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Thursday, December 27

Today's CD

Here's the thing: I don't like country music.

Here's the other thing: Blake Shelton is hot.

1+1 doesn't necessarily = 2, but I gave it a listen anyway.

You won't be surprised to hear that I didn't like most of it.

You might be surprised to hear that I did like some of it. And, the parts I liked? Yeah, probably the most "country" of the songs on there:

The More I Drink (I love this song)
I Don't Care
The Last Country Song.

I've heard This Can't Be Good before, and the more I hear it, the less I like it. Don't know why that is. It's a fun song, but......I don't know. Just not so hot.

My uncle is continually trying to convert me to country music and he's had his hits and misses. This one was mostly a miss.

Did I mention that Blake Shelton was hot, though?

Tuesday, December 25

Hey You


Saturday, December 22

hmmmmm 2: the return of hmmmmmm

A few months ago, I signed up with this job bank thing for the State of Illinois. I guess it was more like six months ago now. Damn, where did the time go?!

Anyway, you fill out this profile with the basics: education, experience, etc. It matches your profile with jobs posted on the system and sends them to your email. Or, the company emails you. I've gotten a few hits, but nothing much. In fact, I have to log in every six weeks or so, or it'll delete my profile.

Today, I got this hit:

Job Order ID: 359259
Job Title: Physician, Opthalmologist
Hours per Week: 36-40
Duration of Work: On-Going
Shifts Available: Days
Type of Work: Full Time
Salary Range: $195,030 – $245,000

Benefits: Dental, Dependent Care, Life, Long Term Disability,
Medical, Paid Vacation, Pension, Profit Sharing

Employer: VA Medical Center

Wow. Um..... I can't imagine what they possibly saw in my profile that made them think I was qualified for this. I'm pretty sure nothing in there mentioned medical school, eyes, or anything else similar to this. Crazy nutso. But funny.
Somewhat reminiscent of KP's things she's into.....

I'm into:

Jericho. Again, this was something I missed the first time around. Universal HD did a marathon of the first 8 eps and I got hooked. I'm not saying it is a spectacular show, but it is compelling enough that I want to finish the first season.

Damian Lewis. Seriously. Whatever he is in, I'm watching it. No, I'm not kidding. In fact, I'll be watching Band of Brothers over break. Again. God help me.....

Prime Suspect. Helen Mirren. Everyone, literally, the world over has seen this already. So now it's my turn. The great thing about Brit tv is that there are no spoilers on this side of the Atlantic because no one gives a shit. If this were Desperate Housewives, you'd be seeing particular plot twists on every talk show in America. I don't even watch that damn show and I know what is going on just by walking past a magazine rack. Brit tv? Not so much.

Journeyman. I believe this has been cancelled. If so, I can't tell you how bummed I am about it. People kept saying it was too much like Quantum Leap, but I'm wondering if those people even watched the show. Or, for that matter, if they had ever watched Quantum Leap! The two shows have the barest minimum of things in common. Anyway, until I hear otherwise, I'm still very much into this show.

With the writers strike, my tivo has been off the hook a bit. Coming up in January....

Medium is back. Sweet! This will be the first season that I've actually watched the first time around.

I think I'm going to give a pass to the Sarah Conner Chronicles, or whatever the new Terminator show is called. It looked interesting, but not enough for me to devote an hour to it.

The Wire is back. And Def Comedy Jam right after it. Just 'X' Sunday nights right off my availability calendar. I won't be leaving my house.

Jericho is back for season 2. And, if I'm still interested in the show, I'll be watching that. I'm fickle, though, so my love affair with it could be dashed on the rocks by then.

Possible guilty pleasures:

One Tree Hill. I stopped watching this after the first season, but I'm curious about the 4 year jump into the future. I'll probably watch at least the first ep.

American Gladiators. Oh, come on. I'm not the only one who is going to watch this! I loved it the first time around. Yeah, yeah, we all know why. But that isn't the point!


It has been a long, long semester, folks.

I only had 3 classes, but 2 were very hard classes.

I didn't work any more than usual, but with Central opening, it seemed like I worked more than usual.

I think the "extra curriculars" took their toll this time around. It started off as working on a new collective bargaining contract (which I hope to be able to spend more time on now) and then a clerkship for a admin judge at the EEOC. That, by the way, has been the most interesting thing I've done in four years of law school. But, you know, it all takes time. And, under the best of circumstances, I am a HORRIBLE time manager. Just terrible. Under these circumstances, it quickly became catastrophic.

So, even though it is a little early to be talking about New Year resolutions, it certainly isn't too early to START them. Mine is going to be to become a better time manager. I must. It simply is not an option anymore.

