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Sunday, July 31

13 days till football

Oh, don't get so excited. I'm talking about soccer. Premier league play starts up again on August 13th. Long seasons, short off seasons. Just another reason to love it.

As usual, I have to pick my newly promoted team to root for, and I think its going to be Wigan Athletic. And, also as usual, newly promoted teams are usually relegated back down by the end of the season. (another reason to love English soccer!) I like to pick one underdog to root for, though, in addition to my Reds.

In other Premier League news, the race for Michael Owen is on. After only one year out of the league, he's looking to leave Spain and come home. Or, Real Madrid is looking to cut him loose....whatever. Makes one wonder why he left Liverpool in the first place. Although, if his dream was really to play for Real Madrid, then I guess that is understandable. Somehow, though, I think it was just for the money. (she's so cynical!) It'll be interesting to see how this shakes out before the season begins. Almost as interesting as the Arsenal/Patrick Viera/Real Madrid drama prior to last season's start.

I know, I know. Nobody cares about this but me. But, you know what? Its my blog. So there!

Color me sad

Cubs fan sent me this picture of Old Comiskey today. Probably to take his mind off the fact that the Cubs took a shelling this afternoon.

Still, I know time marches on, and U.S. Cellular is a slick ballpark, but its not Comiskey.

Books a Million

Well, maybe not quite a million. The Read a thon continues with

I love my series books. Suspicion of Rage continues the saga of one of my favorite characters, Anthony Quintana. And, its set in Cuba. You can't beat that. No, really, you can't. Parker's last book wasn't so hot, but she more than made up for it with this one. All is forgiven, Babs.

Then it was a little non-fiction (gasp!) with
I didn't know much about Sandy Koufax and I was curious. This book was part bio, part....something else. I don't know what. It was interesting, but there were definite moments where it didn't hold my interest. But, I can definitely say that I came out the other side knowing more than I knew going in. We'll call that a win, too.

Now, its back to my SF/Fantasy roots with
I love Duncan's King's Blades series. And, I'm only a few pages into this, but its already great! Summer break is awesome.

Thursday, July 28

Blogging about work

Don't do it much. But, when I was reading the Jeffrey Archer book, there was a poem at the beginning that pretty much sums what is going on over here. No one has quite reached the state of zen represented in the last stanza, though. We're all pretty much stuck in 1-3.


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance,
I have not winced or cried aloud;
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade.
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

William Ernest Henley

Forgive me blog, for I have sinned

It has been three days since my last blog posting. Mostly, I've been reading books. To facilitate that, I haven't been watching baseball. An interesting experiment, let's just say. I have been listening to baseball on the radio, though. Both at work and at home. Different set of commentators, different experience. I like it, but I do miss Hawk and DJ calling my Sox games.

But, in the mean time, I've read:

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

It was good. Everyone knows it was good. It'll be way too long until the last book so I don't like to think about it.

Prince of Darkness

Nobody writes about this time period like Sharon Kay Penman. And, in addition to the wonderful setting, her characters are fantastic. I can't recommend her highly enough. Seriously, I can't.

A Prison Diary

Mr. Archer was a very naughty lad. This book is depressing, but I still think I want to read the second and third parts.....

Hopefully, by the end of this weekend, I will be all caught up on the books waiting to be read, and I can get back to quality tv time.

Monday, July 25

Good Luck!!!!

It'll be a good time! All your friends will be there.

And, if it is least its over on Wednesday! You'll all do great.

Saturday, July 23

Your Power Color Is Gold

At Your Highest:

You are engrossed in passions that mentally stimulate you.

At Your Lowest:

You seek thrills and neglect what's important in your life.

In Love:

You see dating as adventure and approach it with an open attitude.

How You're Attractive:

You passion for life makes others passionate about you.

Your Eternal Question:

"Am I Having Fun?"

Friday, July 22

Just a warning

As much as I love baseball, football is really my preferred obsession. And, as much as I love the NFL, there is NOTHING like a fall Saturday afternoon. College football is a godsend. Truly.

