Obiter Dictum

Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Sunday, August 26

What's for dinner?

Weber grill for me tonight. I hope I'm not disappointed. Anyone been there?

Yeah, I know

I'm running a blog post deficit. Someone pointed out to me (thanks PPC) that I hadn't even posted about the state fair. I have pictures and everything! I'll get to it, I promise. I didn't forget.....I just, you know. Kinda forgot. I'm blaming it on crab melt and champagne. EVERYTHING that happens today will be blamed on crab melt and champagne. You've been warned.

What's for breakfast?

Scholar's Inn for me. Brunch, actually. Crab melt. It was delicious, but too much as usual. I never finish anything I get from there. I'm sure its four portion sizes! WWNGD (what would nutrition guidelines do?)

Friday, August 24

Did you hear the one about the guy, Craigslist and the red paperclip?

Yeah, neither did I. But, apparently, there is a book It came in a box of advanced copies. This one wasn't so advanced since it came out in the stores already, but advanced is also synonymous with free.

Love free.

Bell Biv DeVoe - Poison (1990)

Heard on the radio this morning. If I could remember law like I remember the words to this I would be set!

Monday, August 20

Thanks, KP

So, KP mentioned Mad Men a little while back and "suggested" we check it out if we haven't seen it. I usually take her suggestions, and now I'm hooked! Darn you! I've only seen a couple shows, but now I want to go back and see what I've missed. And, for your Buffy/Angel fans, Angel alum Vincent Kartheiser is in it playing (obviously) a very different kind of role. He's excellent.

I second her suggestion to check it out. But, don't say I didn't warn you.

Good Morning Party People

Has it been a week? Really? Huh.

As you might imagine, not much going on over here. I was in Chicago over the weekend and that was fun. I didn't go to the Cubs game, but I was riding down Addison and it was crazy..... hours before and after the game even started. My sister tried to get me to get out and buy a shirt, but I'm reasonably sure she was just kidding.

She knows how I hate the Cubs.

Shopping downtown is great, and I also got to eat at one of my favorite places. Perfecly casual with delicious food. Nothing else will do on a Saturday spent shopping.

Sunday I spent at Ohare. Yes, nearly all day. Delays and Cancellations due to rain made for a very long day. But, I did get some Labor Law read, so it wasn't totally wasted. And, I got on my standby flight, instead of having to wait for the later flight, so that was good news as well. Spent the 40 minute ride talking to a guy from Purdue who was a big movie/tv fan. Great fun.

Spent too much money, but that was to be expected.

How was your weekend?

Saturday, August 11

Saturday goings on

When I moved here, the place looked empty. No, seriously, it did. Now, I have so much crap I'm desperately trying to find a way to re-arrange things. I'm thinking that might take me most of the day! Some things may just have to go away I dunno.

Laundry also needs to be done.

And I DESPERATELY need to go to the grocery store. This really should be moved to the top. I have hardly any food. I tell you, having too much time has really been detrimental to me. I never let my freezer or fridge get this bare when I was pressed for time. This summer has been all about tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

I need to go look for a pair of black shoes.

EPL starts today. This is kind of the meeting point for my three favorite sports, soccer, baseball and football. A little early for football yet, but ya'll know what I'm getting at. Now if only EPL was in high def.....Then we'd be in business!

Tuesday, August 7

Three cheers for the friend of a friend

Check her out. She rocks.

Monday, August 6


Okay, I think my last trip for the Fall Semester is going to be to NOLA in October. Its an employment law conference and, the day before, is the opportunity to try your hand with a hammer for Habitat for Humanity.

It is also over fall break, which means I won't be missing any classes. Since I'm already doing two conferences in September, missing class was kind of a big deal for any other travel. Now, I won't have to!

I still haven't decided yet. All of this travel, even the stuff for work, is out of my own, very limited, pockets. And, granted, this conference isn't nearly as expensive as the Black Entertainment & Sports Lawyers conference at the end of October. In Cancun. One I wish I could afford to attend.....not that I'm bitter or anything. I'm just saying. Still, it isn't like the NOLA one is mandatory either.

I'm probably still gonna go. I can't resist travel. And I can justify it......if only barely. It is networking! And personal development!

Sunday, August 5


I'm going to Alaska at the end of September. Anchorage. Any0ne been there? Ideas? Tips? Things that are must see and/or do?

Off the shelf

If you haven't noticed already, I'm kind of a gnat about books. Yes, I'm still reading Harry Potter (even though I know how it ends) and Kellerman's Burnt House. But, I picked up an interesting book on Friday The Emerging Black GOP Majority by Earl Ofari Hutchinson.

An interesting book. Basically, it retraces this history of blacks and the GOP. Not a pretty story. And, while it goes to great lengths not to demonize black republicans, it isn't particularly sympathetic to them either.

Saturday, I skimmed Stacked: a 32DDD reports from the front. by Susan Seligson

I read the first chapter, and parts of it were very funny. The rest of it bored me, though, and my interest was stolen away by William Holden & Turner Classic Movies.

Yes, I know

This shoe costs $1300. And, even if I were to win the powerball on Wednesday, I'm pretty confident I would never buy a pair of shoes for that much money. Ridiculous price for something to wear on your feet that won't protect you from million degree lava or provide gravity when walking on the moon.

But, damn, it sure is pretty!

Friday, August 3

I like it

All sorts of interesting things cross my desk. Today's interesting thing was a book of poetry by Deepak Chopra.

No, of course I didn't read the whole thing. This little poem spoke to me, though.


I sit at my window gazing
The world passes by, nods to me
And is gone.

Yeah. I get that.

Thursday, August 2

Today's OTHER CD

I cherry picked a lot of this to my MP3 player. I've been listening to this today at work, trying to break up all the CD learnin' I've been doing lately. The only problem is: it is very hard not to sing when you listen to this. And, if you like bad singing, then we're both happy! Trouble is, most people I work with would rather I didn't sing.

Today's CD

I don't know what possessed me today, but I'm sure glad!

One of my all time favorite CDs. I even listened to the songs I always skip: Almost Paradise and Holding Out for a Hero.

Almost Paradise: Mike Reno and Ann Wilson. Huh?! This was a great song to skate to (oh, I was the ONLY ONE...) but not so great for anything else. Was this the foreshadowing of the power ballad?

Holding out for a hero: on my very long, very (non)distinguished list of overplayed songs.

So, what DO I like about this CD? Yeah, everything else. I'm a huge Kenny Loggins fan. Go ahead, laugh. At least I admit it. But, the Sammy Hagar song "The Girl Gets Around" runs a very very close second to Loggins' "I'm Free" for my favorite song.