But, all of that said, I think it was a good semester. I learned a lot of new things. And, once the final exam was mailed away yesterday, things got a lot sunnier. YAY Christmas!

Saturday, December 8

as usual

I'm the last one to know the awesomeness of Avatar.

Twin Cities Noir?

Yeah, I didn't think so either.

Chicago? Sure.

New York? Absolutely.

San Francisco? Uh huh.

Twin Cities? Um.......

But, I found out that the library has some of the coolest books celebrating cities -- even twin cities.

Friday, December 7

Go! There's nothing stopping you.....

I hope that phrase isn't trademarked.....

Anyway, the wonderful, beautiful, giganticly awesome Central Library opens on Sunday. December 9th. 1p.m.

I can't speak about the outside of the building (without getting fired, I'm sure) but inside it is absolutely gorgeous. Truly, it is. I wouldn't lie to you just to get you there.

Well, I would, but I'm not right now. It is fantastic. I urge all of you Indy type folks to leave your warm, comfy houses for a few minutes (or work if you're an attorney trying to make billable requirements by the end of the year!) and come down for an hour or so. You won't believe your eyes. There will be music. There will be......other things that I can't remember right now.

I'll be there! Come visit me in the historic Cret building. Honestly, it is well worth the trip. From the 6th floor Special Collections room (and the view of the city that is fantastic!) to the reading rooms in the "old" building, it is all great.

Playing catch up

I survived, and passed, the MPRE! Thank you all for sage advice and well wishes. I'm saving them in tupperware containers and keeping them for the bar exam!

Finals. Blech.

There is a crazy witch person at work who thinks that, just because I'm in law school and I'm "going to be making so much money someday" that I suddenly forgot how to do my day job. Perhaps she's right. Everyone knows I don't know a damn thing about sports. Or entertainment. Or literature. Or languages......

Envy can make people SO very ugly. Shame.

I have the easiest exam number IN THE WORLD this semester. I mean, really, it is just that easy.

Did I mention finals? I really don't know a damn thing about labor law...... 8(a)(5)......

December 7

The first time I'd ever heard about Dorie Miller was in high school, through the poem Negro Hero by Gwendolyn Brooks.

Negro Hero
to suggest Dorie Miller

I had to kick their law into their teeth in order to save them.
However I have heard that sometimes you have to deal
Devilishly with drowning men in order to swim them to shore.
Or they will haul themselves and you to the trash and the fish
(When I think of this, I do not worry about a few
Chipped teeth.)

It is good I gave glory, it is good I put gold on their name.
Or there would have been spikes in the afterward hands.
But let us speak only of my success and the pictures in the
Caucasian dailies.

As well as the Negro weeklies. For I am a gem.
(They are not concerned that it was hardly The Enemy my fight
was against
But them.)

It was a tall time. And of course my blood was
Boiling about in my head and straining and howling and singing
me on.

Of course I was rolled on wheels of my boy itch to get at the gun.
Of course all the delicate rehearsal shots of my childhood
massed in mirage before me.

Of course I was child.
And my first swallow of the liquor of battle bleeding black air
dying and demon noise
Made me wild.

It was kinder than that, though, and I showed like a banner my

I loved. And a man will guard when he loves.
Their white-gowned democracy was my fair lady.
With her knife lying cold, straight, in the softness of her sweetflowing

But for the sake of the dear smiling mouth and the stuttered
promise I toyed with my life.
I threw back!—I would not remember
Entirely the knife.

Still—am I good enough to die for them, is my blood bright
enough to be spilled,

Was my constant back-question—are they clear
On this? Or do I intrude even now?
Am I clean enough to kill for them, do they wish me to kill
For them or is my place while death licks his lips and strides to
In the galley still?

(In a southern city a white man said
Indeed, I’d rather be dead;
Indeed, I’d rather be shot in the head
Or ridden to waste on the back of a flood
Than saved by the drop of a black man’s blood.)

Naturally, the important thing is, I helped to save them, them
and a part of their democracy.
Even if I had to kick their law into their teeth in order to do that
for them.
And I am feeling well and settled in myself because I believe it
was a good job,
Despite this possible horror: that they might prefer the
Preservation of their law in all its sick dignity and their knives
To continuation of their creed
And their lives.

Source: Gwendolyn Brooks, Blacks (Chicago: Third World Press, 1987), 48-50.

Thursday, December 6


Believe it or not, I found this while reading a romance book review. I love it when a plan comes together!

Saturday, December 1


Republican racism. Nothing new to see here.