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Monday, October 31


My boss thinks blogs are like, the coolest thing ever.

She knows I have one, but I would just as soon roast my eyeballs over an open flame (Happy Halloween!) before I told her the address.

But, to her credit, she hasn't asked me. But, not to her credit, she sure does talk about blogs a lot. Some information is just not meant to be shared. Even though I really don't talk about work stuff on here, its just the principle of the thing, ya know?

Oh well.

Tomorrow is November already. You know, it seems like this year has gone by REALLY fast. Like, super fast.


The law school trees wanted to show off their beauty.

She is so wrong

My sister sent me this pic this morning. One of the million times forwarded things.

The title of the email was: I could be wrong but, judging by his outfit, this guy just ain't gonna make it.

Nothing to see here

Truly. It was a weekend of laundry and laundry. More laundry. A little vacuuming thrown in for good measure, and some Contracts. Gotta have Contracts. So, as you can imagine, not much to blog about with all that excitement!

I did manage to have a little bit of fun, going to Hoaglin's for brunch yesterday. We had a great time, and I was so full I didn't really have anything else to eat until nearly 8 pm! Highly recommend Hoaglins.

I came in this morning to find Bruce and Clarence staring at me. That was a nice touch, eh? Old school Bruce and Clarence at that.

Too bad the rest of my cube is a mess or I'd post more pictures!

Its Monday, folks. Don't expect much more than this.

About 5K more than I was expecting.

My blog is worth $5,080.86.
How much is your blog worth?

Saturday, October 29

What was that?!

I went on this ghost tour when I was in Charleston. I think it was this ghost tour. They have a few of them there. We kept running into other groups while we were on our tour.

I love Charleston. The City is gorgeous. I love the ocean. The food was indescribable in its deliciousness. I would go again tomorrow......(standard hurricane disclaimer applies.)

