Obiter Dictum

Woman's virtue is man's greatest invention --- Cornelia Otis Skinner

Friday, May 30


Everything that the Indiana Jones movie wasn't, the Sex and the City movie definitely was.

Wednesday, May 28

2Pac - California Love

Seriously, it ain't summer until I've heard this song. I actually heard it this morning on the way to work. Right on time.

Friday, May 23

Grease 2 Prowlin

It is absolutely frightening the things that pop into my head at completely odd times.

Although, is the ever a GOOD time for this?

Christmas in May

A co-worker of mine brings this in every Christmas. It is like crack.

I know, I know. Everyone says things are like crack and they really aren't. Sometimes, that stuff isn't even addictive.
But, there are two things that, for me, really ARE like crack: J.R. Ward novels, and this peppermint bark.

Said Co-worker's daughter made my co-worker some for Mother's Day, and she brought it in to work. The perfect beginning to a holiday weekend if you ask me!

Thursday, May 22

a life in being

+ 21 years.

If this was the all Real Property bar exam, I would just stop studying now. There would be no hope.

I have a problem with heroine.

which is why I'm surprised I'm about to gush all over this book.

I am, but first my problem:

When people write heorines, they get carried away. You see it on TV (Buffy, for instance) or in books, people want their heroines to be the toughest, sexiest, friendliest, softest, warmest, cuddliest, ass-kickingest chick on planet earth.
Yawn. That is great for a few eps, or books, but then I get bored. What happens is that the secondary characters end up more interesting because they're more real than the heroine.
It happens with guys too, but I, admittedly, don't notice it as much.

So one reason why I'm gushing over Jeanine Frost, who just released her second book a few weeks ago, is because she has damped down the GHH factor. Her heroine isn't perfect. In fact, she can be down right annoying at times. Everyone in Frost's made up world doesn't want to sleep with her. And, while she is a big bad, there is always a bigger badder waiting in the wings.

And, she has also hit the PW, NYT and USA today bestseller lists. Because she rocks. And her book rocks.
While I liked her first book, I LOVE the second. First book had a better cover, though. I guess that's the tradeoff.

And I'm glad to see she doesn't just save the funny for the printed page.

Sunday, May 18

Bar review eve

You know, I like school. No, really. I'm sure you couldn't tell.

ANYWAY, I guess that is why I'm a little bit excited about bar review. It is like intense school.

Undiluted school.

School concentrate.

Of course, check back in a couple of weeks and I'll be singing a VERY different tune.

Wednesday, May 14

hell yeah

Tuesday, May 13

There are more of my kind!

Seriously. THIS right here is why I'm a geek.

Friday, May 9

Happy Bar Results day!

For those who took, and passed, the FEB bar, congratulations! I see a few names on there I recognize and I see one name on there which was a re-take, so a special congratulations to her! I knew you could do it!

There is one name missing that I expected to see on there, and I just have to say: July, baby. You'll slay that dragon in July!

And those of you who took it early and are now truly done after graduation........pffffft. I'm a hater. :o)

Wednesday, May 7

I've never been to Ft. Wayne

But Def Leppard/Billy Idol might be a compelling enough reason for me to venture up there!

My clock says


And I am still WIDE awake. Stupid Lake County.

Monroe County is still out too, so says the Internets. I need an effing nap.

Tuesday, May 6

How 'bout that

This is post 1701!

Anyway, if you love Carrie Bradshaw as much as I do (and you do, don't you?) her interview in New York mag is worth a read.

Actually, Charlotte was always my favorite......and we can't even talk about how much I am looking forward to this movie. No, we really cannot.

Monday, May 5

lights out

Finally, 3 years, 9 months later, I'm done with law school.

In some ways, most ways, I thought this day would NEVER get here. In other seems like it went by pretty fast.

It seems kind of funny that my last exam was multiple choice......

I should have celebrated by going to see Obama/Stevie Wonder tonight, but I didn't. I went home. And, seeing as how they got rained on, that was the better choice. Besides, I saw Obama last night at Indiana's Jefferson Jackson dinner. Twice in one week and I might go blind! He's that pretty.

A good life

Saturday, May 3

And your mama wears combat boots

Seriously, these are hideous uniforms. It is 2008. They should be ashamed.

Maybe these are throwback jerseys. Thrown back to 1977

And I'm not saying that just because they, in these uniforms, beat the Sox last night.

I ate zombie jelly beans

They were red, what can I say? I swear I started to feel a bit......strange.....not long after eating them.

I'm sure it's nothing......

I'm not saying this just because she's my friend......

But, really, this is the most awesome blog post I've read in a long time. Not because it's all deep and intellectual and thought provoking. But, because it is fun. Whatever happened to fun, huh?

And, it's well written, not that I ever expected anything less from her. But, dammit, it's fun!

Friday, May 2

My summer prediction

I predict this book is going to be huge. I haven't read it yet, but from what I'm already hearing from people who have read advanced copies......
We'll see if I predict correctly. (almost never happens if you're thinking about wagering money)


Thursday, May 1

New Toy

So, along the righthand left (Thanks, Matt!) side, I have a new widget from GoodReads. Check it out.


A real conversation between me and my sister

Sis: Def Leppard was on Dancing with the Stars last night.

Me: No way! Seriously?

Sis: Yep. And they sang my song. I didn't know it was by them!

Me: What song?

Sis (singing): Pour some sugar on me

Me (groaning): Please. Stop. You didn't know that was by them?! How could you not know it was by them?

Sis: (undisturbed by her lack of common knowledge) How was I s'posed to know?

Me: I can't believe we're sisters sometimes.