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Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 30

How the.....?

If someone can explain to me how I got roped into seeing this.....when I don't even watch the show.....
That would be great. I'm sure it'll be fun. At least the group will be fun. I'm not so sure about the actual show. I never had any interest in watching it on the tee vee. How much more interest will I have in seeing it live?
I'll let ya'll know on Monday.

Bummer.....but not so much.

I really did want to go see Mellencamp on Saturday. But, I already had tickets to see Truls Mork at the ISO. I'm addicted to cellists, so when I saw he was coming it was truly a no brainer for me.
That was way before I knew Mellencamp would be here on the same day! I've never been to a Mellencamp show, and I've always wanted to go.
Oh well. Next time. I usually don't have nearly this many things to do, folks. No, seriously....

Sunday, October 28


I told a group that I would go with them to American Cabaret Theater to see this.

I don't know what I was thinking, just six days before the MPRE. But, since I had already SAID......well, I ended up going.

It was fantastic. And a large number of the cast were either still in high school or recent graduates. Amazing. I would give almost anything to be able to sing. You singers don't know how lucky you are.

Darn you.

Anyway, it is in town for one more weekend. Go see it if you can.

Saturday, October 27

Scrubs: Payback

Yes, Yes it is.

They never sing this at my church....

Thursday, October 25

Today's CD

Yes, we all love Ella. This is a great CD with some not so great moments.
My fave: Blues in the Night sung by Ledisi.
WHO is this? I've never heard of her before (which doesn't really mean anything) but she is fabulous.
Honorable mention(s): Dream a Little Dream of Me sung by Diana Krall and Reaching for the Moon sung by Lizz Wright.
I even liked Natalie Cole's version of A Tisket A Tasket which is a song I detest.
My least fave: Miss Otis Regrets sung by Linda Ronstadt.
I'm not a Ronstadt hater, but there is just something about her interpretation of this song that was not......right. She tries to make it similar to Ella's version, but it misses the mark. I don't know what it is, I just wasn't sucked in.
Dishonorable mention: Lady is a Tramp sung by Queen Latifah. She can sing. But, again, she tries to hard to match Ella's version of this song that she can't help but fall short. This is a song that has been done by dozens of people, she would have been better off with a different arrangement.

The Department of Understatement has announced:

Tuesday, October 23

Raise your hand if you can't watch GMA because....

you cry at coverage of those stupid California fires.

Oh shut up.

Monday, October 22

scrubs - guy love

When your day is a typical Monday....this will cheer you up. Go ahead. Watch. Don't laugh. I dare you.

Sunday, October 21

You have got to be kidding me

Jen does great five word reviews over on her Myspace page, and I love them. I wonder how she gets right to the point in just five little words.

Yeah, I can't do that.

The Video Vixen is back with part 2
. I skimmed this last night (while watching the Indians take a whoopin') and I can't believe I wasted my time. I'm sure Ms. Steffans is a beautiful person and she means well. Great. Fine. But, in the words of so many politicians, there is no "here" here. This book is a waste. The first one was interesting.....if you're the type of person who is interested in celeb gossip. And maybe I'm just all out of interest for that. It's not you, it's me, Karrine. I just don't care. And it isn't that I just don't care about you, I don't care about who you care about. I can't believe I picked up any material with the words "Bobby" and "Brown" in it. Seriously? Maybe she has a point to make, but it went way over my head. I wish her the best of luck, but I hope she's done now. Unless her next book is about the Knights Templar, we won't be meeting up again.

And still......Dlisted is right there with a joke when I need it.

Saturday, October 20


You may wet yourself looking at these book covers (and reading the comments)

I'm not admitting to anything here but....go to page 2 if you don't believe me.

Quickly becoming one of my favorite authors

Anthony Horowitz. I know, I know. He's a "children's" author. At least, that is what libraries think. I would say he's at least a Teen author (as all his main characters are at least teens) and I might even go beyond that and compare him with John Gilstrap, who writes about teens, but for adults.

