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Saturday, April 30


Someone got here by searching "Jessica Alba Panties."

I'm SO sorry you were disappointed.

But.....why.....did you like my stirring commentary on the whole thing?

Nothing to see here.....move along.....

How you know your study group doesn't read your blog

Today I'm listening to two people talk about the Star Wars geeks who were in town and I mention that I was there.

"You were NOT there!"
"Uh....yeah, I was"
"NO! You're not one of them!"
"Um....yeah, I am."

I know people don't read the blogs, but I guess I thought the people in my study group may have checked them out a time or two. And since I have mentioned it they must not be reading. I guess that's a good thing. But, if I would have known that, I would have talked about them more!

In other, uninteresting news, its a beautiful Saturday, its not raining, I'm going to AJoes for dinner, and I'm going to walk there from the law school. Doesn't get much nicer than that on a boring, study your ass off for con law, weekend.
Con Law, Con Law
Roly Poly Con Law
Con Law, Con Law
See Me Flunk, Yum!

Good Luck Tax Takers

I only know two, but I'm sure they'll both come out alive.

Last night's Civ Pro exam was.....well, I hesitate to say "better than expected" because that surely means I'll come out with a shitty grade. I'll just say that I finished five minutes early. Unheard of. Last time, I was typing up until the very last minute. This time, I was packing up, and out of the room before he called "Time." Yay! But, that could also mean that I should have written more. And I was very surprised that Erie was nowhere on the exam...... (KIDDING!!!)

Well, now that its over, its time for Pancakes! And Liverpool v. Middlesbrough coming to a tv near me in 15 minutes WHOO-HOOO! A nice break before laundry (ick) and then Con Law (ick ick) later on in the day.

Friday, April 29

Noooooooo pt.2

Okay, don't do this either!


Guys, don't do this. Gals......don't do this either.

Move the F*** On

In an attempt to raise their rating, IU-Indianapolis, trying to recruit at an even earlier stage, is hosting pre-school law day on their blog. Sapere Aude (or whatever the hell its called now) has invited all the ego-centric people they could find to come and post about how law school OWES them something.
Tip: Nobody owes you a THING! If you don't like it here, move the fuck on. You're holding up the line, and there ARE people who WOULD like to come here.

Can you believe that some fucking NO-L is trying to NEGOTIATE who they get to take for their 1L classes? The very idea is so INSULTING that its ridiculous. You know what? If you, in all of your not ever been here wisdom, don't like the selection, pick another place. Life is full of choices. Nobody will miss you. Nobody says that you are ENTITLED to love all your professors, and they should kiss your ass to get your approval. If you have a different opinion, and can make a cogent argument, then do it. If you can't, go on a blog and show the world how stupid and petty and childish you are by heckling and disrespecting someone who was teaching law long before you ever started to learn it.

Thursday, April 28

Also for Brian

who happens to like my creepy library guy stories!

Today, someone gives me a note with the instruction to "Read this later." Yes, he wrote that on the note. So, I wait until he's down the stairs, and my friend BBS scoots her chair over to my desk and we proceed to "Read this now."

2 points for handwritten.
2 points for giving it to me himself
-infinity points for being a damnable stalker freak.

Here is what it said. (alarming words in red.)

"Hello Robin,

Just want to say Hi! I'am lonnie, I've been watching you a while. If you are single let me know the next time I come in, If not then forget it. It was nice seeing you Robin, Have a Blessed Day. Bye.

Okay, I understand it might be difficult being a guy and having the responsibility to put yourself out there asking a girl out. But, come on, stalker boy. My sympathy is not without limits. Have I ever given this freak ANY indication that I would like to DATE him? No. I have not. Am I sure? Yes, I am. Positive. Crystal Clear.

Why aren't nice, cute boys giving me notes and asking me out? Why do I have freak karma? (anyone can answer that, not just Brian!)

Thanks Brian

I found this distracting quiz over at Confessions.

Your Linguistic Profile:

70% General American English

10% Dixie

10% Yankee

5% Midwestern

5% Upper Midwestern

I think its funny that I'm only 5% Midwestern! How can that be?

Tuesday, April 26

Not quite over yet Idol review


  • A Feddy almost won me over tonight.
  • Vonzell almost won me over tonight
  • Constantine had better be kicked off
  • Bo sang one of my favorite songs and I wasn't overly impressed. I still like him best.

