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Wednesday, May 31

Take a breather

The boys have looked a bit lethargic lately. Maybe they're just now starting to get up to regular season form, or maybe they are just getting shut down by some good teams on the field. Who knows. Maybe they've been reading the blog and noticed I haven't been posting any pics.

I can fix that problem.

They just looked tired in the game tonight. Granted, I didn't see all of it. I didn't get home until the bottom of the 7th inning. But, they looked tired. Get a good night's sleep and let's try and tie this thing up tomorrow.

Song of the Day

Now with videos. Happy viewing.

Tuesday, May 30

there once was a girl from nantucket.........

She's still single too.

I saw this hilarious book today.

Now accepting donations

For a trip to Catalina Island.

Am I the only One

Who didn't know about Rate My Professor.Com?

I'm starting to think

That maybe I should post a bunch of my favorite 80s songs with corresponding videos. It would make you all cringe.

But just in case it doesn't.....

I could do this forever.....

God Bless You Tube!

I seriously just had a high school flashback!

Must stop......

Monday, May 29

Knock Yourselves Out.




An 80s music lovers utopia. Love those songs.

I don't know that I ever saw the video for "Hot in the City" even thought that is my favorite Billy Idol song. I just remember it from the 21 Jumpstreet spinoff "Booker."

Yep, I took you there. HA!

Play along, post your favorite one.

Three Cheers for Musicians


Two Tickets to Paradise

I'm going to be in Chicago in August.

Sox are at home the weekend I'm going to be there.....

Sox play the Tigers the weekend they're at home and I'm going to be there.....

Friday and Saturday are pretty much sold out, or so says Ticketmaster. (can't even get two tickets together, let alone the three or four that I'd need)

But Sunday.......

Even the Thursday night Sox-Yankees game is sold out. What's up with that? I'm glad for them, of course, but come on. Sox-Yankees?! On a Thursday night?! Jesus, Mary and Joseph! You gotta be kidding me. You all can't wanna see Derek Jeter's ass in his tight baseball pants as much as I do!

Happy Memorial Day

Tis a lovely day, too. Doesn't look like its going to rain (but it might.) Its 10:50 am and already 84 degrees.

I'm doing homework, but its only because I procrastinated so I'm not even mad. I had two, gorgeous, carefree days to do whatever I wanted. Last night I got a start on this assignment so I'll get part of the day off today. Who can quibble with that?

I also ended up watching 2 eps of Band of Brothers last night. It was being run on (wait for it....) The History Channel. They showed episodes 4, 5 & 6, but I can't watch the episode Bastogne (6). It probably even isn't as bad as I remember, but, for some reason, that episode really bothered me the first time around. On the other hand, #5 -- Crossroads, is probably one of my favorite eps. I almost stayed awake to watch the re-run at 2ish. But, I didn't. If you haven't seen it, I can't recommend it highly enough. No, seriously.

Much better than shitty John Wayne movies.

And Obiter Dictum is two today. I know many people, people who probably don't even read this rag, never thought I would stay with it this long. Ha. I probably wouldn't have stuck with it if it wasn't for all the great people who keep the conversations going in the comments. (which sometimes carries over to email.....which sometimes carries over to lunch.....etc.) You guys make blogging fun. Thanks for that.

Sunday, May 28

Hijacked from the Unnamed Source's page. Great quiz. I think it really captured my essence, no? :o)

My Personal Dna Report

Personal DNA Maps: Mouse over any part of the box or strip to learn more about the traits that the colors represent.

Is there no common sense?

If you're going before a judge, because you have been busted for underage drinking..... twice..... wouldn't you know enough not to wear a Guiness hat?


Or not.

If you're going to court for anything wouldn't you know enough not to wear a shirt that says "You got my money, Bitch?"

Or any kind of shirt that doesn't button down and go neatly under a suit coat?

Isn't there a rule that says defendants shouldn't look like dumbasses in court (even if they are).