Either way, both his Alex Rider series and his Power of Five series are fantastic. I recommend listening to these books (all you audiobook fans out there). Oh yeah, and he created Foyle's War.

His blog post about pitching a tv series in LA is hilarious.

And so it goes

I had an interview yesterday with a place I was pretty sure I wouldn't like. And, then, I ended up liking it quite a bit. Funny how that happens, no?

My internship/clerkship ROCKS. No, really, it does.

I may have to reverse my position on Zicam. I believe the cold was here just as long as it would have been otherwise. And, at least with Nyquil, it knocks me out and I don't know I have a cold!

I got contacted this week by two former friends (one from high school, one from undergrad) through the miracles that are Myspace and Facebook. Yay! Joining was worth it for those two reconnections alone.

We had some crazy storms or whatever on Thursday. Completely effed up my TIVO for Mad Men. The sound kept cutting in and out. But, what I did see.......damn. I KNEW she was pregnant, KP! I knew it!

Oh yeah, I talked to about seven people at my interview yesterday, six of them asked me about the library. LOL. December 9th, people. December 9th. I'll be there. Somewhere.....

I need another fall break. This wasn't very break-like.

And Outlook just informed me that the MPRE is 2 weeks from today. How on EARTH am I going to fit studying for that in? Come on, former law students, help me out. An hour or two a day is all I need, right?

Friday, October 19

Watch the whole thing

thank you. The Management.

NBC Meet the Press Netcast
NBC Meet the Press Netcast

Wednesday, October 17

Yay Kirkus reviews!

My hometown tv station has a new fun toy!

I'm not surprised how this turned out, considering Edwards in my candidate of choice at this juncture. (Although ya'll know I love me some Barack!) What DID surprise me was that even the craziest of the crazy wingnutjobs matched me on at least one issue. (I think it was Tancredo I disagreed with the most, but we still had one issue in common!)

John Edwards
Score: 55
Stem-Cell Research
Health Care

Take the quiz here

There should be a rule

You can't buy something you don't know the title of.

There have been a few titles recently where the vendor hasn't known the exact title (Oprah book club pick #57) but they try to sell it to you anyway. The theory being that OF COURSE you're going to buy it, regardless of the title, so why can't we take your money for it early? I suppose there is some validity to that, but is there any reason why we all can't wait until we know what the title is? I guess it's more important for bookstores to know ahead of time than it is for libraries. But, what if your library already had 100 copies of Love in the Time of Cholera and you just bought 50 more copies of the blind itemed Oprah book only to find, surprise, it is Love in the Time of Cholera? Yeah, pretty annoying. (didn't happen to me, by the way. This isn't autobiographical!)

This rant is being brought on by Books on Tape and John Grisham. They sent me a mini-catalog advertising Untitled #16 by John Grisham. Well, of course we're going to buy many, many copies. It doesn't come out until the end of January 08. Do I really need to order it before it even has a frigging title?! Or, can you wait a month until the ads start coming out and THEN put it up for sale? In fact, between the time they printed this, and the now, the damn thing got a title! The Appeal (in case you were wondering. Don't lie, you were.)

I still have a cold. Maybe that is why I'm so crabby.

Is there a British version of The Onion, you ask?

Why yes, yes there is. And it is pretty funny.

Diana inquest releases colonoscopy footage

Did this make me laugh?

Monday, October 15


Gone Baby Gone - Trailer

I wasn't sure at first. But, If Dennis Lehane has signed off on it, saying it was good, that is enough for me.
The book was outstanding.

Because I'm not above asking for help

Hey Mexi-food fans

This sounds like fun. I have class that night, but one of you go and tell me how it went.

I never knew!

A blog about Indianapolis Restaurants? Sign me up! This is the best discovery I've made since......I don't know when. I love it.

Did somebody say.....

Fall Break???

Yes, Indeedy!

I spent the day in bed yesterday, trying to rid myself of this pesky cold. It probably would have gone better for me if I hadn't gone out to the library gala on Saturday night. But, I did. I should have been sleeping. But, I wasn't. I shouldn't still have this cold. But, I do.