Friday, October 28

Lower 48

  1. Last thing that you burned while attempting to cook? You know, I've never really burned anything. I have made some nasty stuff, but I've never burned it. Guess I'm just lucky that way.
  2. Describe yourself in three 'S' words? Silly (the best kind of silly, though.) , Sarcastic, Stubborn. Sexy. (oh, stop laughing!)
  3. How long does it take you to get ready for your day? For a normal workday? Around an hour.
  4. Favorite Place to blow $50? Bloomingdales? I'm a shopaholic so I could answer just about anything to this question.
  5. How many people have thought you were the one? How would I know? Hopefully none, because I would hate to think I hurt someone's feelings when it didn't work out.
  6. What is something that turns you off from the opposite sex? Blatant stupidity.
  7. What kind of car do you drive? 2005 Saturn Ion.
  8. What's in your CD player right now? In my car, its EW&F's Illumination. I have a 200 disc changer at home, so EVERYTHING I OWN is it my CD player.
  9. What celebrity would you like to have coffee with? If by coffee, you mean martinis, I would have to say Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Angela Bassett, Diane Sawyer and, after seeing him on Bill Maher, Ben Affleck. What a table that would be, huh?
  10. What celebrity wouldn't you have coffee with? Tucker Carlson. I detest this man.
  11. What kind of toothpaste do you use? Crest
  12. What time do you go to bed? 11ish. (although, the last two nights of the world series, it was well over 1 am.
  13. Last movie you saw? Crash in the theater. Batman Begins on DVD.
  14. Last TV show you watched? Let's see.....from beginning to end? It was Countdown with Keith Olbermann yesterday. Not from beginning to end? It was Good Morning, Indiana on TV6 this morning.
  15. Who is your best friend? If I name one, I'll be in trouble. Let's just say I have a group.
  16. Who in your family do you best get along with? Um.....I pretty much get along with everyone.
  17. Who do you have a crush on? Like in my real life? Nobody. Sadly. The spot is open if anyone is interested in applying to be my crush.
  18. What time is it right now? 3:03 pm.
  19. Are you planning a vacation/travel? Las Vegas for Spring Break.
  20. When/Where was the last time you travelled? Not counting various trips to Illinois, I was in Maryland back in July.
  21. How many times have you been in love? With someone other than myself?
  22. How old will you be in 10 years? 41
  23. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Hopefully not here......
  24. Sinful snacking weakness? I love sweets. Candy. Cookies. Cake. Pies. I love them. But for all time snacking bliss, I love Giordano's pizza.
  25. Roller coasters? You betcha baby.
  26. Ever run out of gas? Nope.
  27. Ever been on a train? Yep. I rode the train out to DC once. That was a good time.
  28. Ever been on a blind date? Surprisingly, no. (and not about to ruin my perfect streak now!)
  29. Ever been to Europe? Nope. But I am taking contributions.....
  30. What would you do if you could be the opposite sex for one day? There was this episode of Farscape once...... oh, nevermind. I have no IDEA what I would do. I'm sure it would involve sex, though. That's just a guess.
  31. Would you tell anyone it was really you? Nope.
  32. Ever been arrested? Nope.
  33. Have a crush on anyone you work with? Um.....not really. Work with on a daily basis? No, definitely not.
  34. What is something you believe in? God. Revenge. Lust. Memorizing movie lines. Sweet Martinis. Loyalty. Love. Not necessarily in that order.
  35. What is something you fear? Being mediocre.
  36. Big or Small? If you're talking about wishful thinking for my waist, I'm going with small. If you're talking about something else, you'd better explain yourself!
  37. What is the worst physical or emotional pain you have ever experienced? I can't think of anything, which means it must have faded into memory now. This is a good thing.
  38. What is your favorite television show? Yeah right. Who has that kind of time?
  39. Ever Photoshopped yourself to look better in picture? I would if only I knew how.
  40. Tell us something about your childhood? I became addicted to the telephone when I was 2. Everyone says I haven't stopped since.
  41. What would it cost you to flash the person next to you? I'd do that shit for free! (we all need a good laugh!)
  42. Best time to catch me in a good mood? When I'm not in a bad mood.
  43. If you could be anything for one day what would it be? A world famous cellist like Mstislav Rostropovich, who is simply THE BEST cellist I have ever heard play. Ever.
  44. Most prized possession? My ability to make people laugh. There is nothing better than being able to make people feel happy.
  45. Would you ever sell it? Hell yeah, I would. But the only people who think I'm funny wouldn't ever PAY for it.
  46. What are your pet peeves? Hypocrisy. I detest it. Oh yeah, and the Cubs.
  47. Favorite kind of ice cream? um....the sweet kind.....
  48. Coolest thing that happened to you today? The day isn't over yet, but I'm going with watching part of the White Sox parade over at

Friday Five

If something here ever looks like its familiar, chances are I stole it from Unnamed Source. I really get tired of linking back to him after I steal all his posts. Just assume that its stolen from him. If its not stolen from him, its stolen from Cynical-C. Now. That's easy. There is no original thought on this blog.

That said:

Here are today's stolen Friday Five!

  1. Who is your favorite Superhero? Of the well known superheroes, I have to go with Batman. Batman as written by Frank Miller. I like my superheroes dark and moody, thank you very much.
  2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be? Telekinetic. Because I'm lazy and that is cutting out a lot of heavy lifting!
  3. What would your super outfit look like? Leather.
  4. What would your super villain/nemesis be like? I have no idea. That's a good question.
  5. What would your catch phrase/calling card be? Catch phrases would be way too cheesy for my cool ass superhero!


Olbermann and Patrick, together again, on the radio.

The 1-2 hour, Friday afternoons, on Dan Patrick's radio show. Absolute Bliss. The Big Show -- Radio.

Thursday, October 27

A great quote

John Kass had a great article in the Trib today about the Sox. One quote, in particular, made me think of all the people who look down on sports fans with great disdain.

I work with a great many of them.

Championships are rare around here. And World Series rings won't end crime, or lower your taxes. But they reward us for believing, for dreaming, for staying loyal.