I have a neck thing. I don't know what I did, but it hurts. Not so bad that I want to cut it off (just yet) but definitely noticeable.

So, its that day. You know. THAT day. Race day.

The day that makes me glad I have Tivo. Right about now, I would be settling down to the geekiest of all Sunday morning rituals: Meet The Press. And, I'd probably get irritated that yet another conservative was being featured. Depending on who it was, I would either watch or turn it off in disgust.

Not MTP today. Why? Because its race day, of course. Nothing else matters in this city on race day.

Luckily for me, I have three more eps of The Unit (not starring Randy Johnson) to watch. Six episodes of Black/White to watch. And, just so I don't get bored, I have Sunset Boulevard on my tivo which I STILL haven't watched and I recorded it last August.

Oh yeah, and I could read for Tuesday's class. Or do the research assignment that is also due Tuesday. Plenty to do.

At least it looks like its going to be a good day for all those crazy race fans. I'm going before I leave this city. Really. I am.

In other news, I had to turn the air on yesterday. Thought I would wait until June, but it just didn't happen.

Wednesday, May 24

Who has the best quotes?

Yeah, that would be KP. To use one of her lines, this story cracks my shiz up.

Did the better singer win AI?

No, I don't think so.

BUT, did the one I like more win? (and isn't this really the more important question?)

Yep, you betcha.

Tuesday, May 23

road trip!

except I'm flying.

My sister has to go to Ann Arbor for a class in July and she's going to be there over a weekend. Well, since I've never been to Michigan......I decided to fly up and look around that weekend with her.

Yippee!! I've been looking for somewhere to go this summer. Detroit isn't Vegas, but I've never been there.

And, more importantly, I just bought my Tigers tickets. SeanR had the great idea of a tour of ballparks. This is probably as close as I'm likely to get this season since I have precious little vacation time at the moment. Here's hoping they're comfortably in second place by the time I get there! Only bad thing is I'm getting there the day after the Sox leave. Can't win 'em all, I guess.

But, I know nothing else about the town. I'm flying in Friday, and leaving on Sunday. What are the must see/must do things? My sister has already informed me we're going to Motown something or other. (blah blah blah) What else?

Because I have to iron my pants for tomorrow.....

  • I'll probably watch AI tonight. Of course, the White Sox are on tonight, so that could all change.
  • Testing out the downloadable audio. I think I like it. Right now I'm listening to a biography of Mozart. I can't say that I never would have checked it out on CD but I can say that we didn't even own this on regular CD. Now I can have something to listen to when I'm bored with the stuff on my (tiny) Ipod.
  • I don't know if I can survive Mondays without Jack Bauer.
  • 17 Days until world cup starts. Setanta is broadcasting it in German. That's lovely. Oh, yeah. I don't speak German.

Monday, May 22

Your library will not be ordering this

Good Morning, Sunshine

You know, I love those Jimmy Dean commercials with the guy dressed up as the sun. I do. They're hilarious.

I love Van Hagar more than Van Halen. Blasphemous, I know, but true.

I nearly blew my ear drums out this morning listening to Def Leppard's Rock of Ages in the parking lot at work. It was worth it just for the stares. Dumbasses. That should keep the old bittys gossiping today at work.

Welcome back to Rabble Rouser! I should have posted about his return a few weeks ago, but I'm lazy. Don't pretend like you didn't know. I'm glad he's back. My blog roll was less full without him.

What a weekend for baseball!

El Sol is remodeling and will be closed for about a month. A month. Sure, I could go over to Union Station for lunch, but......a whole month?! I can hardly stand it. I miss them already.

Campus on Sunday is particularly deserted. I got Rock Star parking, and it was extremely quiet inside the law school. Loved it.

Damn, I gotta go order some books.

Thursday, May 18

From the File labeled "Oh Hell No!"

And from the SBD, is this little gem.