I'm getting the fever already and its only July 22nd.

Just so you know.

Thursday, July 21

Book of the Day Just for Brian:

Wednesday, July 20

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days. I went home early and took a nap, and was feeling much better after that, but then I made the mistake of watching the Sox. Now, this is a mistake I make nearly every day so its not unusual. But, as you can see by the picture, the result wasn't good.

Dusted by the Tigers, 7-1.

But, as I am perpetually sunny, the bright side is that today is 1:05 start and I can listen in at work!

Monday, July 18

A book for BBS

A book for every reader and a reader for every book!

Dumb title of the day

Windswept Love

That's all I'm saying.

edit: If this isn't about wildlife, then Hungry Tigress, may just be the dumbest title of the day.

Heat of the Moment

On my XM radio. Right this moment. Whatever happened to Asia, huh? Jesus, they have TOUR dates! Maybe I shouldn't have asked!

Happy Birthday, Vin

(making google searchers happy one pic at a time.)

Saturday, July 16


Someone asked me the other day what I looked at first/liked best on a guy. When I told him, he didn't believe me. Its not the typical answer, I'm aware of that. But, seriously, I'm into a guy's arms. Honestly. Maybe that will help explain my Vin Diesel fascination to some of you who just don't get it. (not that the rest of him isn't hot. It is.)

So, when my friend called me from San Antonio tonight, and she was telling me about this guy she met on the plane, these are the first three things she said to me: You'd like him because he was Latino, was hot, and had great arms.

Does she know me or what? The arms are the thing. Ben Browder has magnificent arms also.

Speaking of Ben, Stargate was fantastic last night. But, that's a post for

All law students

have to put up with laywer jokes from their friends. Tell me they do. Tell me its not just MY friends who torture me.

Anyway, this one actually made me laugh.

A lawyer runs a stop sign and gets pulled over by a Sheriffs Deputy.
He thinks that he is smarter than the Deputy because he is sure that he has a better education.
He decides to prove this to himself and have some fun at the deputy's expense.

Deputy says, "License and registration, please."

Lawyer says, "What for?"

Deputy says, "You didn't come to a complete stop at the stop sign ."

Lawyer says, "I slowed down, and no one was coming."

Deputy says, "You still didn't come to a complete stop. License and registration, please."

Lawyer says, "What's the difference?"

Deputy says, "The difference is, you have to come to a complete stop, that's the law. License and registration, please!"

Lawyer says, "If you can show me the legal difference between slow down and stop, I'll give you my license and registration and you give me the ticket, if not - you let me go and no ticket."

Deputy says, "Exit your vehicle then, sir."

At this point, the deputy takes out his nightstick and starts beating the ever-loving crap out of the lawyer and says:

"Do you want me to stop or just slow down?"

Friday, July 15

Ya'll Know

all these foreigners in town for Expo were WORKING A SISTAS NERVE when I was trying to get to class on time for my exam. I left AN HOUR EARLY and still was TEN MINUTES LATE! You have no idea what my anxiety level was like while I was sitting......on 65.........sitting........4:50 moving......slowly.......5:00......sitting.....5:15......sitting......5:29.......moving slowly.......

Anyhow, I made it. I was late. Aside from my heart beating furiously, I don't think it affected my test. I was done before time was up. I had time to go back and erase, re-write, etc. So, I guess I was alright.


Today's Book Blurb

This is becoming a fun part of blogging!

Today's gem comes from a review in Booklist mag. Title: Hair of the Alien: DNA and Other forensic evidence for Alien Abductions by Bill Chalker

"One of the barriers to accepting stories of alien abduction is the complete lack of unambiguous physical evidence showing the events were real and not a bizarre fantasy. But, that may no longer be true. In July 1992, an Australian abductee named Peter Khoury had an encounter in his own home with two odd but humanlike female beings. The experience was brief but possessed some disturbing sexual aspects, and afterward Khoury found a strand of hair wrapped around his penis. Recognizing this as a rare opportunity to test the claim that aliens are creating hybrids of both alien and human genetic material, ufologist Chalker obtained the sample and submitted it to a team of biochemists for forensic DNA analysis. Two separate tests confirmed that the hair was human but had some peculiar traits...."