The same thing could be said re: Colts fans. They haven't won anything yet, but they could be well on their way. While I am not a Colts fan (and would never pretend to be) I do appreciate Tony Dungy, and a great many of the Colts players. I appreciate what a Superbowl Championship would mean to this City, and I appreciate what a new stadium/convention center will mean to this city. That was immediately what I thought of when I read Kass's quote. (I still hate that grammatical construction, by the way.)

On Today's episode of Rewriting History

Would be Bill Romanowski on the Dan Patrick show.

I mean, from everything about his "sincere" apologies for the years of BS he pulled as one of the dirties players in the NFL, to steroids not being a problem in sports. And, as whipped topping, he goes on to say that the head of Balco (the one who pleaded guilty to steroid pushing) was really just trying to push minerals on people. Right. Minerals.


8 hours later, and I still can't believe this really happened.

Or this!

Or this and this!

And I definitely still feel like this!

That's a White Sox Winner!

And Jermaine Dye, your World Series MVP

Wednesday, October 26

I hate math, so I'm pleased with this.

You Passed 8th Grade Math

Congratulations, you got 9/10 correct!
Shamelessly stolen from the Unnamed Source


So, the Klan wants to lend their services to a march in favor of an anti same sex marriage bill. And one of the other sponsors of the bill doesn't want them to come because "they have a history of bigotry."


Gratuitous Sox Pic

Ozzie is thinking: Who in the HELL can I bring in to pitch now?!

Oh. My. God.

Baseball post to follow, please ignore.

Random thoughts about the game last night:

  • First off, I'd like to point out that somewhere after the bottom of the 12th inning, I fell asleep. When I woke up, it was the bottom of the 14th. That's right. I missed Blum's homerun. Luckily, I have a dvr, so I didn't really miss anything.
  • Remember what I said yesterday about Buehrle not pitching in Texas and Willie Harris not getting into a WS game? Um.....forget that. No one can ever predict a game going 14 innings, but Buehrle did make it into the game in relief. The only people who got to sit last night were Jose Contreras (scheduled to pitch game 5) and Freddy Garcia, who gets the ball tonight.
  • This is how WS baseball is supposed to be done. No blowouts. Two evenly matched teams, the best from each league, battling. Cubs fan sent me an email after the Sox won the AL pennant and said he hoped (for my sake) that the Cardinals won their pennant because the Astros were more evenly matched with the Sox and it would be a battle. He was absolutely right about that. (and since he doesn't read the blog, I don't mind saying that!)
  • 1:30 am?! Definitely past my bedtime when I have to be at work the next morning.
  • The Astros have probably had their fill of long ass post-season game. There was the 18 inning marathon against the Braves in the NLDS. Once you get that far into a game, though, it really is just a matter of who blinks first. Luckily, last night, it was Astacio who blinked and gave up the the home run to Blum. It easily could have been Hermanson or Marte.
  • I'm not silly enough to think they will sweep this thing tonight. (And Freddy makes me SO nervous whenever he pitches) But, if they do sweep, it certainly wasn't because Houston couldn't match up or was overpowered or anything like that. They have given this series everything they could have possibly given.
  • That said, the spectre of the Boston Red Sox is never far from anyone's mind (or lips) when talking about a team being down 0-3 in a playoff series. Anything can happen.
  • Go Sox!

Monday, October 24


Are you going to stand up?" the bus driver asked.

"No," Parks answered.

"Well, by God, I'm going to have you arrested," the driver said.

"You may do that," Parks responded.

Gratuitous Sox Pic

The Best in Texas? I certainly hope so. Although, its unlikely that Mark Buehrle will be seeing any Texan playing time. (Not because we're going to sweep! I'm not so silly as to suggest that. Its because his turn in the rotation wouldn't come up again until Game 6, which is back in Chicago.)

Willie Harris can't seem to BUY playing time in this post season.

Remember the good old days

update: in the interest of all that is fair and holy on the internet, I must disclose that I didn't do the research on these quotes. I actually found them in the comments field on another blog. And, they have since turned up on MULTIPLE blogs, so I'm just saying that up front. Carry on.

When God struck down liars and hypocrites with wee bolts of lightning?

