Obiter Dictum

Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Thursday, December 29

I looked

NO will power. Its ridiculous!

Anyway, nothing was there. (as those who are alumni are well aware.)

So its like I had no will power for nothing!

Wednesday, December 28

Not endorsing supplements

of course, but if you are already so inclined, check out your local public library which has a nice, new, shiny set of Nutshell books available for checking out. All the same ones that the law library has (well, most of the ones that the law library has) but these can actually leave the building. West (for once) was having a doozy of a sale, so we bought a bunch. Check them if that is your thing.
I WILL NOT look for grades. I will NOT look for grades. I will not look for GRADES.


Friday, December 23

Merry Christmas Lads and Lassies

(I've been reading damned Scottish books. don't mind me...)

Anyway, off to Illinois, the land of spotty wireless internet connections paid for by others. So, while I hope to do some posting, its just as likely that it won't happen.

Besides, I also believe cakes, cookies and candy recipes will be lined up, and the MISTRESS will be watching with a careful eye to make sure it all gets done. So, in case we don't chat again until later....

Merry Christmas to you all! Have a good one. See you on the other side.

Thursday, December 22

Mary and Joseph

Its been a week of bad news

Keep Coach Dungy and family in your prayers.

Wednesday, December 21

Oh Canada.......

Just to put it out there

I've never seen Gone with the Wind.

Nope. Never have.

In honor of Kelly's successful Narnia viewing

and because its hilarious. This had me in tears so very early this morning.

Tuesday, December 20

Another one bites the dust

Another semester, that is. Last night's property exam was about what I had expected. The estates and future estates in land questions were manageable. The personal property stuff was better than expected (read: she asked the RIGHT question instead of the incredibly WRONG question that would have meant an F.) So, that's that. I had said, earlier this month, that I wasn't going to look for grades until at least January 7th. I think I'm not regretting that decision right now, but I wonder if I can maintain until then.

Now to deal with those Christmas presents sitting unwrapped under my tree......and the books I get to read. And the DVDs I get to watch......

My sister has already called me twice to ask when I'm getting there and what am I gonna make once I arrive! Just because SHE has the week off.....(grumble, grumble.)


Friday, December 16


This is such horrible news. My favorite character, and an actor I adore.

I truly guessed......but only on a few

You Are a Blogging Expert

You got 8/8 correct!

You know so much about blogging, you should blog for a living.

Wednesday, December 14

To Protect and Serve (yourself)

Tuesday, December 13

Great Quote

From the 11/25/05 issue of Sporting News

"As one Bengals scout told a Bengals beat writer, 'We'd sign you before we'd sign him'..... Owens is a psycho tucked inside an enigma wrapped in a migraine." Chick Ludwig Dayton Daily News


Miracles for everyone

Don't do this

Don't read the Menu Guide issue of Indianapolis Monthly while you are still HOURS away from lunch. Just a bad idea.

Otherwise, read away. Its my favorite issue of the year and I remember it being invaluable the first year or so of my time here in Indianapolis. When people came to visit, I had a hint on where it might be nice to eat.
Jesus, isn't it baseball season yet?!

Halfway Home

Two down, and two to go.

The take home final was hellacious. NO MORE TAKE HOME FINALS. (or wire hangers, for that matter.)

The "dreaded Contracts final"© wasn't as bad as all that. The one thing that did irritate me was my own stupidity. But, isn't is always like that? There was one question, one I knew the answer to. And, even if I hadn't known the answer, I had the answer WRITTEN DOWN on the 2 pages of notes he let us bring. And, did I put that answer to that question? Well, no.....that would have been too much like right! UGH! It woke me up in the middle of the night, I was so disgusted with myself. But, it was only one half of one question. It can't be worth all THAT many points, can it? I'm just irritated because I knew the answer. Exams are like that, I suppose.

Monday, December 12

Love it

Sleeper Cell is a great show. There are a lot of comparisons out there to another great show, but they aren't really very similar at all. Sleeper Cell is a lot more sedate, not nearly as many explosions, and just, generally, a lot more thoughful. 24 is a mile a minute, for 60 minutes every week. Sleeper Cell isn't like that, to its detriment or credit, depending on what you're in the mood for. If you don't have Showtime, I suggest you seek this show out once it hits DVD. It'll be worth it.

Friday, December 9

Can't Wait for It

I hope it turns out to be as good as I'm anticipating.

The Immortal Words.....

of Madame Genevieve Antoine Dariaux from The Men In Your Life: timeless advice and wisdom on managing the opposite sex.

On "new": Its a woman's reason for buying clothes. Its a man's reason for falling in love.

On "bathrooms": If, instead of encouraging premarital relations in bed, we delivered marriage certificates only to couples who had shared the same bathroom for a week, many a divorce would be avoided.


I was thinking about a trip to Germany for the World Cup anyway........

Wednesday, December 7

Show and Tell

at the library today. I won and had a nice crowd around the desk checking out these pages.

A Book for Chuck

Coming soon to your local library. Place your hold today!

Monday, December 5


I don't have a house, so I may be missing the boat on this. But, I remember living in a house. And, I am a Christmas freak. FREAK! I love Christmas. I love the whole winter season (aside from icy roads, of course.) And I love decorating for the holidays.