Anyway, while in bed, I caught up on Mad Men on Tivo. KP, tell me why I love Don Draper. I know I'm not supposed to. I know he can be oh so bad. But.....dammit. I love him. I wanted him to hit Pete Campbell with a shovel and bury him in the backyard.....but I love him anyway.

I also thought that even though Cooper is a weird eccentric old man, he should have cared a little bit more about Pete's big revelation. I don't know. I just didn't find that all so believable. Especially given how he's the reason Pete is still there in the first place.

Love Don Draper. Did I mention that? Such a great show.

Spooks MI-5 starts series 6 tonight. Being in the states, we get it a day or two late. Still, another hour of tv computer watching.

Shows I'm breaking up with: Dancing with the stars: I haven't watched a full ep of this yet. I watch if I remember, but I don't Tivo. Time to cut the cord.

Shows that are breaking up with me: I heard a rumor that Journeyman was in danger of being cancelled? Breaking my heart.

Shows that I can't quit: Stargate Atlantis. I have to admit, it had been good so far this season. I really think cancelling Stargate helped, the better writers either jumped over to Atlantis, or had more time to focus on Atlantis.

Sunday, October 14


Does anyone out there have HD radio?

I'm curious about it.


Dlisted is just wrong. And snarky. And I love it.

BUT, I think Michael was right on about Pammy. Too bad.

Ha. I knew it

The haters couldn't even WAIT to decry the Nobel Committee as a bunch of leftists (insert word here.)

If they were any more pathetic......

The environment isn't my thing. I'm sure it is very important. But, it just ain't my thing. Can't care about everything.

And still, you just know all those crazy haters are gonna be "the Nobel Peace Prize is a complete sham."

S'alright. I'm sure there is a wingnut award for picking on the tween-aged set. Business as usual for those cowards. Why attack the message when you can pick on the messenger?

Oh well. Congrats, Al. That wacky, leftist peace prize was well deserved.

Saturday, October 13

a good day for books!

This looks interesting too. I hate to think how much I would spend on this stuff if I had to buy it all myself! I'm wondering, though, if this isn't just a book version of the Internet Movie Database.
We'll see, I guess.

I'm scared to know

I love it! I can't wait until it gets here.

Thanks, Jen!

My friend Jen dropped a little quiz knowledge on Myspace. I had to reproduce it over here.

Halloween Survey

Ghosts or Goblins: Ghosts

Zombies or Vampires: Vamps. Zombies are always dropping body's gross.

Witches or Hags: Why is this mutually exclusive? Witches.

Werewolves or Frankenstein: Werewolves. I never got into Frankenstein. A flaw in my character, I'm sure.

Black cats or bats: Cats.

Trick or Treat: Treat, baby.

Candy Corn or Caramel Apples: Yes!

Pumpkins or Squash: Pumpkin

Orange or Purple lights: Both

Toads or Spiders: Ick!

Lanterns or Lit Pumpkins: dammit! Both!

Skeletons or Mummies: Mummies

Halloween Questions

Do you like to dress up for Halloween? Not so much anymore.

What were you for last year for Halloween? Law student.

What are you going to be this year? Law students! (I'm stuck in a rut.) Jen's answer was: Amy Winehouse, and I would give ANYTHING to see that!

Favorite costume you have ever worn? You know.....I honestly can't remember. I was never anything cool.

How do you spend your Halloween? Working and then going to school.

Are you or are you not going trick or treating this year? Nope. Sadly.

Did or do you pull Halloween pranks? Nah. Treat, baby!

Do you believe in ghosts? Absolutely!

Are you superstitious? Probably.

Do you like caramel popcorn? I'm pretty choosy about my caramel corn.

Have you ever been on a hayride? I'm from the midwest! Of course I have.

Do you decorate your home for Halloween? Not unless I'm having a party.

Have you ever been to a Haunted House? Yep.

Have you ever attended a Halloween party? Yep.

Do you watch scary movies on Halloween? Sometimes.

Have you ever had candy stolen from you? Not that I know of.