If anyone saw MTP yesterday, we had that bitch (and I do mean that) Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson saying she hoped that if there were indictments, she hoped they were real ones, and not based on technicalities like perjury or something like that.

Of course, they were all singing a different tune a few short years ago. (But, I'm sure that was a COMPLETELY different matter.) Just for fun, I'll highlight Sen. Hutch's comments in red.

Why do Republicans hate America? And Nexis?

Sen. Frist: "There is no serious question that perjury and obstruction of justice are high crimes and misdemeanors...Indeed, our own Senate precedent establishes that perjury is a high crime and misdemeanor...The crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice are public crimes threatening the administration of justice." [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sen. Kyl: "...there can be no doubt that perjurious, false, and misleading statements made under oath in federal court proceedings are indeed impeachable offenses...John Jay, the first Chief Justice of the United States, said `there is no crime more extensively pernicious to society' than perjury, precisely because it `discolors and poisons the streams of justice.'" [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sen. DeWine: "Obstruction of justice and perjury strike at the very heart of our system of justice...Perjury is also a very serious crime...The judiciary is designed to be a mechanism for finding the truth-so that justice can be done. Perjury perverts the judiciary, turning it into a mechanism that accepts lies-so that injustice may prevail." [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sen. Talent: "Nobody else in a position of trust, not a CEO, not a labor union leader, not a principal of a school could do half of what the president has done and stay in office. I mean, who would have said a year ago that a president could perjure himself and obstruct justice and tamper with witnesses... and stay in office." [CNBC, "Hardball," 12/19/98]

Sen. McConnell: "I am completely and utterly perplexed by those who argue that perjury and obstruction of justice are not high crimes and misdemeanors...Perjury and obstruction hammer away at the twin pillars of our legal system: truth and justice." [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sen. Voinovich: "As constitutional scholar Charles Cooper said, `The crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice, like the crimes of treason and bribery, are quintessentially offenses against our system of government, visiting injury immediately on society itself.'" [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sen. Hutchison: "The reason that I voted to remove him from office is because I think the overridding issue here is that truth will remain the standard for perjury and obstruction of justice in our criminal justice system and it must not be gray. It must not be muddy." [AP, 2/12/99]

Sen. Craig: "There is no question in my mind that perjury and obstruction of justice are the kind of public crimes that the Founders had in mind, and the House managers have demonstrated these crimes were committed by the president. As for the excuses being desperately sought by some to allow President Clinton to escape accountability, it seems to me that creating such loopholes would require tearing holes in the Constitution-something that cannot be justified to protect this president, or any president." [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sen. Brownback: "Perjury and obstruction of justice are crimes against the state. Perjury goes directly against the truth-finding function of the judicial branch of government." [Congressional Record, 2/12/99]

Sunday, October 23

Gratuitous Sox Pic

Mayor Daley (above with Ozzie) is a genuine Sox fan. Unlike Governor Blagojevich, who says things like "I wouldn't wear a White Sox hat even if they made it to the World Series." I hear our "Reagan Democrat" governor has tickets to a WS game. Hates the team, but has tickets. I smell one term governor.

Oh wait. He's not "our" governor. I don't live in Illinois anymore. Sometimes, I truly forget that.

Go Sox.

Friday, October 21


People have photoshopped the hell out of the Tom Delay booking pic. This is my favorite version.

Gratuitous Sox PIc

World Series Starts tomorrow. Your Gratuitous Sox pics start......right now.

Wednesday, October 19

Today's Cool Book

Isn't new, but its still cool. What Einstein Told His Cook: Kitchen Science Explained by Robert L. Wolke Not only does it have recipes (very cool) but it also has just interesting kitchen type anecdotes like "Why do we put salt in the water when boiling pasta?" and "Is White Chocolate Caffeine-Free?" Turns out the answer to that one was "Yes. It's also chocolate-free." (followed by explanation.) I would say its similar to Food Network's "Good Eats" Similar, but not the same.

If you're interested in such things, I suggest you swing by the library and check it out.

There is also What Einstein Told His Cook 2: The Sequel.