Isn't it cheating to pay someone to come decorate your house for you? I mean, come on! If you're not interested in decorating just for the sheer joy of decorating, why bother?

The argument that I heard in favor of this is: Well, people pay to have their lawn mowed or their gardens tended. Why not to decorate their homes for Christmas?

Well...... if decorating your house for Christmas is the same as mowing the lawn to you, don't DO it!

Someone, please, fill in the gap for me here, because I am not getting this.

Sunday, December 4

My Goal

A simple one, really. To have my tivo completely cleared out by the time school starts in January. I have had stuff on there since August! Movies, mostly, with no time to watch them. I'm not too bad with the tv series, although I am about three weeks behind now....

At any rate, I'd like to start fresh in January. We'll see if that happens.

Saturday, December 3

World Revolves around.....Me

I'm a Wordperfect user.

yes, yes, let it sink in. I just prefer WP. Word is nice, but its not WP.

Only problem with that is: the rest of the world disagrees with me. So, while I prefer WP, I still have to use Word for most things work related and many things school related. The two worlds don't collide very often except for when someone asks me for notes in class.

I take all my notes in WP.

I sent someone notes on Wednesday, and didn't think anything of it. Until Friday when she asked me why she couldn't open them. She thought it was because she's a Mac user. Well, that could be. But, more likely, its because I sent them in WP format instead of RTF.

Really, why don't more people use WP? Its better, you know.


Sunday brunch has been cancelled. Oh well, maybe next week!

Friday, December 2

Sunday's Brunch

will be brought to you by Keystone Grill. One of my favorites.

call me old fashioned......

.....and I know you will, but I don't think you should be spraying icing on your cupcakes. Is that creepy or is it just me?

This is what I saw at Michaels today when I popped in there. I mean, um......color mist?

What will they think of next?

A busy day to be not working

I'm off today. Wow. Nothing sucks up time like doing....well.....nothing. Its a good time suck, of course, and I would hardly complain about it. Its just that, in order to not feel like I've done nothing all day, I have things I should do.

So far, this morning, I've managed to:
  • move my car out of the way of falling debris. Roofers are working around the apartment complex, and where I parked my car....well, that just so happens to be where they are working this morning.
  • Watch a little bit Tony Perkins' goodbye on Good Morning, America.
  • Read about 50 pages of my book that is NOT law related
Now its nearly ten, so I need to do some other things.

  • Go to Michaels and get candy molds. I hope Michaels still has them because that's the only place I know of, on this side of town, where I might find them. I'm really not in the mood to go all over town today.
  • Head to Krogers to get the makings for cream cheese mints. Tis the season, after all. I usually make more than just boring mint, though. Any kind of flavor/color match will do.
  • Finish Estates in Land problems before class tonight.
Let the games begin!

Thursday, December 1

How very interesting

Apparently, someone was at the Colts game on Monday night and accused the Colts of pumping in artificial crowd noise.

Interesting. The Colts, of course, categorically deny this. Or, actually, what they said was that they "haven't done anything wrong."

Take that as you will.

I've been to the done probably six or seven time. Eight? Maybe. Anyway, its loud there, no two ways about it. So, I'm not buying it. But, for the past two days, that's has been a major topic of conversation on Dan Patrick show. Bob Kravitz was just on commenting on it. (He thinks its a non-story as well.)

Have I mentioned this week how much I love Keith Olbermann?

On Tuesday's DP show, they also did hilarious (and fake) Manning calls from the line of scrimmage. Great stuff.


Said co-worker, in the post below, just informed us that she's pregnant! YAY!!!!

A: there is hope for me yet.
B: I think they're going to give the baby my room.......

I cannot stop myself

I have stacks of books at home. Stacks. This is nothing new, because I always have stacks of book at home waiting to be read.


Because I am a book addict. Seriously. I always have been. Always.

True story: when I was 2, I memorized The House that Jack Built. It was my favorite book. I think it was absolutely required reading at least six times a day. Okay, maybe not six. Although, if my sister tells this story, it increases to about 600..... and toddler Robin became wonderly wroth with readers who decided to try and trick her by saying the story out of sequence.

Don't do that.

But, I digress.

So, my love affair with books started early. Kind of like my love affair with the phone...... again, I digress.

Books. The only thing is, I have no time to read these books. Yet, I still bring them home. Hope, after all, springs eternal. SOMEDAY, I'll have time to read everything I want, right? Someday starts December 19th.

And we'll see how many I can get through in a month. Although, I have cheated, and already started on this book. I had said I would never read it. Even now, reading the Amazon description, I cringe. This may be what its described as, but I don't think its an accurate description. But, then, maybe I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Anyway, one of my co-workers.....kept mentioning the book. So, I checked it out. It is soooo addictive. And if I keep reading it when I should be studying, I may not be back in school next semester. If that happens, I hope she knows I'm moving in with her and her husband to live in their basement.

Happy Thursday

Snow is great when I'm already at work. I actually got to work this morning BEFORE it started snowing.

Yeah, that early. Nooooo, it was just a little after seven. It wasn't that early. Its nice to look out my window at the white stuff, though. Hope you're all careful on the way to work or school.