Did you ever steal anyone's candy? No. (See previous answer about superstitions....)

Has anyone ever gotten hurt due to your prank? No.

Have you ever dressed as a witch/warlock? Probably.

Are your parents into Halloween? Nope.

What do you believe is the most common Halloween costume? Probably some form of ghost.

Do you have a tradition for Halloween day? Nope.

Do you know someone who was born on Halloween? For some reason, I think there was a girl in college who was born on Halloween. I can't remember for sure, though.

Have you ever:

Passed out candy? Yes.

Bobbed for Apples? Yes.

Hosted a Halloween party? Yes.

Attended a Halloween party? Yes.

Made pumpkin pie? Yes.

Raked leaves? Yes

Watched the Travel Channel with the Halloween specials? Not on Halloween. I just watched one last night, though.

Have you seen?

Amityville Horror? Yes.

Last House on the Left? Never even HEARD of this!

House of Wax? No. But I Have seen Waxwork!

Halloween? Yes.

The Exorcist? Yes.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre? Yep.

Pumpkinhead? No.

The Sixth Sense? Yes.

Practical Magic? Yes

The Munsters? Yes

The Adams Family? Yes

Elvira? Yes

The Lost Boys? We can't even talk about how many times.....

Contact? Partially

Hocus Pocus? Yes.

A book I *did* actually read

Or looked at since it's a book of photography. I'm not sure of the politics of this guy, and, normally, I would say it doesn't matter. But, he makes these people look so damn crazy, I'm curious.
Of course, crazy is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe they just looked crazy to me. That could very well be the case.
The one "bad" review on Amazon, said it had too many inaccuracies (?) and didn't represent a "true cross-section of America." I have no idea what the first means, because, aside from a brief 3 or 4 page intro, most of the "text" are quotes from individuals being photographed. Hard to contest the accuracy there. And, even if you could contest it, surely you could only contest the accuracy as pertaining only to your personal statement. Anyway, the cross section comment is off base as well. I thought he represented several places, some I didn't expect to see represented, and it was done well.
I did get a kick out of how many gun owners were photographed with their pets. I did not get a kick out of how many gun owners were photographed with their children holding the guns. Not cute.

Another interesting book to be

This is really the first, book length look at the 2nd Amendment? Seriously?

I would have thought someone had jumped on that project a long time ago.

Am I going to read it? Probably not. But, it gets added to the list of things I would like to read someday.

I wish I could say that list was short and distinguished. It isn't. But, I would say it is a list of honorable mentions!

I'm almost tempted

to flip through this book. It sounds interesting. I don't konw that I can stomach a book about the SC just now, but if I could... this one would defintely be towards the top of my list.

not that I have any hope that it will change anything.

Friday, October 12



Thursday, October 11

Come back!

I'm having serious Rabble Rouser withdrawal.

I've seen it. I like it.

Monday, most of the staff had a preview of the new central library. I've been there several times since 2002 (6 times I think) and seen it in various states of undress. This is, of course, the closest to being done that I've seen it.

Someday, I'll have to post the pics that I have taken over the course of this project.

Anyway, I think Indianapolis (those that bother to come in, that is) will be very pleased.

I'll email you Chuck, about what I really think. :o)

(I'm just kidding, people, I really DO like it!)

Zicam to the rescue?

I refuse to be sick over fall break. I have too much to do. So, even though I probably should have started the Zicam on Tuesday, at the first sign of sore and scratchy throat, I'm on it now.

Of course, it could just be a placebo. A friend of mine suggested it, and I have to say I think I feel better already......

Of course, it could just be a placebo.....

What's up with ya'll today?

Saturday, October 6

Hilarity from the Overheard in New York webpage

Women Don't Care How They Look to Men

Black guy: Why would a young black girl dye her hair blonde? Looks terrible, y'know.
Whitey: Um, yeah. Bad idea.
Black guy: Bitch looked like a burnt grilled cheese sandwich.

--One Penn Plaza


First runner up:

Oooh, My First Rude New Yorker!

