill O'Reilly - what a buffoon.

Best Intel Work - Finding Jill Carroll's kidnappers - all of them. I was mighty proud of my guys that day. I figured we'd all get the Christian Science Monitor for free after this, but none have showed up yet. Talk about ingratitude.

Saddest Moment - Having the battalion commander from 1st Battalion, 1st Marines hand me the dog tags of one of my Marines who had just been killed while on a mission with his unit. Hit by a 60mm mortar. Cpl Bachar was a great Marine. I felt crushed for a long time afterward. His picture now hangs at the entrance to the Intelligence Section. We'll carry it home with us when we leave in February.

Biggest Ass-Chewing - 10 July immediately following a visit by the Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister, Dr. Zobai. The Deputy Prime Minister brought along an American security contractor (read mercenary), who told my Commanding General that he was there to act as a mediator between us and the Bad Guys. I immediately told him what I thought of him and his asinine ideas in terms that made clear my disgust and which, unfortunately, are unrepeatable here. I thought my boss was going to have a heart attack. Fortunately, the translator couldn't figure out the best Arabic words to convey my meaning for the Deputy Prime Minister. Later, the boss had no difficulty in convening his meaning to me in English regarding my Irish temper, even though he agreed with me. At least the guy from the State Department thought it was hilarious. We never saw the mercenary again.

Best Chuck Norris Moment - 13 May. Bad Guys arrived at the government center in the small town of Kubaysah to kidnap the town mayor, since they have a problem with any form of government that does not include regular beheadings and women wearing burqahs. There were seven of them. As they brought the mayor out to put him in a pick-up truck to take him off to be beheaded (on video, as usual), one of the bad Guys put down his machinegun so that he could tie the mayor's hands. The mayor took the opportunity to pick up the machinegun and drill five of the Bad Guys. The other two ran away. One of the dead Bad Guys was on our top twenty wanted list. Like they say, you can't fight City Hall.

Worst Sound - That crack-boom off in the distance that means an IED or mine just went off. You just wonder who got it, hoping that it was a near miss rather than a direct hit. Hear it every day.

Second Worst Sound - Our artillery firing without warning. The howitzers are pretty close to where I work. Believe me, outgoing sounds a lot like incoming when our guns are firing right over our heads. They'd about knock the fillings out of your teeth.

Only Thing Better in Iraq Than in the U.S. - Sunsets. Spectacular. It's from all the dust in the air.

Proudest Moment - It's a tie every day, watching my Marines produce phenomenal intelligence products that go pretty far in teasing apart Bad Guy operations in al-Anbar. Every night Marines and Soldiers are kicking in doors and grabbing Bad Guys based on intelligence developed by my guys. We rarely lose a Marine during these raids, they are so well-informed of the objective. A bunch of kids right out of high school shouldn't be able to work so well, but they do.

Happiest Moment - Well, it wasn't in Iraq. There are no truly happy moments here. It was back in California when I was able to hold my family again while home on leave during July.

Most Common Thought - Home. Always thinking of home, of Kathleen and the kids. Wondering how everyone else is getting along. Regretting that I don't write more. Yep, always thinking of home.

I hope you all are doing well. If you want to do something for me, kiss a cop, flush a toilet, and drink a beer. I'll try to write again before too long - I promise.

Semper Fi,

© 2006 Marine For Life
Neither the United States Marine Corps nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized this website.
Mets vs Red Sox, Game 6 machinima

This is a man who has no wife to give him things to do. I can't even imagine how long it took him to match his nintentdo up so perfectly with the call! Crazy.

Monday, October 9

Its Columbus Day

do you know where your Pinta, Niña & Santa Maria are?

Just so you all know, I'm tearing it UP in fantasy football! Okay, I'm 2-2, but my PF rating, whatever the hell that is, is on top and everyone is chasing it. I can't really take too much credit for it, since I don't really know what I'm doing and its all luck. But, it sure is fun!

I'm wearing jeans. I like wearing jeans. it doesn't happen very often (at work) and it makes me happy.

That's all.

Friday, October 6

You know

Starbucks can usually take something that is supposed to taste like S*** and make it taste good. I mean, whoever thought putting pumpkin spice and coffee together would be good?! It doesn't even sound good......but it is.

So, when I tried the Maple Macchiato the other day I was expecting big things. It wasn't that great. Maple and Coffee don't sound nearly as crazy together as pumpkin and coffee, but, for some reason, I wasn't diggin' it.

Happy Frackin' Friday

Battlestar Galactica is back tonight.

I. Can't. Wait.

Wednesday, October 4

I only have time for quickies!