Remember when

Remember when Hershey's kisses used to be just chocolate? Yeah, those were the good old days. My dad would sit down with a bag of Hershey's kisses and watch the Bears on a Sunday afternoon. He still watches the Bears on Sunday afternoons (after church) but the Hershey's kisses aren't there as often anymore. Beer has always been optional. My dad has always been more of a two beer a week kind of guy, so sometimes they came during the Bears game, and sometimes not.

Notice that the Bears are never optional.

Anyway, the point of this blurry picture is that they now have orange and white chocolate flavored Hershey's kisses. Orange? They're good, don't get me wrong, but it still seems.....wrong somehow.

Gorgeous Building

I'm loving the windows. This is the med school library. This is the only decent shot I got of it, though. (What does Unnamed Source say about using a phone for a camera????)

Tuesday, October 18

I received this in an email so I haven't done the proper vetting to make sure this isn't snopes fodder. But, I'm posting it anyway because its an interesting sentiment, no matter WHO is saying it.

Comments from Maya Angelou

Published September 12, 2005

I'm not mad at Barbara Bush, or Fox News' Bill O'Reilly. Or even at U.S. Rep. Richard Baker (R-La.).

Maya Angelou says, "That when people show you who they are, believe them the first time".

So, no, I am not mad at them.

Not at the former first lady for suggesting that Hurricane Katrina evacuees living shoulder to shoulder in the Houston Astrodome were now better off than they were living in poverty in New Orleans.

Not at Fox News' conservative talk-show host, who maintains that the lesson poor children should learn from Katrina is that all they have to do is educate themselves and work hard and they will be able to avoid being left behind on the "metaphorical rooftop."

Not at the Republican ! from Baton Rouge, who The Wall Street Journal reported was overheard telling lobbyists: "We finally cleaned up public
housing in New Orleans. We couldn't do it, but God did."

Despite the public comments, the private ones made in segregated company (by conservatives and liberals) likely have been even more crass and unbelievable.

The hurricane indeed has shed a light. The spin masters in the Bush administration have done a glowing job over the last several years of pretending that America has achieved a colorblind, class-blind society.

Look around you, they say. Look at Condi and Alberto, or Colin and Clarence. All are credits to their race. What inequities? What ghettos? What barrios?

For some time now, the underclass has been kept off camera, rendered invisible, its voices muted.

But now that the hurricane has reminded us that, there are Americans too impoverished to leave their community even when a great storm is hurtling toward them, it's not surprising that many are shocked by it.

Including the compassionate conservatives, who, in scrambling to say something pithy and nice, are speaking off the cuff and unwittingly revealing themselves:
"Almost everyone I have talked to says, "we're going to move to Houston," the former first lady told National Public Radio's "Marketplace." She was referring to the evacuees in the Astrodome.

What I'm hearing, which is sort of scary, is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this, this is working very well for them."

I suppose it takes tragedy to shock us, to reveal us.

Until the E2 nightclub disaster here, many well-meaning Chicagoans weren't aware that the city had its share of segregated nightclubs. In Chicago today, there are still places where African-Americans (and not all poor) go so they don't have to dance around the color line.

I guess I'm not mad about the comments from the elite or the unknowing. Wealthy people get to choose whether they want to understand or deal with poverty. Many have chosen to and have been unfailing advocates for the poor.

What's far more disappointing are those who come from humble beginnings and who now have the king's ear, but have remained silent.

It's as though they've been struck with a form of selective amnesia. They can recall their humble beginnings during, election time or a confirmation hearing, but how soon they forget.

They're the ones who should be explaining to the Bill O'Reillys of the world that, yes, education is key and hard work a necessity.

But this also is true: A Black or Hispanic Ph.D. who tries to hail a cab late at night will probably be profiled just like any other black person.

Maybe someone could explain to Mrs. Bush that being huddled in a stadium not knowing where other family members are and the uncertainty about the future does not translate into an experience that's "working out well for them."

Maybe someone could explain to the Baton Rouge congressman why now isn't the time to be flip about cleaning up public housing and God should be left out of this.