Suit: Hey, do you have a light?
Polite Englishman: Sorry, I don't smoke.
Suit: I asked for a light, not your fucking life story.

--Times Square

Overheard by: English, not polite


Second runner up:
Isn't That Queer?

British art guy: You know what I love about Americans?
American art guy: What's that?
British art guy: When I say the word 'fag,' they think I'm talking about smoking and not being homophobic. Even if I say, 'I want to ass-fuck that fag,' I can get away with it because I'm British.


(not with me you can't! I politely correct people. :o) such a killjoy....)


Seriously Un-PC, but damned funny!

Someone's Getting the Teeth Tonight

Girl: ... And then I was like--
Guy, exhausted after 10 minutes of her chattering: --Are you on your knees?
Girl: What? No.
Guy: Then shut your mouth.

--A train

Overheard by: thinking the same

But, of course

You'll get to hear all about Alaska. There really isn't much to tell, but I'm sure it'll be a long post anyway.

And you'll get to hear some about my new job for no pay. I suppose we call that an internship. It's for a judge, so you might even call it a clerkship. I love it. Did I mention there was no pay?

But, I need to sleep first. You don't mind, do you?

Tooting someone else's horn

So, I'm driving in to work this morning and listening to NPR. A tough enough call because the below mentioned CD is still in my player and I was so tempted......but, you know, it never hurts to learn something sometimes....

anyway, so I'm driving in and they're doing a story on Billy McCune. Who? Funny, that's what I said too. He is the subject of the book called Conversations with the Dead: Photos of prison life, with the letters and drawings of Billy McCune #122054 by Danny Lyon. McCune recently died, apparently, so NPR did a story on his only claim to fame: being in this book and having his sentence commuted from death to life in prison.

When I get to work, I look up the book and, of course, we have it. Published in 1971 and we still have it. It hasn't gone out in two years, and we still have it. Do we have every book published in 1971? Of course not. Do we keep books that don't go out for two years? Hell no. But we have this one. Why? Because someone who works here is pretty damn smart, that's why. They know their stuff. They know what to keep. They know what not to keep. And they do it so professionally that you don't even know they're doing it. You just know, when you want something, it is right there.

I don't think people who aren't readers (or watchers or listeners....) appreciate that. There is something incredibly comforting in knowing that whatever book (or dvd, or cd) I want is, most likely, available right here in this public library system. People in Carmel, Brownsburg, Zionsville, Franklin, etc. know this. That is why, even though they all have beautiful libraries, they still pay to have access to the Indy library. It is a matter of resources, sure, but it is also a matter of people at Central library knowing their subjects specialties. Or, they used to, anyway. Subject specialists have been discontinued at Central, at least officially. The people still work there, though, and they still have the same expertise they used to have. Someone from the old Social Sciences division probably saved this book. This may change as we get rid of more and more professional librarians, so take advantage of it while you can. It never once occurred to me that we wouldn't have this book. Not once.

Of course, I can't get it until Central opens again.......

Today's CD

Okay, it's really last week's CD. But, since it is still in the car, I'm counting it as today! I wonder how J-Lo got so much skin time on the cover of this album seeing as how she didn't get much voice time. But, I guess it really isn't that much of a mystery. Nevermind.
ANYWAY, this is the CD I have wanted from Marc Anthony for the past three or four years. Amar sin Mentiras was disappointing. Very disappointing. Valio la Pena was better. It was a salsified version of Amar sin Mentiras. All of his English language albums after the first one have done absolutely nothing for me. I don't know if the first one meant more to him, or what, but the rest of them were just not hot. I would much rather listen to him in Spanish, where my understanding is far more sketchy, than in English with no passion.
But this CD......this one is on par with my favorites from him, Contra la Corriente. Or, the real greatest hits cd, Desde un Principio. From the moment I put it in I knew it was going to be one of those. Everything is perfect. Marc. The band. The rhythms. The horns. Everything. The Lyrics! Ha. What I understand of them, anyway. I can't speak highly enough about this CD. Truly, I can't. I'm not sure what the movie is going to be like. I almost don't even want to see it in case it ruins the music experience with bad Gigli-style dialogue. But, this cd....excellent. If salsa is your thing, go out and buy this right now. Yes, right now.

