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Sunday, April 29

It isn't that.....

their lives are worth more or anything, but it does bring more attention. Very sad news for Cards fans, and for anyone, really.

29. Damn.

Saturday, April 28

Clinton says.....

Friday, April 27

New Books -- picture book edition

Since I won't be reading much until after finals.......Yay! Picture books for adults.

This one was my favorite: Creole Houses Traditional Homes of Old Louisiana Beautiful pictures of old houses, inside and out. You might learn something too.....if you read. But I didn't. I just looked at the pretty pictures.

New Architecture: an international atlas: This one is less exciting. Still beautiful pictures from different structures, but, well, I guess you really need to know (or care) about architecture to appreciate it. If that describes you, though, then have at it!

Sock Monkeys: 200 out of 1,863 This book scared the bejesus out of me. Picture after picture of sock moneys. I had no idea I would find it that disturbing. I did. I put it away. Quickly.

Mexicocina: the spirit and style of the Mexican kitchen You would think, from the title, that this might be a cookbook. While there are some recipes hidden in here, it is mostly a book on the style and design of Mexican kitchens. I know, I know. It says style in the subtitle. Still, when I picked it up, I thought it would be a cookbook. Still a very interesting book.

The World's Top Photographers: Landscape: and the stories behind their greatest images: Pretty Pictures!

Classical music suffers a great loss

Rostropovich had a long and distinguished career as a cellist and as a conductor. I wasn't much interested in classical music, in fact, until I heard his recording of the Bach cello suites. Sure, I had played a lot, but I had absolutely no interest in it beyond what I was working up for competitions. It wasn't until I heard the cello suites that I began to change my mind.

As a conductor, I'm sure he was equally magnificent. I must confess, I know next to nothing about classical music beyond performance. I guess I still have quite a lot to learn.

Very sad day, indeed.

Thursday, April 26

Thank God!

Tony Snow was always my favorite presidential spokesliar. The new chick.....she's just not good. Sorry, honey, but you're not. If you're gonna sit up there and spin the Pres' lies, at least be entertaining! I'm glad Tony is on the mend.

Monday, April 23

I had something

I was gonna post about. It was about the Christamore House luncheon I went to on Friday. Very interesting. They do good work, even though I hadn't really heard about them before last week. I met some very lovely authors, including the incredibly sexy Dr. Keith Ablow. No, I am not kidding! He's hot. Okay, you can stop laughin......oh nevermind.

ANYWAY, but I didn't get a chance to post. And then this came up, and I found it much more fascinating.

Hell in a handbasket, people. It is past time this shit stopped.

Wednesday, April 18

Darn you, blogger!

Blogger must be a Rangers fan. Otherwise, it wouldn't be thwarting my attempts to post pics from Buehrle's no hitter against Texas.

Just the 16th no hitter in Sox history. Think about that. The 16th. In 107 years.

Congrats, Mark.

Don't look now but.....

My GHH is about to take over the world!

Kickin It Old Skool

Okay, this made me laugh out loud.....and then cry....out loud.

Color me there on April 27th, even though I have NEVER found Jaime Kennedy funny before.

Tuesday, April 17


At 3:30 today, there was a shooting.

Right outside my building.

No news beyond that just yet, but its time for me to leave before class.

And, of course, we have our noses pressed to the glass windows like little puppies. Nothing to see, only cop cars.

Thank God.

Book cover of the day

Sunday, April 15

60 years ago......

Saturday, April 14

Okay, I'm not usually a fan

But this picture of Adrien Brody, courtesy of the best gossip blog on the web, is just plain hot.

catching up with old friends

With all that has been going on lately......

Okay, I confess. With BASEBALL SEASON starting.....I haven't had time to check in on my old friends over at Legalize the Irish.

Apparently, I haven't had time to read the NYT either, because there was an article just a few weeks ago.

I hope they're having better weather in Dublin today than we're having here.

Thursday, April 12

A few changes

Well, I did a little bit of sidebar reorganizing. Nothing drastic, just added a few links and put them into categories. Honestly, this was more for my own surfing benefit than for anything else. But, if you like books, or vast left wing conspiracy commentary, there you go. Merry Christmas.

I really wanna change the layout, but I'm MUCH too lazy to fool with it. I don't want to tinker around with things anymore. I have things where I want them. I don't want it to get rid of all my "enhancements." HA. As if there were any. Could this blog be any more boring?

Don't answer that.

Oh, KP

I IMMEDIATELY thought of you when I saw this today. I can't say why (unless its the Cheryl connection) but I laughed and laughed.

So my question is this:

If you are living free from terrorism (which we aren't) but you're being robbed blind and have a lower standard of living, do you feel like you've won the trade-off?

Does this mean that all other crimes are off limits until the "War on Terror"® is won?

Monday, April 9

The Tasty edition

Well, let's see. I got a rough draft of my paper done. It needs some work, but it wasn't disastrous, so I'm calling it a win.

I didn't fall over dead during my class presentation of said paper.

It was a pretty good week last week. Not much posting, aside from my computer issues, but even those are fixed now. I went to work this morning, and it was good as new. God Bless, IT guys! (and gals, although, in this case, it was all guys.)

A cohort came back from LA (Louisiana, not the other LA) and brought chips! Zapps. Heard of 'em? Neither had I. She brought back several kinds, but I fell in love with Spicy Creole Tomato spiked with Tabasco. I know! It sounds grosser than gross. (What's grosser than gross? Does anyone else remember when all junior high jokes started out that way......I digress.....) Anyway, they sound gross. And I'm not a fan of Tabasco, either. I don't own any. Never buy it. Never use it. But, I tried the chips anyway and WOW were they good. Not hot at all. Spicy, but not hot. I'm in love with Zapps.

Yesterday, I bought Fried Ice cream. I had always wondered why no one made this. And then, lo and behold, there it was at Kroger. Yeah. Its delicious. You knew it would be. If you like fried ice cream (and I LOVE fried ice cream) this is the ice cream for you.

Friday, April 6

Caught Cheating

My computer, at work, has the clap.

Or something. Thursday morning, I came in. Booted up. Checked my email, checked the Trib. Linked to some American Idol website. Opened another browser, googled something, checked my gmail....well, you get the picture. About then, I started noticing things trying to install.

And install.

And install!

And popping up.

My computer caught a social disease from some website! I'm not sure where it came from, and the IT guys at work can't figure out how to make it leave. They have done everything under the sun, and yet......still infected. It is very sad.

Tuesday, April 3

So, it was a gorgeous day. And, what do I see as I'm leaving class? A group of guys playing Cricket out on the lawn.

Cricket! I LOVE that they were playing Cricket. I have no idea how the game is played, how score is kept, or anything like that. But, it was nice to watch. If that doesn't speak to the variety of people and interests at this school, I don't know what does!

Sunday, April 1

April Fool!

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