Constantine also sang one of my favorite songs (I've talked about my Chad Kroeger obsession before, right?) and he was very, very bad. Simon just said it was a bad imitation of the original, and that is exactly right. BAD being the key word. It was AWFUL!

Simon has a good ear. He was right about Vonzell being pitchy. I'm not saying she wasn't good, she was. But, in the beginning, she was not in tune. And, I suspect, when they watch it, they'll hear it.

Oh yeah, Scott still has to go. I'm going to hate him, so no reason to wait for his performance....

Yay. Somebody gets it.

Ruth Holladay

Indianapolis Star

Dear Ms. Holladay:

We write to express our appreciation for your thoughtful column printed in the Star on April 26. In your report you raised some of the very basic issues concerning quality public services tax-paying citizens should expect from a modern community library. The Indianapolis Marion County Public Library has a rich history of providing excellent, professional response to the needs of not only our county citizens, but needs for Indiana citizens in general. The new building will be a structure symbolizing civic pride just as other communities in Indiana (Fort Wayne, Fishers, Noblesville, and Carmel) have found recently.

It is indeed true that public library services are changing in many respects. Recently, interns from our graduate program at IUPUI helped to usher in many changes in technology supported information access through a program funded by the Gates Foundation. These interns serviced over 90 public libraries in Indiana, including IMCPL. A more inviting and popular collection is also basic to the enhancement of the new facilities IMCPL has already constructed on a very innovative basis at many locations in the county.

Although IMCPL faces what we understand to be very difficult financial decisions, a dramatic shift away from professionals in key management, subject expertise and service positions can result in deterioration of public services regardless of how efficient support staff may be. The expectations for professional librarians today have increased in these areas:

  • Evaluation of services so that needs of specific groups in the community can be identified and addressed.
  • Development and coordination of outreach services so that the most effective means can be used to get resources to special groups such as the elderly, the disabled, and others who may be underserved for meeting their information needs.
  • Advancing full civic engagement so that the public library, including its departments and branches, becomes more collaborative with other community organizations to address the information needs for all local citizens and organizations – whether nonprofit or for profit.
  • Taking steps that encourage philanthropic efforts for fund-raising and grant-writing that help to improve services and reduce the tax burden.
  • Creation of special programs in cooperation with the public schools, community organizations for adults and other agencies so that information can be presented by experts at community library locations around the county.
  • Instructional sessions, conducted by knowledgeable library professionals, in the methods to search new electronic information databases and how to make wise information selection and use decisions. The Information Age demands that all citizens, young to elderly, become wise information consumers and professional librarians, as teachers of information literacy, can help achieve this goal.

The IMCPL director and her excellent staff face some very difficult decisions. Perhaps choices have been made and there is no turning back. Perhaps the quality of public services will be monitored so that meaningful information education and delivery will not be lost in this new community structure we all look forward to using. It is our hope that a high quality staff of professionals will be part of the future showcase as well as the structure itself.

Daniel Callison, Professor
Executive Associate Dean
Jean Preer, Associate Professor
Marilyn Irwin, Associate Professor
Indiana University
School of Library and Information Science – Indianapolis


I tried to order tickets for Jon Stewart today (he's going to be in town on May 7th) and it was sold out.

Cracking my silly ass up

Mr. Visible Hand has been invisible year.....but I popped over to his blog and found a post that cracked me up!



Truly, this news was almost orgasmic*.

Nothing like crawling around in the Texas mud with your ilk.

*I said ALMOST! Damn, give a girl a break, will ya?!

Rainy days and Tuesdays


But, the semester is over and its onward towards finals. And then a week of vacation before Crim Law starts. Bitchin!

In other news, check out this article on the library in today's paper. There are couple of facts wrong....for instance, the article doesn't mention that, in addition to the directors CEO's salary, we also bought her car. Why wasn't that figured in? (Of course, I'm still wondering why someone who pulls in 115k in a damn library can't buy their own car...)

Interesting article. Check it out. Leave your comments.

**By the way, this is the headline I liked the most: "Libraries perishing, pandering to pop culture, forgoing historic mission."

Monday, April 25


The Cubs are playing the first night game of the season at Wrigley, I may pop in on them before this evening's 24.

But I still hope they lose. Sox play on West Coast time tonight, so I'll be listening in to them after 24. When I should be studying. But, if Kelly can listen to techno and study by blacklight, I can listen to the Sox game. (Of course, her gpa is probably a world apart from mine....)


am I addicted to Westlaw points? Its sad, really.