Former FCC Chair Michael Powell has been mentioned as a candidate to succeed NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue. An NFL owner said, “He’s been throwing his name out there behind the scenes, telling people he would really like the job, and there’s definitely some interest there on the owners’ part” (, 5/18).

You can't possibly be serious. I mean, I know they're serious....but they can't possibly be serious!

Other strange offerings from the daily closing bell:

  • SportsNet N.Y. (SNY) today announced that Geico will title sponsor the net’s nightly sports news show, which will be known as “Geico SportsNite” (SNY).
  • “The Toyota thing is a factor. If he had gone back to Joe Gibbs Racing, I’m not sure the backlash would have been the same” - Ford Racing PR Manager Kevin Kennedy, on NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett potentially losing fans because of his move to a Toyota team (AP, 5/18).

Wednesday, May 17

Scratch. Scratch. Sweep. Sweep. Blow.

Between 2 scratch off tickets, I just won $110. Now I can afford those shoes......

Tuesday, May 16

Oh. Hell. Yes.

There is nothing like

sitting in chair for six hours to make a girl appreciate her legs.

Monday, May 15

New and Kinda improved

Its always weird getting used to new glasses. I can see better, its just.....strange. I'm sure, in a few days, I'll go back to my old glasses and wonder I even saw out of them.

Right now, though, its that newly crystal clear kind of way.

Sunday, May 14

Better late than never!

Happy Mother's Day to all the sexy mamas out there today!

Happy Graduation Day to all the sexy graduates out there today!

Saturday, May 13

Today has been designated

Catch up on Tivo and Clean the house day. Hopefully, I can manage to do both.

Notice it is not "read for summer classes which start on Monday" day.

Maybe that'll be tomorrow.

Friday, May 12

Morning Lads and Lasses

This is hilarious. Perfect way to start out a Friday.

Sound is a must.

Thursday, May 11

Once upon a time

I mentioned something about it looking stupid when people wear jeans with heels. Kelly said it looked good sometimes, but it depended. I told her she was dumb. She said I was a fashion moron. (okay, the last two things didn't really happen, but it makes the story better!)

Anyway, she was right. Sometimes, it looks cute.

Coming soon to a library near you

Downloadable Audiobooks. Listen at work. Listen on your MP3 player, playa. Listen wherever you like.

Can't give you a timetable as of yet, but surely by the end of summer. Maybe sooner, but the wheels of justice move slowly.

A few words about the SBD

Sports Business Daily is the best thing to happen to my inbox in a looooong time. Its fun, its quirky. Its informative. Very, very informative.

It comes out three times daily. Morning Buzz. Daily issue. Closing Bell. And, at first, I wondered how they could have enough to sustain three updates a day, but I've been schooled on that score. They have no problems. There are no repeat stories unless there have been significant developments, and its still highly relevant and entertaining.

Its by subscription, so I can't imagine any of you really care enough. I probably wouldn't have either except its complementary with my Sports Lawyer's Assoc. membership. In fact, before they sent it to me, I had no idea something like this even existed.

But for wacky sports junkie-news junkie hybrid, its great!

So, expect stuff to show up here from time to time. I'll try to keep it interesting....

You gotta be kidding me

This can get you fired? (From the SBD via the New York times)