Love it. (and, coincidentally, a perfect book blurb for Sci-Fi Friday!)


Oh Yeah, BABY!

Thursday, July 14

Today's Book Blurb

I thought this was great! From the book: Bar Mitzvah Disco: The Music May Have Stopped, but the Party's Never Over by Roger Bennett, Jules Shell and Nick Kroll.

"The Jewish rite of passage into adulthood is more than simply a ritual, according to Bennett, Shell and Kroll. The bar and bat mitzvahs of their youth evoke reminiscences that had been 'left to languish in suburban rec rooms and the darker recesses of our memories -- the unmistakable smell of the smoke machine -- and the sound of Lionel Richie.' "

Funny! And there is a web site!

Just Say No

E. Lynn Harris is speaking at the Madame Walker tonight in the annual Library/Black Expo author lecture series.

I'm probably the one fiction librarian in the world who has NEVER read a book by him. I hear he's very good.

I'm going to leave after the lecture and not stay for the book signing since I have a final tomorrow. BUT, what I really want to see happens at 8 at the Madame Walker: Tears of the Clown, which is a movie about the road to "comedy" fame. The stars will be there signing autographs, and I do love Don "D.C." Curry.

But I must go home and study for this test. I have to. Seriously. As soon as the lecture is over.

I pose to you blog readers: a question

Let's say that you are a parent (which some of you actually are) and your kid gets a library card. Said kid is under age, so you have to sign for them to get a card. Presumably (and I'll have to verify) you're signing that you acknowledge they have a library card with library privileges and that you accept responsibility for any fines, lost & damaged items, that are checked out on kid's card. Your kid, your problem. Right?

So, then you want to use kid's card because (insert reason here: yours has a fine, yours is lost, yours is at home, etc.) and they tell you NO you cannot use that card.

If you have signed something accepting responsibility for what is on that card, shouldn't you be able to use that card?

Edit: Sean suggested I post this over on Sapere Aude, which was actually a good idea. But, I went over there a few minutes ago, and it was....ugh. It drains the life out a person, you know? Prof. Bradford (who has earned and deserves the honorific despite what I think of his blathering) was going on and on about how evil the Left is (they excommunicate him?! Hyperbolize much?) and how friendly and inviting the Right is. Sure. Right. Whatever. Friendly as can be. That's why I see the Left trying to pass constitutional amendments denying some people things that other people enjoy? Feel the love. (pun intended)

Wednesday, July 13

Some All Star Game Thoughts

Not much to say. I happened to like the game, but Dan Wetzel, over at Yahoo Sports, disagrees. I did like these paragraphs though:

So maybe Bud Selig, who loves tinkering with this game, could try to follow MTV's latest model for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge – the Good Guys vs. the Badasses.

Forget stats, strong starts and league affiliations. Stack one team with some lovable characters – Manny Ramirez, Brian Roberts, Derek Jeter. On the other team, trot out Rogers, Balco Barry and John Rocker, with special guest manager Morris Buttermaker, who would be summarily fired in the fifth inning by George Steinbrenner for drinking generic beer in the dugout.

Hilarious! So, he didn't like it. I did. AL wins. Good stuff. Here's some pictures!

The A(L) team

Mariano Rivera and his son

Moises Alou, Aramis Ramirez and his son

Jake Peavy and his son.

A family game right? Well, just for fun, caption Roy Oswalt in this photo:

Book Blurb of the Day

Sometimes they aren't dumb or funny, they are just.....interesting. You can decide what you want about this one.

"A child of poverty and abuse in New York's Spanish Harlem, DeMasco had ever opportunity to become just another inner-city statistic. In time, though, his inward strength and survival instinct led to a dedicated study of martial arts; eventually he became a Shaolin kung fu grand master." The Shaolin Way: Ten Modern Secrets of Survival from a Shaolin Grand Master.