I left

My home.
My home.
My brain......well, you get the picture.

sigh. I am so not prepared for the day.

I did remember to bring my Civ Pro book, though. And that's all that really matters, right?

Friday, April 22

Happy Friday!

And its raining!

Is it going to stop me from going? Um...probably not. Is it going to stop me from parking (for free) at the law school and walking over? I have an umbrella. Is it going to stop me from being there, bright and early, at 10 as soon as the doors open? ABSOLUTELY! Its too chilly and too wet to be standing in line that early. Star Wars will see me about noon.

If it really wasn't about politics and money

You'd give the money back.

Thursday, April 21

I DETEST the Cubs

But I still hate to see things like this. I hope Nomar has a quick and complete recovery.


Steven Gerrard giving a dramatic interpretation of my day.

Remember the Basketbrawl?

That was bad, but this is worse. Yes, that's a flare. Thrown from the stands. Hooligans.

Not to Overstate

But this could very well be the worst day ever. okay, not ever. But, ever for the month of April 2005. Just....not a good day. I even had lunch at El Sol today. And, while that is always wonderful, the rest of the day just sucked!

Okay, I take that back. I had a very interesting and fun email conversation with one of my audiobook reps today. Poor fella is a Cubs fan, so I had to razz him some. That was a good time. But, other than that, shitty day.

And, since KP didn't do an American Idol wrap-up this week, I want to offer my thoughts.

  1. Anwar got kicked off. Its Bo all the way for me now.
  2. Vonzelle (?) I'm not loving her. My sister loves her, but I'm not crazy about her.
  3. Constantine, A Feddy and Scott should all be voted off at once. Like, right now. Phone lines open....Phone lines closed. I'm sorry. Those three got no votes. Buh-Bye.

Wednesday, April 20

In a weird reversal,

A man gave ME an apple today. And weren't even re-enacting Genesis. I didn't see any snakes. The apple was good. Thanks, Brian.

Do You Guys Know what Aardvarks Are?

There are 21 ADORABLE pre-schoolers in my rotunda right now. Using outside voices. Maybe they haven't learned about "things that echo" just yet.

And they are singing.

Cute as buttons, I swear they are. But. So. LOUD!!!!

Such a beautiful day

And I left my umbrella in the car.

Tuesday, April 19

Internets are bad

So, not only is Justice Kennedy a commie who relies on International Law, he also uses the %#$@! Internet! Jesus, does the man not have any sense at all?! He does his own research?!

Oh wait. This was Tom Delay.


Nevermind. False Alarm. Nothing to see here. Carry on.....

Have you read this award winner?

Check out the list of award winning fiction from your very own public library website! I once thought it would be cool to try and read every book that won an award the year I was born. That was before I started law school. Maybe I'll try and do that this summer.

Monday, April 18

Great Ideas

If you don't like what the report says, stop publishing it.


Friday, April 15

Quick! A Dumbass has found your blog!

Hide the Dishes!

I'm not going to waste time telling Kelly how awesome she is. I'm sure she doesn't need validation from me. is kinda sad that someone decided to unload their toxic waste comments on her blog. Not surprising, mind you, but kinda sad.

Maybe she knows what happened to David Kennedy's double......I'm still waiting for an answer, people!

Thursday, April 14

The Fizzy Five

Oh, I'm sorry. That's a manicure I'm going to have at Philipe's Spa. This is something completely different. KP was nice enough to sign me up for this 5 question, short answer quiz. I hope she's not disappointed! :o)

