Obiter Dictum

Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Monday, June 18

Oh my God he's so cute!

Someone had a new Rabble Rouser yesterday. On Father's Day, no less. How do you like them apples, huh? I've already started calling him Jack-Jack in my head. (Darn those Incredibles!)


Friday, June 15

Call me crazy but....

Shouldn't we count how many drivers had NO crashes, instead of counting how long drivers went BETWEEN crashes, if we're trying to gauge safety?

Thursday, June 14

You know you're a legal geek when.....

You get all excited about an annotated Constitution. Could I spend the rest of my life looking at this? Oh, absolutely!

Here is the full 411 and (gripes included) from a law librarian's blog.

And no, I still don't have any desire to be a law librarian, although the CRS does sound interesting......

Wednesday, June 13


I loved me some Mr. Wizard's World on Nickelodeon. Back in the day when Nick was cool......

You know, it really is a wonder I didn't end up liking science more.....

Sunday, June 10

Random Thoughts

I've never been much of a science gal, but watching the space shuttle launch in high def was awesome.

Dissolvable stitches itch......but on the inside. Can't scratch there. Damn.

There is a brand new tapas restaurant open downtown. It is at the corner of Delaware and Ohio where, previously, it was a Burger King. And then a homeless hangout. I think I'll be finding a bunch of reasons to visit Interim Central over the next few weeks...... Actually, I'm going there for lunch on Tuesday. Has anyone been there? I'm excited

Wednesday, June 6

You can't name your band this!!!!!

Tuesday, June 5

Whole Ass

Monday, June 4

Another not a book review

This is a first novel, and it is fantastic. Well, okay, it isn't fantastic. But, it is really good. There isn't a lot of Chicago Noir out there, and there may be a perfectly good reason for that. Midwestern Noir? Yeah, there is something inherently wrong with that. Still, it seems to work in this book.
There are a few places in here where I may have rolled my eyes a bit. Mystery novels, like every other genre, have some overplayed conventions. You see them coming a mile off, and you hope they don't go there. And they do. And you roll your eyes. But, if the worst thing I can say about this book is that it is too convention in spots, that is a pretty big endorsement.

Not a book review

Once upon a time, there was a very popular author named Laurell K. Hamilton. She wrote herself into science fiction superstardom and turned bat shit crazy. Her books got worse. Strangely enough, sales skyrocketed. Hardcore fans stopped reading. However, new authors came along to fill the void she left behind.
Kelley Armstrong rocks. And the worst thing I can say about her is that it'll be another year before another book comes out.

Sunday, June 3


The News Blog, in the format that I had loved, is probably going to be no more. The owner of the site, Steve Gilliard, died yesterday after a long illness. If you weren't familiar with the site, it was one of the smartest, irreverent, angry, hilarious, political blogs that I had ever seen. Steve went there when most other blogs would only dance around the edges. It was a must stop for me and he'll be so very hard to replace.

I hope they continue to keep the archives available, but who knows what will happen. In the meantime, read a lefty blog in memory of Gilly.

Saturday, June 2

I'm having BEA withdrawal

If you're a book person, this is one of the best weekends of the year. BEA is THE conference for book people. Not only do you get so much free swag that you need to ship it home, you get to meet anyone and everyone you could possibly want to meet in the book biz. Because I didn't plan well, I'm not there this year. My autographed book collection just took a serious hit.

But, C-Span never lets me down
. They cover it live every year for Book TV. So, rest assured, my tv will be tuned there all weekend. Right now, Stephen Colbert is cracking me up. And, he's working the unshaved look pretty well.

Khaled Hosseini and Ken Burns were very good this morning as well. The panels are good, and I'm happy I get to watch them, but the real fun is walking around the exhibit hall and talking to publishers and authors and everyone else who is there. I really miss it.

Did I mention the swag I won't be getting this year?

Friday, June 1

I find your lack of faith disturbing

In total geek heaven today watching Star Wars marathon on HBO in widescreen hi def with surround sound. I've been popping in and out on the first three, and probably won't be able to stay awake to watch the last three. I hope I can make it through Empire. We'll see.

But, they have never looked so good.