I need to read the chapter called "Anger is Wasted Energy." I think I'm going to put myself on hold for this one.

Today's CD

She bangs, She bangs!
Ay mírala,
She moves, She moves.

LOVE this CD. But, like the vast majority of CDs, there are some songs that I could put on repeat, and some I could scratch off entirely.

Why don't I have an Ipod?

That's a question for another day. Still, I'm going to have to make myself a cd with the songs I do like. That sounds like a post crim law project.

Tuesday, July 12

Thanks to Kelly for posting this. I took the survey, and now so should you.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

Not hitting a home run

MLB had a home run derby contest (naturally) and I had Big Papí and Ivan Rodriguez in the finals, with Ortiz winning. Well, I was half right. Pudge made a great showing for himself last night, and I really didn't expect him to do as well as he did. I know, I just said I had him coming in second. I still didn't expect him to do as well as he did. I was impressed. Ortiz should have saved some of his effort from the first round to put towards later rounds. He was just tired, you could tell. But Abreu?! The man was on fire

This was the best derby I've seen in recent years.

Some other thoughts:

I like Boomer. (Chris Berman, for you non sports freaks.) I know he irks a lot of people both during baseball and football season. I like him. Sorry. I especially like his nicknames.

Is there any correlation between the big push to internationalize baseball and the fact that it was dropped from the 2012 Olympics? One part of me says "Of course there is." But then I think, this has to have been going on LONG before that decision was made, right? So, who knows.

I think Joe Morgan is hilarious.

What was up with the Golden balls? (No, not David Beckham for my five soccer fan readers, out there.)

Who the &%$# gets to go to the home run derby AND leave with a freakin' car?! That was crazy.

Yesterday's CD

Another oldie but goodie. I was surprised (although I shouldn't have been) to find that the library had this, so I had to promptly check it out. This was the summer after I graduated from college and had NO idea what I was going to do with my English degree. I was already thinking about grad school and was probably studying for the GRE.

Aside from the cover, this CD holds up very well after 10 years. I still like the vast majority of it, including the teen angst anthem "Don't take it personal."

Monday, July 11

Title of the Day

Its nearly 2, and I don't think anything is going to beat this today. (ha ha ha) But, if something better comes along, I'll be sure and let you know about it.

We've Got Harry

Harry Potter, that is. Was delivered on Saturday and the boxes were opened this morning. 400 bright and shining copies ready to be devoured by people who aren't quite crazy enough to stand in line at Borders at midnight. There has been a royal edict that the copies WILL be ready and in the branches by opening on Saturday morning. Which means, basically, that they have to leave here by Thursday. As they come to us mostly shelf ready, this isn't too much of a problem.

Last time, I was #1 on the hold list. Feeling guilty, I waited awhile before adding my name to this list. That means I'm #420 this time around. Not so bad given we have 400 copies, but still, I won't be one of the lucky ones on Saturday morning.

And yes, I did think about taking one out of the box and reading part of it on my lunch hour..... I was told, in no uncertain terms, that this was NOT an option. Damn Potter police.

At least

it took 11 innings for the A's to sweep the Sox. Ugh.

Usually, when you're doing well, you don't want the All-Star break to come. It interrupts your winning groove. For the Sox, however, I think its just what the doctor ordered. And no, losing 3 games (in a row) isn't the end of the world for this team. But, who wants to even start down the road towards Armageddon? TURN OFF BEFORE ARMAGEDDON!!!

That's all I'm saying.

In other baseball news, Cubs fan and I have a bet on the All Star Game. Gambling fools, that's what we are. Liquor this time, instead of dinner. He graciously let me pick the prize since "You'll be paying." Yeah. Let's hope not.

Starting the day off right

So, I'm reading a review of this book in Publisher's Weekly, and they say it has some overwrought prose. This was their example:

"The relationship had begun to bleed, exsanguinating as relentlessly as a slit wrist in a warm bath."