  1. You're stuck inside Fahrenheit 451, which book do you want to be saved? Well, I don't know. I love so many books, that I have a hard time to choose just one. I think, if I have to choose just one, its going to be a book of Robert Browning poetry. Why? Because he uses words in ways that would, eventually, facilitate more people writing books. I think. There are other books that would be more worthy, maybe, for philosophical grounds, but I think this book would create more books.
  2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character? I crush on fictional characters constantly! Gee, I bet you're surprised. Anyone from King Arthur (I'm a huge Arthurian geek) to Terry Quinn from George Pelecanos' books. Alex Summers from the X-Men....I could go on and on and on......I'm very much into character building, which is probably why I'm much more drawn to series books than stand-alone books.
  3. The last book you purchased? Well, I have pre-ordered Harlan Coben's The Innocent mainly because there is a short story in the back involving his series characters that have been MIA for a long time. The last book that I have bought (and received) is The Little Red Book of Firehouse Pranks by Jeff Hibbard. (You all do remember I have a fireman fetish, right?) This book was pretty disappointing.
  4. What are you currently reading?'re kidding right? Civ Pro...Con Law..... Seriously, I'm currently reading George Pelecanos' Drama City. Of course, the list of things that I've missed over the course of the year is very long and I'll be indulging over the summer.
  5. Five books you would take on a deserted island: Man. I have no idea. I can't pick five. Seriously. So, I'm going to narrow it down to five fiction books. A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin. Fantasy fiction at its absolute best. Right as Rain by George Pelecanos. Justice by Faye Kellerman. This book has probably one of my favorite all time fiction characters. And, the interesting thing is, he was just a throwaway character that became so interesting, she brought him back in another book. (i'm babbling. I'm such a book geek!) L.A. Requiem by Robert Crais and ......Track of the White Wolf by Jennifer Roberson. (more fantastic fantasy.)

Of course, I could do a list for non-fiction, for classic fiction, for poetry, for drama.....the list goes on and on. I love books. And, while I do like "literature" I'm much more of a regular bookshelf, genre crap kinda girl!

Question of the day

You know, they say that certain people get certain questions...and that's how it is supposed to work out. I didn't get this question and I think its because I wouldn't have been able to keep a straight face.

And yes, I know its only 11:30. But, no one will be able to top this one today.

Question: On April 21st, 1984, David Kennedy took a flight from Minneapolis to Palm Beach to visit rose Kennedy who'd had a stroke. Is there any documentation of that flight because they killed his double.

Wednesday, April 13

Sore Losing Bastards

Not new to soccer, but ridiculous all the same. And the hooligans came prepared wearing scarves around their faces so they couldn't be identified.

But, you know what?

You still lost. And at home, no less.

Damn shame.

MAC (daddy)

We took a tour of the Mayor's Action Center this morning. Its on the 21st floor of the City-County building and it was quite interesting. We chatted about calls that the MAC gets, and the people they get them from. We have a lot of the same "repeat" people. You know the type. When we mention a name and the other person rolls their eyes and knows exactly to know whom we are referring.....yeah, that's the type.

Anyway, they do a lot up there. The sad thing is that they had no idea that we do reference in the library. I know, that sounds strange, right? No brainer, right? Its amazing how little people know about what librarians do.

After the tour, we took a detour up to the 28th floor which holds the Observatory. Talk about a gorgeous view! Its an enclosed area (the elevator operator talked about it as her "penthouse" and it serves as a kind of mini-museum. There were reproductions of old Indy Star front pages the oldest from 1920s up through the 60s. There were other items and artifacts that I didn't get a chance to check out because I was too busy staring out the windows!

On the way in to the City-County building, someone was stopped because they had a pair of tweezers in their pocket or purse. And, once they had discovered it what was making her beep, she was told she had to either go back to her car with them or they would be confiscated. Tweezers? I missed the sign that said:


Tweezers? Come on. Anyway, the tour was great over all and I would love to go back and look around some more.

Jessica, Jessica, Jessica

Someone called and "wanted to know" (read: complain) what we planned to do about the latest GQ cover. I had no idea what was on the cover, but I guessed it was a guy. Its GQ after all, right? Men's fashion? So, she asks if we just let "almost naked" women on magazine covers sit around the library. Well.....yeah..... She asked if we got Playboy. No. What's the difference between Playboy and the SI Swimsuit issue? Well.......SI is THE magazine for Sports. Can't not get SI because of one swimsuit issue. Also, swimsuit issue....not naked..... nearly naked, I'll grant you. See through swimsuits? Absolutely. Naked? Nope.

So, obviously dissatisfied with my lack of outrage, she hung up. I checked out the GQ cover and its Jessica Alba, bad blonde dye job and all, wearing a pair of panties.....with her arms crossed to cover up anything Janet Jackson flashed during the superbowl. I wonder if other branches are covering up that cover.

Tuesday, April 12

Humanity's Children?

"Humanity's Children are returning home."

One of the great lines from Battlestar Galactica. (yes, KP, I am obsessed!)

Is this the beginning of our end?

Today's CD

Chad Kroeger may be the most unattractive man in rock (taking the torch from Ric Ocasek) but I could listen to him sing all day long. I LOVE his voice.