NBC Freelancer Plagiarizes “The West Wing” In Derby Feature

A freelance writer “will no longer receive assignments from NBC Universal Sports after copying two passages from a 2002 episode of ‘The West Wing’ in his script for a feature” on last Saturday’s Kentucky Derby broadcast, according to Richard Sandomir of the N.Y. TIMES. NBC Universal Sports President Ken Schanzer would not identify the writer but said, “He won’t work here anymore.” The feature, narrated by NBC’s Tom Hammond, profiled Barbaro trainer Michael Matz, who saved three children after surviving a plane crash; Brother Derek jockey Alex Solis, who broke his back two years ago; and Brother Derek trainer Dan Hendricks, who was paralyzed in a motocross accident. The script stated Matz “‘ran into the fire to save the lives of three children.’ Hammond paused dramatically and added, ‘Ran into the fire.’” In the “The West Wing” episode, Martin Sheen’s character, President Josiah Bartlet, gave a speech in which he praised the rescuers, “who ran into the fire to help get people out” of a burning building. Bartlet “paused and added dramatically, ‘Ran into the fire.’” The Derby script said the “funny thing about life is that every time we think we’ve measured our capacity to meet its challenges, we’re reminded that that capacity may well be limitless.” In his speech on “The West Wing,” Bartlet said, “Every time we think we’ve measured our capacity to meet a challenge, we look up and we’re reminded that that capacity may well be limitless.” The similarities were “discovered by a reader” who e-mailed the N.Y. Times (N.Y. TIMES, 5/11).

Give me a break

Papa Wants A Brand New Bag (from SBD via LA Times)

Men And Women To Get Tote
Bag At Mother's Day Angels Game

While it may seem strange and petty, a class-action lawsuit filed against the Angels over a Mother’s Day promotion should catch the eye of sports franchises across the country. Psychologist Michael Cohn is claiming that men and younger fans were discriminated against last May when the Angels offered a tote bag only to women 18 and older. The case could have major ramifications for teams running these types of promotions, which are often a key driver of attendance

Okay, here is my take on this: Everyone likes to get free stuff. Sometimes, ballparks give away things that are sponsored by beer (imagine that) and its restricted to people legally old enough to drink. So, my question here is, what's the big deal? You're coming to the ball park to get free shit or you're coming to see the game? You paid for the game, you got a game.

What do ya'll think?

ai (yi yi)

no more hotness on idol. chris has left the building. although, honestly, elliott gets cuter to me every week. must be his voice or something.

i honestly can't remember much about tuesday night because it was all elvis, and he's not my fave.

but....i do know that the two songs that i particularly love (suspicious minds and a little less coversation) were both done by chris. suspicious minds was okay. a little less conversation was awesome.

he was kicked off anyway. probably because i didn't vote.

and if i had voted, i probably would have voted for elliott so it wouldn't have helped chris.

but he was still better than mcphee.

of course, i'm biased becuase i DETEST that "can't help falling in love" BS that she sang. I've hate the elvis version. I hate the version they did on Some Kind of Wonderful..... its right up there with unchained melody (and celebration) for absolute worst song. Evah.

Wednesday, May 10

Crazy ass diets

So, a group of ladies here at the workplace started going to this health and wellness place after work. I decided I wanted to join up with that, lose some weight, work out, be healthy. You know, all that jazz. Best of all, insurance picks up the majority of the tab, with us only paying the $20 co-pay for each visit, plus the $65 initiation fee.

Sounded good. So, I went on the first day, and it was like going to work! Four people that I knew were right there in the waiting area, either just having gotten there, or getting ready to depart. Great. The workouts were challenging, they said, but you feel better after you're done. Of course, working out is always better when its over.

They didn't mention anything about the crazy food plan.

Okay, so I go through the orientation, hear what I'm going to be doing, do some tests to evaluate my flexibility, and overall fitness. Great. She tells me she wants to see me four times a week. That's $80/wk with my co-pay. I wince, but figure she's more or less a personal trainer and that's pretty cheap for a personal trainer, right?

Then she mentions the detox. I'm figuring that she means detox off sugar since I looooooooove sweets. Love. Detox probably isn't a bad thing in that case. She tells me detox lasts for 41 days. Well, the other ladies at work are on this plan and they aren't dead yet, so I figure it can't be that bad.

And the first week, it isn't that bad. I go for the 4 workouts, love it, and find I can even work around my crazy finals schedule to get it all in.

Then comes week 2. Detox bootcamp.

Saturday and Sunday: Electrolyte drink (which is actually some kind of lemonade and is SUPER yummy) and Chicken broth. Uh huh. That's it.