No, I'm not mad at members of the elite. They're merely saying aloud
what they've been thinking.

It just shows us that "the line" and "the spin" can go only so far
before--thank heavens--the spool eventually runs

movies movies movies

I watched two things on dvd yesterday because I was off. No work. No school. It was a rare day indeed. I won't say it was productively spent, but thems the breaks sometimes.

First up was Kingdom of Heaven.

This was a long movie. I know that isn't exactly a glowing endorsement, but now that I think back on Gladiator, I remember thinking itwas long too. I liked Gladiator, and I liked Kingdom of Heaven. Just......don't go into it thinking its gonna be a quick, mindless watch. Its neither quick nor mindless. But, it was very interesting, and I think all the actors did a good job. And I'm not a huge fan of Mr. Bloom, so that is saying something.

Next up was The Interpreter. I think my main mistake was watching these two movies back to back. My sister said she fell asleep on The Interpreter. I didn't think it was that bad. In fact, I thought it was good. I'm not a huge Sean Penn fan either, but I thought he did a really good job in this movie. I wonder if he and Madonna would get along better now that they're both older. Not that that has anything to do with the movie........

short people shouldn't take pictures

Just an observation.

Monday, October 17

Sunday, October 16


My sister was a few days old the last time the Sox were in the world series.



Gratuitous Sox Pic

Wonder twin powers activate!

Form of.....a complete game.
Shape of...... An American League pennant!

(one can only hope.)

Friday, October 14

CD of the Day

I have to say that I am disappointed with this one. Maybe I shouldn't be, who knows. Anyway, she was on American Idol a few years ago......I guess she was on the year Fantasia won. I was not a Fantasia fan then, and I'm only marginally more appreciative of her now, but I really liked LaToya London.

Her cd? Not so hot. I'm not finished going through it yet, but, so far, its mediocre. At times, the problem is her voice. But, mostly, the songs are......not good. So far, there is one that I like, and one that is all right. The rest, I could do without. I remember seeing a video for one of the songs and hoping that it wasn't the best song on that cd because I didn't like it at all. Maybe the rest of the cd will be fantastic, and I'll have to edit this review, but I doubt it.

Gratuitous Sox Pic

Thursday, October 13


Its Thursday and I just realized that I missed West Wing on Sunday.

How about that for a delayed reaction.

I have no style

Which is really embarrassing considering how many English degrees I have.

So, I'm looking at the new Illustrated Elements of Style and I see this:

  1. Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding 's. Follow this rule whatever the final consonant. Thus write,

Charles's friend, Burns's poems, the witch's malice.

Now, I always though that if the word ended with an 's' then you just placed an apostrophe after that and that was the possessive. But, Strunk and White say that is only the exception.

  • Exceptions are the possessives of ancient proper names ending -es and -is, the possessive Jesus', and such forms as for consicence' sake, for righteousness' sake. But such forms as Moses' Laws, Isis' temple are commonly replaced by: the laws of Moses, or, the temple of Isis.

Hmmmm. Did you get all that? I didn't. Damn rules of grammar.....

Wednesday, October 12

Extremely gracious

Mike Scioscia was very gracious in the post game interviews. I have to say, honestly, that I thought AJ was out too. Those of you who saw the game, or the zillions of replays that will be shown between now and Friday, will see what I mean. But, if the umpire goes back on his call, then there is nothing that can be done about that. If I were an Angels fan, I would be pissed.

But, I'm not an Angels fan.

Besides, that one bad call, while it was at the end of the game, was nothing compared to these TWO bad calls against the Sox.

I give you exhibit 1:

Aaron is safe here. An inside the park home run is turned into an out. Ridiculous! This should have been a run.

Exhibit #2

Crede here is obviously safe at second. Don't know if this would have scored a run, but it certainly wouldn't have been the second part of the double play that it turned out to be.