Favorite song? Its a tie between the super sexy #7 "Figured You Out" and #8 "Should've Listened" A very close 3rd would be #1 "Flat on the Floor," a song that definitely got me moving this morning. Love it. Love the CD.


Some people have gotten here in strange ways lately.

  1. "Tigersharks theme song."
  2. "Far pavillions audiobooks"
  3. "history of the coffee table"
  4. Alessandro del Piero and Bruce Springsteen
  5. "nude in southern illinois"
  6. "matrix, orwell, 1984 comparison"

Now, I'm sure 1 & 4 are legitimate, but I don't know where the other ones came from. And, by the way, Alessandro del Piero really DOES look like Bruce Springsteen to me!

Free Funeral Payment Act

Very interesting, indeed. Compassionate Conservatism at work.

Monday, April 11

Where you don't wanna be...

On the elevator with a man who is looking at your and messing, suspiciously, with his belt and zipper.

I'm just saying.

By your command

I must keep harping on this show because I absolutely love it. I love it.

I watched the mini-series this weekend. I could write an entire treatise on why I love these characters and their complexities. But, since I'm supposed to be ordering audiobooks right now, I'll just say this: The three characters I liked the least made some headway in the mini-series.

Starbuck: Watching this in an inverted way (series first and then the mini-series) really brings a different perspective to the characters. I was not a Starbuck fan before the I saw the mini-series. And, while I'm still not sure I'm a "fan" I certainly like her a lot more than I did before.

Col. Tigh: he's not the asshole I thought he was during the series. Well, okay, he still is. But I have a lot more sympathy for him, I guess. I've missed a lot of the regular series episodes, so if they have explained whatever was going on with his wife, I missed most of it. Or, I saw it and didn't realize why it was important. At any rate, I think he's put in a bad position a lot of the time, and has to make the "tough" (read: heartless) choices. His stubbornness doesn't help matters, of course. Nobody is perfect on this show. That's why I like it.

President Roslin: I'm still not sure what I think about her. I don't think she's a very good president. But, she never wanted to be president, so that is certainly understandable. She also had to make the tough choices. I guess I really didn't start disliking her until towards the end of the season and all this "believing she's the chosen one" crap. In the mini-series, she's still sane. I liked her.

It was interesting to hear Jamie Bamber (Apollo) with his native brit accent on some of the extras. He reminds me a little of Gary Oldman in that he changes characters so completely from role to role. He has a sidekick-esque role in the Horatio Hornblower series, and I never guessed that it was the same person playing Apollo. Just a complete and total shift.

Edward James Olmos is amazing.

My other favorite character from the mini-series was the chief mechanic played by Aaron Douglas. He has one of those faces that I know I've seen before, I just can't remember where.

When do new episodes start again?
When do old episodes come out on DVD?

Today is a day of Qualifications

I'm done with my LARC paper..........or I will be once I write the conclusion. Its due at 5 so I'm sure I can do a conclusion in the next 9 hours.

I'm done with my Civ Pro reading but......I didn't really understand all that much of it. Of course, if I understood it BEFORE class, then I wouldn't need to go to class at all, now would I?

Saturday, April 9


So, I was catching up on Heidi's page and came across her link to the Celebrity Love Match. Naturally, I had to try. My five "best" matches were:

  1. Nick Lachey. (um, don't worry Jessica. He's ALL yours.
  2. Kevin Harvick. (A NASCAR driver?! Not. In. A. MILLION. Years.)
  3. Enrico Silvestrin (An MTV Italy VJ. Getting warmer. Light years away from a friggin' NASCAR driver!)
  4. Andy Cole ( A soccer player. MUCH Better! Fulham, not Liverpool, but at least we're going in the right direction.
  5. Owen Wilson (everyone knows I **heart** Owen Wilson.)

I'm sorry. A NASCAR driver? Apparently, even web based quizzes can smoke crack.

Friday, April 8

Planets coming into alignment....

Manchester City v. Liverpool on my tv tomorrow at 2 p.m.

White Sox at Minnesota Twins on my tv tomorrow at 5 p.m.


Allow me to Introduce....

My new favorite (political) Blog: First Draft.

Everything Old is New Again

“I do expect one thing: that the nation gives me the right to intervene immediately and to take action myself whenever a person has failed to render unqualified obedience....”
“I therefore ask the German Reichstag to confirm expressly that I have the legal right to keep everybody to his duty and to cashier or remove from office or position without regard for his person or his established rights, whoever, in my view and according to my considered opinion, has failed to do his duty....”
From now on, I shall intervene in these cases and remove from office those judges who evidently do not understand the demand of the hour.”