What the HELL does that mean?! This is a mystery book for crying out loud! PW was the master of understatement on that one. Overwrought.

Sunday, July 10

Why I love Ozzie Guillen

After losing 10-1 to the A's yesterday, this was his comment to the Chicago media about the team.

"If they feel comfortable, I'm not," said Guillen of his team's 10-game lead in the American League Central. "If we think we are that good, we are not.
"I know my team better than anyone and I was a little disappointed in the way we played today. As a team, this was a really weak effort. We have played better than that."

Sure, the team is still 29 games over .500 going into the break, and 10 games over the Twinkies in the AL Central. But, that isn't the point. They are a better team than that. My other favorite Ozzie quote from that article?

A very direct and no-nonsense Guillen explained after the game that camaraderie shouldn't be confused with a lack of concern for his players' actions. Guillen felt that Uribe and the rest of the team violated one of his very few rules -- always play hard.
"I don't want to embarrass Uribe and take him out at that particular time," Guillen said. "I just talked to him in my office. He knows he didn't run. I'm going to show my players that I'm here for real.
"Because we are friends or because we get along real well, I'm going to let the players do what they want to do? They got the wrong man."

We've got Freddy Garcia on the mound this afternoon. Let's see if we can avoid the first sweep of the season.

Last night

I spent some time talking to one of my favorite republicans. We hadn't seen each other for a long time (he lives and works WAY on the South side.....) so we had lots to catch up on. We talked a lot about movies and then, took a break for the purpose that actually drew our meeting together (library business) and then we chatted some more. I found it very interesting that he's not happy with Gov. Mitch these days. Usually, when I see him, he's trying to recruit me over to his team. Not so much this time. He's extremely put out with his team these days and the way that the R team is kneeling to a part of their base that he doesn't belong to (the religious right.) It took him awhile for it to bother him, but now its finally gotten under his skin. Hope springs eternal.

Saturday, July 9


I had to check out a bit of the Cubs game yesterday because I am never against watching Carlos Zambrano pitch. The weather was the second most entertaining part of that game, however. I stopped watching when they pulled the tarp out (at the top of the 9th) but apparently they got the rest of the inning in. I don't know why they didn't just call the game at that point, but that's just me. Watching the wind knock batters out of the box and Z off the mound, though, was interesting. And its not like he's a little guy out there. The only bad thing is that they won, snapping an 8 game losing streak.

Sliding into the All Star Break

This is not the way we want to go into the break. Losing. We have two more games to turn this thing around.

Sox Lose 4-2 last night. But, feel free to caption Willie Harris if you feel the need.

Another Lovely Week

I really do like my new job. Of course, I haven't yet been there a full Monday-Friday week. The first week, I only worked Monday-Wednesday. This week, only Tuesday-Friday. NEXT week we'll see what happens. Still, not dealing with any *crazy people? Priceless.

*not counting administration, which I've largely stayed well away from.....

Crazy Talk

Baseball and Softball dropped from the 2012 London Olympics.

I'd be remiss

if I didn't mention this little tidbit of information. When I saw the news, I did say, out loud, "You have got to be KIDDING me!" But, since its not April 1st, I don't think its a joke. I won't be going, but I can't wait to hear all about it from the people who are there.

Friday, July 8


Although I was pretty sure it was going to work out this way, you can't take anything for granted in the off season. But, today, Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher both signed deals keeping them at the Kop for four more years.

Good news, definitely.


You Are Chocolate Chip Ice Cream
You are kind, popular, and generous.
You tend to be successful at anything you try.
A social butterfly, you are great at entertaining a crowd.
You are most compatible with strawberry ice cream.

As seen on Confessions and Those One Thoughts I like chocolate chip, but I wouldn't say its my favorite. I think the description is pretty good. I'm not always kind......

He has a new book coming out

Driven from Within And as I was just about to order copies for the library, I had to stop and reflect on HOW GORGEOUS what a good basketball player he was. Perhaps the best that has ever been? Who cares, let's see a picture!