All day. Both days.

Okay, people go on semi-fasts all the time and don't die. I don't think they're studying for contracts finals at the time, but a couple days of not eating certainly won't kill me. Monday will be here before I know it.

Monday-Friday looks something like this.

Hot water and lemon calm (their magnesium drink.)
1 peeled apple
1/2 can Glucerna shake over ice
2 8oz. glasses of iced water.

Okay, I'm not a huge breakfast fan anyway, so this doesn't bother me. I'm not really keen on supplementing food with things like magnesium and diabetic shakes, though. This should have been a warning sign. It wasn't. Let's continue:

AM Snack (should be eaten at least 2 hours before lunch)
3oz cup of warm (or hot) organic apple juice
1 banana and 1 fiberwise bar. (another supplement. kind of like the granola bars with a layer of yogurt.)
80z. of water.

1 glass of elecrolyte drink
20oz water
Family size can of Chicken broth or drink.

Hmmmm, lots of water. Lots of peeing...... But, it seems like you're eating all the time, right? I have to say, I wasn't ever hungry on this plan, but.....I think it was all in my head. Moving on:

Snack 2: Should be eaten at least 2 hours after lunch
Green tea with mint (use 6oz. cup)
80z water
10-15 almonds (Dry Almonds; NO smoked or honey roasted)
6oz. warm or hot organic cranberry juice with 50/50 water

Snack 3: Should be eaten at least 2 hours before dinner
1 glass susatin electrolyte drink
5 strawberries + 1 banana
1 cup green tea.

Didn't I just have green tea a few hours ago?! Again, you're eating every five minutes it seems, but nothing really substantial. And I'm drowning by now. But, we're still not done.

Supper: must follow this order
2 glasses of iced water drink before dinner (bold and underline is on my sheet!)
Full plate of steamed vegetables No Potatoes.
8 oz glass of ice water with 1 slice of lemon and 1 slice of lime.

Steamed veggies are okay. Can't really complain about that.

Snack 4: Must be completed before 8pm
One peeled sliced apple
8oz. warm calm (again with the magnesium!)
10-15 almonds.

No food after 8pm.

Now, I followed this pretty strictly (in fact, very strictly) for the first four days. The saturday and sunday regiment, and then Monday and most of Tuesday.....but I had an exam on Tuesday. I didn't get home until nearly 8:45. Wow, did that throw things off. I missed everything after Snack #2. And, of course, I can't eat after 8 on this plan.

Which made me realize that it was crap! I was starving! It doesn't seem so bad when you're eating something all the time, but if you deviate, even a little, it throws the entire thing off. Who lives like this? Really? In 11 days I lost 13 lbs. Tight things aren't tight anymore. Loose things look really sloppy on me now. I don't know where those 13 lbs came from, but they're gone now! But.....this detox thing just was not working out for me. I'm a detox diet dropout. And, I wish I would have done my research on them before I signed up all gung ho for the damn thing! But, that's me. All in now, research later.


She's Baaaaack

Finals are over! Yes!

The rundown: I think I did okay. Maybe I didn't, but at least I feel like I did. Time will tell. And, if its anything like every other semester, it'll take A LOT of time to tell.

Slow ass graders.

Tuesday, May 2

Its Contracts Day

And I am flirting with the idea of hand writing my exam.

I know, I know. Its crazy. Except......I really think there may be something to the idea that you pay more attention when you're writing it by hand. I write much slower than I type.

I'm also writing my other two exams (because they are scantron mostly) so I like the idea of continuity.

But I can get more in if I type, because its quicker. I don't know. I'll probably type. Its just an idea I was having this morning.

I do like the fact that I can choose.

Monday, May 1

Today's "People Are Crazy" link comes to you from the great state of Florida

Jeeze! I'm thinking road rage is one thing. Me being 5 ft. 9 (and the object of my road rage being 6ft 6) is something else entirely.

Methinks crystal meth was involved? Maybe?