Beautiful. They're called "fiery opals" which says more about their personality, I think, than their color. If those stupid diamonds weren't in the way, they would be perfect earrings. I'm not hater of diamonds, but there is a time and a place. It makes the earrings look both fake and a little fugly. Still, I'm mesmerized by the color...... is one of my favorite online jewelry stores. I've done a little bit of business with them and haven't been disappointed yet.

Also, I notice that there have been links to Deep Discount DVD popping up in the comments box. I have no idea how they got there, but they must have a deal with Haloscan because I've seen the ad in many comment boxes, not just mine. Anyway, I can whole heartedly, and enthusiastically, recommend shopping with them. If you're a DVD buyer, they are the best place to shop for new DVDs. They certainly aren't going to compare with Ebay or anything for good quality used stuff, but for brand new things, they are awesome. I've done a TON of business with them (which is why I'm always so poor......) and I love them. Never had a problem. Always gotten stuff right on time, if not sooner. Always perfect condition. I can't say enough good things about them. Cheap prices (relatively) and no shipping charges. In fact, I impulse bought the Buffy boxed set from Circuit City and when I checked Deep Discount, I was nearly sick to my stomach after seeing it was around $60 cheaper there. No more impulse buying!

Busy day today. Class in an hour, and then back to work, and then off to Glendale for a meeting and then back to class! At least I think we're hitting Broad Ripple India Garden for lunch today. That is always a day brightener!

Another day brightener was Stephen King ripping Nancy Grace to shreds in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. I looked around for a link to the column, but I couldn't find one so there you go. Maybe once the next issue comes out they'll provide a link to this one. At any rate, he goes to town and I agree with him completely. If there is a more shrill, ridiculous caricature on tv these days (besides Hannity or Tucker Carlson) then I have no idea who it might be. She is hideous. A perfect column to start off the month of October.

Oh yeah, and your Indianapolis Marion County Public Library has a new web page starting today. Check it out and, as always, love to hear your comments.

Tuesday, October 3


it is hot as the blazes in here!

I refuse to turn the air back on.

Oh yeah

and now I'm two for two getting called on this week.

First timer and more quick hits

Tomorrow is my first ever law school midterm. It seems strange to have a midterm in law school. But, it makes for light travel, which is good. Won't need to drag around the big rolling bag. I'm all for that.

I'm making a much deserved trip to the pasta bar this week. Its been a long time since I've been there, and I can taste the crab already. Pasta made to order, with crab, is one of the best things about having lunch downtown. And I can't even talk about the big bowl of parmesan cheese they have sitting at the end of the line.

My mind has been on freaky malfunction mode for the past week and a half. No, this doesn't sound promising for tomorrow's midterm. I cut my hair*, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

Damn, I'm hungry right now!

I need to pick a team for the the playoffs! I was jumping on the Phillies bandwagon, but they didn't make the playoffs so that's not gonna work. I'm not all that excited about any of the teams just yet. I'm no Cardinals fan, so that's out. Professor Cooper is a HUGE Mets fan, so I don't think I'll be jumping on that bandwagon right out of the gate. Maybe if they make it to the Series. Padres look promising (even though they just lost....). My dad is a HUGE Dodgers fan..... Dodgers and White Sox. So, if they won this year, he'd be happy. Not to mention the fact that the Bears are an amazing 4-0 so far this season..... Anyway, I don't know that I can go with an AL team. I can't bear to root for the Twins or the Tigers, even though I met some very nice Tiger fans when I was in Detroit earlier this summer, and I love Pudge Rodriguez. Same with the A's and the Yankees. Nope, it'll have to be an NL team. I'll have to give this some thought.

My brain was so much not working that I didn't even muster up enough energy to tallk to the rock star fabulous Kelly when she was at the law school today. My loss, huh?

Seriously, I don't know what the hell is wrong with my head. I think I need a break. A fall break. Right now, please.

Its almost time to choose classes again and I'm psyched there is going to be a REAL Sports law class next semester. As opposed to the Sports Law class last semester that turned out to be mostly music law, all entertainment law, and NO sports law. And, since I get to register in a timely manner, finally, I should get in. Yay!

I wonder if Professor Cooper will let us out of class early when the Mets play on Tuesday or Thursday nights.......

*If getting hair cut means taking fake hair out and going with regular hair, then this is what I meant.

Monday, October 2

Yes, its that bad.

Last night, I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's Dublin mudslide. Yum. After eating a bit, I but the rest away in the freezer for another day.

Or, I thought I had. I actually put in the refrigerator. WTF?

I don't know what I was thinking. I must have been really tired. So, its not as bad as leaving it on the kitchen counter, but it was still pretty much Dublin Mudslide milk when I found it this evening. I didn't even realize it when I got pizza out for dinner.......or to take to work for lunch this morning!

I put it back in the freezer, and hopefully it'll be good to go tomorrow.


Maybe I'm missing the point

But the look on this guy's face doesn't exactly say he's in the mood.