Carlos Mencia

He's been around for awhile, but he's not that well known. He is the funniest comedian I have ever heard. Funny. Mostly because everything he says is absolutely true. It doesn't hurt that he's adorably cute, too, but funny. Racy, in English and in Spanish, but funny. Laughing so hard your abs hurt, funny. Trust me on this.

He now has a show on Comedy Central. But, check out the mp3s and video clips on his website because they are much better.

If you're easily offended......

Today's CD

One of my favorites. They're all my favorites, right? That's I bought them? But I really love this one. Turn it up loud, and its the perfect Friday drive to work cd. But now, I see that there is something even better than this! I must have it.

For PPC: The black card has been temporarily suspended for listening to Def Leppard.

Thursday, July 7

Today's CD pt. 2

Going back to the jazzy thing, I'm going to listen to this cd on the way tonight. If I ever decide to leave work. Of course, if I wasn't blogging maybe I could go home. Funny. Anyway, Lalah is the daughter of late, great Donny Hathaway. Most of you probably have no idea who that is. S'alright. Lalah has been around for awhile. Had a good cd a few years back, and then had a string of just so-so CDs to follow it up. Hopefully, this one will be good. The song that is getting all the radio airplay "Forever, For always, For love." is a piece of jazzy goodness.

Today's CD pt. 1

I was thinking about this cd last night for some reason, so I dug it out for the ride in this morning. There are songs on here that I really like and some that I used to like that don't sound nearly as good now. I'm glad I kept it, though.

Its so hard to believe this came out 12 years ago. 12 years?!

And in another weird coincidence

Also on the CNN page there is an article about Bill Haley's "Rock around the clock." 50 years ago Saturday, it hit the top of the charts. How did it become popular? It was the opening music for the movie.....wait for it.......The Blackboard Jungle. How is that for a bit of circular posting, huh?

Big loss for mystery fans

Ed Mcbain (otherwise known as Evan Hunter.....or Sal Lombino) died today of larynx cancer. I really didn't even know he was sick. In addition to the hugely popular 87th precinct novels, Hunter also wrote the book "The Blackboard Jungle" from which the movie was based. I remember a couple of recent tv movies based on the 87th precinct series, but apparently that was not a new invention. There are tv movies, and even a short lived series, dating back to 1961! (before my time)

My favorite Evan Hunter book is Criminal Conversation. And, although I wasn't a huge fan of his alter ego, Ed Mcbain, I certainly understand his appeal and I know he'll be sorely missed.

The mystery writing and reading world lost a giant today.

Happiness is

sitting in your cube, listening to baseball games. Cubs lose in the first of a double dip in Atlanta. I'm not a Braves fan (despite where the quiz below says I should live) so I was listening just to listen. I think I can count keeping up with the Cubs as part of my job now, since Cubs fan and I talk about it ad infinitum both over email and when we see each other.

The only thing I don't like about my cube is that I sit with my back to everyone. I hate that.

Lunch at El Sol today with PPC. The place was packed today. Packed and good. PPC had a margarita, and I tried to have sangria, but the only sangria they had was non-alcoholic. Well. Forget that! So, it was agua for me. I more than made up for it with enchiladas, though. Ugh. I need like....a half order of enchiladas.

Must....keep......working...........crack don't sell itself.......


two mojitos at lunch and half a bottle of chianti after class, a friend of mine predicted that my head would hurt this morning. Well, my head doesn't hurt but my throat does.

What's up with that?

Wednesday, July 6

Ridin' my jock

Counting Cubs Fan, I dealt with 5 vendors today. Each of them wanting me to buy their stuff. I love it. Most of the salespeople that I deal with are slimy. I mean that in the nicest possible way. But, they just haven't realized that my BS detector is finely tuned, and honesty is really the only way you'll get anywhere with me. Some have learned that, some haven't. Some I buy from, and some I don't. The correlation between those two things is frightening......