Adolph Hitler, April 26, 1942

Thursday, April 7

Rainy Day Favorite

I do promise to blog about something interesting soon.....

Anyway, Today's CD is, as the title advertises, my rainy day favorite CD. Once upon a time, when I was a member of some evil CD club, I got this completely on accident. Yeah, yeah, I forgot to send back the damn card. So what? Anyway, it turned into one of my favorite CDs. I had no idea who Etta James was, but I did know Billie Holiday. Who doesn't know Billie? What I didn't know was how much I DETESTED Billie's voice. I know, its sacriliege. Can't help it. I just don't see the appeal there. Ella and Dinah? My two favorite singers in all the world. Billie? Not so much.

So, great CD made even better by a rainy drive to work.

Tuesday, April 5

Yesterday and Today's CDs

Yesterday's CD was: Desde un Principio is probably one of my top 5 favorite CDs ever. I usually frown on artists doing a "greatest hits" cd when they haven't been around that long, but this one is actually filled with Anthony's "Greatest Hits" that he'd had to date, and they're all good.....except for the song he did with Jennifer Lopez. And I like her. Truly. I just don't think she can sing. Is that so wrong? My favorite song? #14 Preciosa. I've heard it called the "unofficial" Puerto Rican national anthem.

Today's CD: Valió La Pena. I don't know how anyone can listen to this CD and not want to get up and dance. Difficult, but not impossible, when you're in the car. This CD is a re-working of an ill-fated (and kind of unfortunate, really) foray into Spanish pop by Marc Anthony. The original album, Amar sin Mentiras, was just not that good. But, re-worked into his native musical language (salsa) its much better. Not my favorite of Marc's CDs (that honor goes to Contra la Corriente) but still good.

First and Last?

Just thought I'd mention that right now, at this moment, this White Sox are at the top of the AL Central!

Past experience tells me to revel in this for as long as possible. It will not last.

Its 70 degrees, its baseball is very very good.

Walk with a View

I walked from the library to the law school today. It isn't really that far, but I've never walked it before. I saw all kinds of interesting things there.

  1. Lots of library regulars. Most of them said hi.
  2. Something called the "Lafayette Limo" which looked like anything but.
  3. Joggers. Lots and lots of Joggers.
  4. 3 people running red lights. One on Ohio and Capitol and Two at Ohio and West.
  5. Window washers taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

I had a good time, and it was a beautiful day for a walk.

Lani Guinier

I went to the 8:45(ish) talk by Lani Guinier at the law school this morning. I didn't know what I was I for, if it would be a lecture or what, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not a lecture. She came in and started taking questions. She was provocative in her opinions, and she said something that has been one of my pet peeves for such a long time: There is a trend of entitlement among some in higher education. Yes. Yes. Yes. I've been saying this for some time now.

She made some interesting points about democracy. One that I found particularly interesting was how groups that one would think of as being "left leaning" (NAACP, ACLU for instance) were really just being run about an elite group of "Exec" members, and the grassroots members were really just financial supporters. They don't have any decision making ability at all. Someone was trying to make the connection between that and the Republican party (being run by a small group of people) and she quickly corrected them by saying BOTH parties operated in pretty much the same manner.

She also talked about someone getting 51% of the vote, and 100% of the power. All very interesting.

Sunday, April 3

In continuing with the music theme

I offer you this lovely ditty from the J.Geils Band:

LARC Bites......yeah, yeah

Or, perhaps you're more of a Def Lep fan...

LARC Bites, LARC Bleeds
Its bringing me to my knees
LARC lives, LARC Dies
Its no surprise.
LARC begs, LARC pleads....

You get the picture....

Saturday, April 2

Today's CD

From Anthony Hamilton to Olivia Newton John's Greatest Hits. I was a huge fan back in the day. Okay, I admit it. I'm still a huge fan. The first 8 songs play like a AM 70s Country station.....but I still like it. The rest of the stuff is the stuff I grew up with in the 80s. My favorite song? #16. Suddenly (a gorgeous duet from Xanadu.)

Friday, April 1


Happy April Fool's Day!

I bought my Star Wars geek pass today, and I'm mucho excited about it. I'm going on Friday and I won't be spending 99 hours in line like I did last time.

Its a gorgeous day out, even though it may rain.

Somehow, I still think its going to be a long day.