But, these plays (and the AJ play) aside, neither one of these teams played good baseball tonight. As usual, the pitching was outstanding. Scioscia said that his team should have played well enough to absorb a controversial play like that, and I agree. It shouldn't have been an issue. The game shouldn't have been tied. Neither team could get the bats going. I think that is what this series is going to come down to, and I hope the Sox bats wake up first!

edit: umpire is saying that he didn't call him out. The motion he made is almost universal for out, but he's contending that he'd been using that motion all game, and it didn't mean out. He's also contending that in close calls like that, the catcher usually, as a matter of routine, tags the batter out just to CYA


I lost a crown on my back tooth before class.

Yes, I was eating candy. Red hots out of the machine. Ultimately, going to cost me MUCH more than the quarter I paid for them.

At least it doesn't hurt yet. I'll be reeeeeealy careful until tomorrow morning when I hope I can get a quick fix.

I can't even count the jokes

Dick Cheney's fitness book.

Truth really IS funnier than fiction.

Gratuitous Sox Pic

Maybe tonight they'll use the bats to hit baseballs and score runs.

Tuesday, October 11


So, Sox lose Game 1. 3-2. Contreras had himself a Freddy Garcia start (giving up early runs before settling down.)

But, maybe this happened for a bigger reason. Maybe it happened because I was in class and I should have been at home watching the game. Maybe I shouldn't go to class tomorrow so I can test this theory out.......

Yeah, like that'll happen. Still, its something to think about......

Well shut my mouth!

Get well, Coach

You know, Mike Martz looked okay on the pregame Sunday, but I was wondering how he'd last the entire game. He made his condition (whatever it might be) sound under control. Heart infection? Please. Nothing a little antibiotics can't cure! I'm glad to see he's going to take some time off to get things right. Speedy recovery, Coach.

There are some things that are not supposed to come out of vending machines. I'm going to say Macaroni Salad is one of those things.

I think Macaroni salad is an abomination anyway but, for it to come out of the vending machine?

Say it ain't so. It was right next to the hard boiled eggs......

Quote of the Day II: Quote Boogaloo

"My husband saw the President speak and said he was surprisingly well spoken"

No, I am NOT making this stuff up!

Quote of the Day

"Miami doesn't have any culture, it just has Cubans. That doesn't count."

Oh dear. Things like this make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. And cry.

I'm sure it was just a joke.

Monday, October 10

Gratuitous Sox Pic

I'm sure GM Ken Williams was saying to Ozzie Guillen " are gonna win this thing, right?"

Welcome to 1978

Its more towards the end of 1978 these days, but that isn't the point. I'm thoroughly enjoying my time warp field trip. I did hear Cheryl Ladd singing, though, and that was scary. It sounded like she was going for a Olivia Newton-John esque type thing. She missed. Once the 80s hits, I'll just be unbearable! Yeah, Yeah. Laugh it up.

Anyway, not much else going on over on this corner of the world. I had a completely mediocre dinner at Rock Bottom last night. It was very disappointing. Wine was good, though. I had been hoping for mojitos, but wine was all right.

Hop on over to Unnamed Source's spot to see his Love & Hate: Sports edition. Since I'm an unabashed thief, I'll be putting my own version up sometime tonight.

Today was Free (FREE!) day for the booksale. Basically, leftover crap they couldn't sell....... And I wasn't gonna go, but its right down the hall! How can you pass that up?

I should have. I came out of there with five albums. Five. Did I need five albums? No. I didn't. But, you know what? They were free. So there. I also came out with five more Barbara Parker books (for my evil Barbara Parker collection) but I really did need those, right? Um.... no, not so much.

My albums?

I Am Earth Wind & Fire

A classic. But, aren't they all classics?

All 'N All

Another classic, but with my favorite song, Serpentine Fire.

A pair from Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass

I Got a Name
The title song hit the charts in November 1973. If that wasn't reason enough to get it, I happen to love Jim Croce.

52nd Street
This album has my favorite Billy Joel song, Zanzibar. And sure, its got some popular things Big Shot, My Lifeand, to a lesser extent Honesty, but not why I picked it up.

I can't believe I didn't pay anything for these! Strange thing is, there was no jazz there. I would have loved to have gotten a Dinah Washington or Ella Fitzgerald for FREE, but it just wasn't happening today.