You don't get to see it very often

But Frank Thomas has one of the best smiles in all of baseball. Here he is again......not showing it. Lucky for the Sox, he also has one of the best bats in baseball these days. Once again, it was Frank to the rescue with a three run homer in the 8th inning to give Sox the win. Nice.

Crazy Horse

Had lunch today with Cubs fan at Palomino. Long story as to why lunch didn't start until nearly 1:30 instead of 12:30 like we'd planned. But, it was still lovely. And, two hours and two mojitos later, I was still having a good time. Funny thing about friends, huh? (alcohol makes them better?)

Anyway, I think I'm over my crush now. Now I know one of you is going to ask me "what did he do." And the answer to that is: nothing. Shit happens, you know? He was very charming and very chatty and all those good things that he's always been. Its not him, its me. :o) (okay, its him, but it was my crush in the first place.)

Lunch was great, though. I don't know why I don't go to Palomino more often.

Small World!

And, as I was cruising around the MC homepage, I notice that their new President is the former President of Wabash College, from neighboring Crawfordsville, Indiana. How 'bout that, huh?

The Admiral

No, not David Robinson. Adm. Stockdale dies at age 81. He and I were alumni of the same college, albeit a few years apart. He was in the class of 1946 and I was in the class of 1995. In fact, by the time I got there, they had named the student center after him.

I remember his candidacy with Ross Perot, and that's all I'll say about that.

Rest in peace, Admiral.


It is an absolutely gorgeous morning here in Indianapolis. I'm going to Palomino for lunch..... I have on cute shoes...... its a good day all around!

Although a few people laughed at me this morning because I had to go back out to the car to get my Diet Coke. They just don't understand. Its kind of a necessity......

Tuesday, July 5

Today's CD

Album II is just as good as the first, Kemistry. And just think, a few years ago, Kem was living on a Detroit street bench. He has an amazing story to go along with his amazing voice. I could listen to him sing all day long.

Monday, July 4

My uncle

Is a country music fan. Its disturbing, really. But, anyway, we listened to this song by Gretchen Wilson. Redneck Woman. I LOVE it. Love it. I never thought I would say that about a country song. Any country song. I didn't even know who Bocephus was. (my uncle was horrified and said something about my lack of common knowledge....) I also like Mississippi Girl by Faith Hill.


Quiz Me

I love a quiz. But, you all knew that already, right? Unnamed Source has a good one, I think I'll steal his!

Would you rather:

1. Pierce your nose or your tongue?: Well.....none. But, if I had to choose, it would have to be nose. (although tongue would be more fun.)
2. be serious or be funny?: Funny.
3. drink whole or skim milk?: skim, baby.

Are you:
4. Simple or Complicated?: I think I'm pretty simple. Yet, people always say "I don't understand you." So I guess I'm not simple.

Do you prefer:
5. flowers or angels? Flowers
6. grey or gray? Grey
7. color or black and white photos: I guess it depends on the photo. (damn law students and their "it depends" answers!)
8. lust or love? Love
9. sunrise or sunset? Sunset in the fall and winter. Sunrise in the Spring and Summer.
10. M&M's or Skittles? Skittles, although they are almost too sweet for me now.
11. rap or rock? It depends, dammit! I'm not answering this one.
12. Staying up late or waking up early? Waking up early
13. TV or radio: TV.
14. eating apples or oranges? Apples

The Truth:
15. Do you have a crush? Absolutely
16. Who is it? Someone who probably doesn't read the blog. (but I don't know that for sure.)