Friday, October 5

Long overdue CD review #2

Another Deborah Cox cd?! Yes. This is a cover of Dinah Washington songs. Dinah is one of my favorite singers so I thought this couldn't lose. And, really, it isn't bad. In fact, it is quite good. It just isn't as good as I expected it to be. Maybe my expectations were too high.

So what's wrong with it?'s too perfect. It's slick and shiny and over-produced. I never understood what people meant when they said that before I heard this CD. I think I do now. I would be curious to hear the raw recordings to see if they're any better.

It could also be that Deborah doesn't feel anything for these songs. These aren't, after all, her songs. Back in Washington's day, it wasn't unusual for a hundred singers to sing the same song. Sinatra sang it. Ella sang it. Billie sang it. It didn't matter. There was a instrumental version. Whatever. People would take a "community" song and put their own spin on it. These days, everyone has their own songs. I don't know. Something is wrong here.

Again, I'd love to know what you think if you have an interest in this type of music. Give it a listen and let me know.

Long overdue CD review #1

I guess since no one cares expects them they aren't overdue.

I'm a big Deborah Cox fan, but you know what? I'm not crazy about her "greatest hits" cd. There are a couple of things I find incredibly annoying about GH cds in general.

1. Don't put new songs on your greatest hits cd. Just don't do it. Why? Because it is your GREATEST HITS.

2. Don't do shitty remixes of your greatest hits. Or, 2a: if you MUST do a remix of a greatest hit, put the radio version on the cd as well. Why? Because it is your GREATEST HITS!

This isn't that hard, but she violates both of these rules. I don't know, maybe people like that. But, I honestly think a greatest hits cd would sell MORE if it was what people expected it to be. Am I wrong about that? I must be since more people violate the rules than not.

The CD is okay. I like her voice. I like her songs. I don't like that she did a remix of "Nobody's supposed to be here" and didn't put the original edit on. She didn't ask me. If she had, I would have told her not to do that. If you like Deborah Cox, I would give it a listen.

The "to read--someday" list keeps growing.....

One Drop: My Father's Hidden Life--A Story of Race and Family Secrets

The daughter of former New York Times book critic Anatole Broyard (1920–90) relentlessly pursues the story of his mixed racial heritage, which he had concealed.Bliss Broyard began her own career with a collection of short stories, My Father Dancing (1999), published nine years after her mother finally revealed that Anatole came from a New Orleans family of blacks and Creoles. Bliss and her brother were, to say the least, surprised. They had grown up in suburban Connecticut, spent summers on Martha's Vineyard and attended exclusive, mostly white schools. Although the kids had met their grandmother and an aunt when they were small, their father never mentioned his large extended family in the Big Easy. After he died, his daughter determined to get it all and to get it right, embarking on years of prodigious research involving multiple trips to New Orleans; searches for birth certificates, former homes, places of business; numerous interviews with family, friends, lovers, employers. The result is a complicated and sometimes distracting tapestry that weaves together the Broyard family tree, her father's biography and her mother's much briefer backstory with her own childhood, adolescence and young womanhood. Adding to the narrative ungainliness are large—sometimes too large—doses of social history: of New Orleans, of race in America, even of DNA testing. Despite occasional silliness, as when the author mentions that some people had always said she danced like a black girl, the tone here is generally serious. A not-so-admirable Anatole Broyard emerges. Though his daughter endeavors to understand him, less forgiving readers will be repulsed by his cold rejection of his birth family, his serial sexual escapades before and during his marriages, his ferocious, vaulting ambition, his personal and professional arrogance, his paternal pettiness. These are not qualities that Bliss Broyard wishes to highlight, but she does not downplay them either. The expansive narrative is in need of pruning. Still, this uniquely American story of race and ambition is of surpassing importance.

Review from Kirkus, one of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 3

Jeeves blogs