Do you prefer:
17. being hot or cold? Cold
18. tall or short people? um.....tall.
19. sun or moon? moon
20. emeralds or rubies? rubies
21. left or right? right
22. having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? 10 acquaintances
23. sun or rain? rain (unless i'm driving)
24. vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Vanilla

25. what is your biggest fear in the world? Dolls. I hate dolls.
26. Kids or no kids? Do I have kids? No. Do I like kids? Yes.
27. Cat or dog? I'm definitely a dog person, but cats are growing on me.
28. Half empty or half full? Mostly half full
29. Mustard or ketchup? Mustard
30. Hard cover books or soft cover books? Hard, baby.
31. newspaper or magazine? Glossy, baby.
32. Sandals or sneakers? Sneaks. (although sandals can be real cute.)
33. wonder or amazement? wonder
34. red car or white car? Red
35. Happy and poor or sad and rich? about happy and rich? I've already done the sad/poor thing.
36. Singing or dancing? Singing
37. Hugging or kissing? Both.
38. Happy or sad? Happy (duh!)
39. Blondes, brunettes? Baldies! Now, how do you like THEM apples! (stupid question.....)

About you:
What time is it? 11:11 am (i swear!)
Birthdate and place: 10 November, 1973. 10:55 pm (almost veteran's day!) Freeport, Illinois.
Pets? Not at the moment.
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: black

What do you want:
Where do you want to live? Got me.
How many kids do you want? Um, less than 10, more than 1?

Which is better:
2 doors or 4 (on a car)? 4
Coffee or ice cream? Ice cream!
Shampoo or conditioner? Conditioner
Bridges or tunnels? Tunnels, but they scare the crap outta me.
One pillow or two? Two

Salad dressing? Basalmic vinagrette
Color of socks? White
Non-alcoholic drink? DC (diet coke)
Alcoholic drink: martinis! (but only the fluffy flavored ones, please.)

I am:
Wearing: Pacers t-shirt, jean shorts, socks, sneaks
Current hair: too short
current smell: raspberries & cream candle
Current favorite show: Rescue Me
Current Book: Haunted by Kelley Armstrong
Current Refreshment: Ruby Red Graprefruit juice
Current time: 11:14 am

All readers should feel free to play along, either in the comments, or on your own blogs.

Can't believe it

I go away for a few days and people are still talking about that he said/she said bullshit over on Sapere Aude. You're kidding me, right? Pretty soon all kinds of aunts, uncles, third cousins, great grandchildren, or whatever the hell will be professing the good of one side and the meanness of the other. Give me a break. All sides need to get the fuck over yourselves. I don't believe SA was meant to be a personal "my side is better than your side" forum. It has gone way beyond the merits of the case. Way beyond. And if this is the best that either side has to offer, then that, in itself, is evidence of a much larger problem. I applaud Mary Mitchell (and the other unnamed voters on both sides) for, *as far as I can see, staying out of it.

*I have not been keeping up with all the media coverage of this issue. So, if others I just thanked really have not stayed out of it, I reserve the right to take my thanks back.


American Cities That Best Fit You:

60% Atlanta

60% Honolulu

55% Austin

55% Denver

50% Boston

Friday, July 1

We listened

to his greatest hits cd on the way to Maryland today. I remembered thinking that if I knew crim law the way I knew the words to all his songs, I wouldn't have to study for this coming exam. This news wouldn't have been shocking two years ago, but today it was completely and totally unexpected. Every generation and genre of music has "the voice" and Luther was all that and more to a great many people.

Greetings from MD

While the wedding party is doing the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, I'm typing this while looking out over lovely Bethesda, MD. When I talked to the groom (my cousin) today, he said he wasn't nervous. When I talked to the bride, she looked absolutely excited and radiant. So, I get the feeling that everything is going as planned. I bought two outfits for the wedding, and we'll see what the final choice ends up being tomorrow evening. The wedding is at 6, so I'm sure I'll be making my decision around 5. I'm very much looking forward to it.

But, seeing as how the wedding isn't 6 in the evening, I need something to occupy my day tomorrow. I absolutely LOVE the MD, DC, VA corridor. In fact, its really only a fluke (a bad one that turned out to be okay) that I live in Indianapolis at all. I was hired by the Enoch Pratt library in Feb 2000, and would be living here today, I'm sure, if that had gone as planned. But, it didn't. That is a story for another day. Anyway, the upshot is that I love visiting out here, and never have quite enough time to do and see everything that I want.